Russell Hobbs Purify Health Fryer : Pretty Good

Clean cooking but don’t trust the times and temperature in the booklet. Cooked frozen chips as per guide, came out like bamboo stick. Use lower temp and can always cook for a little bit longer. Rather large for our small kitchen.

Love itonly one small thing does take about half hour to cook fresh chips.

It does what it says on the box.

Makes perfect roasties for sunday lunch. I haven’t gotten really nice sweet potatoe fries yet but the roasties are amazing.

So far so good on everything that i cooked. Just to big out side and small inside look like a big dinosaur egg.

I like the idea of an airfryer but wasn’t convinced that it would work. . Put the food in the basket. . Just shake once half way through cooking. . I tried to use more oil than i needed to as i didn’t believe that 1 teaspoon was enough but it is. As ever just read and follow the instructions. . And i’ve roasted vegetables in it. . The basket can be split into 2 and you can cook two things at once which is a bonus i think. 2 litre capacity may not be big enough for some. Not many cook books around for them. Easy to use and the food tasted good.

I was in two minds on buying this item, but now that i’ve used it it’s the best thing i’ve ever done, as quite a few times i could of set a chip pan fire as i forgotten about it being on the gas pilot, also being disabled doesn’t have make things really hard for me doing cooking in the kitchen now, my son said why did i purchased it?. My answer was do you want me to die of smoke fumes?. Or both of us die because of my forgetfulness?. His answer was:- good thinking mum, now he feels alot happier, no more worrying about my forgetfulness and safe to know that he won’t find me dead because i forgot about the chip pan being on. Being disabled and forgetful is the worst thing to happen to mature adult’s.

Not got round to making all the other delicious foods one can make with it.

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  • Really like this item
  • Excellent product. Not sure how I ever managed without

Russell Hobbs Purify Health Fryer with Timer 20810, 2 L – White

Product Description,
Purifry Health Fryer, Health Fryer view larger Purifry is a versatile way to cook your family’s favourites, The Purifry from Russell Hobbs uses technology to harness the cooking power of pure, fast-circulating air to cook family favourites like chips or chicken nuggets without using oil or fat. The coatings are still crispy and the taste will speak for itself.

Because there is no oil to heat it is fast and convenient, The Purifry is designed to be quick and easy to use. Unlike traditional fat fryers, there is no oil to heat so cooking time is reduced. As well as using less fat, the vapours and odours of fried food are reduced so all you will experience is the aroma of cooked food.

You can roast and bake with it too, With its sizeable 2 litre capacity drawer with food separator you can cook meat, fish and vegetables separately at the same time, just set the controls to the right temperature and time that you need. There’s no paddle to break up the food, it only needs a shake half way through. What’s more, you can whip up various baked treats such as scones, pies and cupcakes or even roasted joints, the versatility is endless. There is no messy oil to dispose of and it is dishwasher safe too making it quick and easy to clean too.
Cook multiple items at once with the food separator view larger

Versatile, With the Russell Hobbs Purifry, you can roast, bake or fry a variety of ingredients making it a great multi-purpose addition to any kitchen.
Dishwasher safe view larger

Fast-circulating hot air, For fast and convenient dinners and snacks, the Purifry heats up quickly and cooks more efficiently than a conventional oven.

2 litre capacity drawer with food separator, With a sizeable drawer, you can cook a variety of vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes and the food separator feature allows you to do a couple of things at the same time.

No oil or fat required, As there is no need to use any oil or fat, meals are made healthier and with fewer added calories than when prepared using a traditional fryer requiring these additions.

Dishwasher Safe, With no oil to dispose of which would risk clogging up water systems, you can simply slip out the containers and wash them in the dishwasher. This makes cleaning up after use much simpler.

About Russell Hobbs,

At the heart of your home, At Russell Hobbs, products offer more than just quality, style and innovation – they help create delicious moments to be savoured. That first cup of coffee in the morning, the warmth of a freshly ironed shirt, the simple joy of sharing a freshly cooked meal with family – these are the things that truly matter. From kettles and toasters to irons and food preparation, all appliances offer stylish ways to make life easier. Designed with real people in mind, for solutions that help make home life even more enjoyable.

Box Contains, 1 x 20810 Purifry health fryer1 x Food separator1 x Instruction booklet

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Very pleased with this product, have recommended too a friend who has also purchased one, the only negative thing i could say, is the length of time it takes it to cook chips.

The best thing i have bought so useful and clean and easy to use.

Fantastic fryer well worth the money.

Bought on behalf of my friend as i have already been using mine for sometime great for cooking bacon.

Great fryer came earlier than expected love this item would recommend.

Found it very easy to use and clean welcome addition to my kitchen.

I have looked at these type of machines ever since they first came out. I was never tempted to buy one, as i thought they were a lot of money for what could turn out to be just another kitchen appliance you try once and then put in a cupboard labeled waste of money. I have to say this appliance is good, it works but there are too many drawbacks for me to think about buying this model. The cooker does exactly what it claims to do, it cooks chips, veg, potatoes, scampi etc etc in very little oil. It is not a fryer but an air oven, which uses virtually no oil. The finished results vary upon how full the basket is. If you need to cook a lot of chips and the basket is full, then every 5 minutes you have to shake and mix up the chips to ensure even cooking. This is not what i want to stand around doing. There needs to be some way of turning over the contents of the basket, included with this device. The finished results have been nice, but too much effort was needed if the basket is full.

Frying no complaints working as specified.

  • Update.
  • Really like this item
  • Excellent product. Not sure how I ever managed without

Russell Hobbs Purify Health Fryer with Timer 20810, 2 L – White

Not sure how i ever managed without one. Simple to use and ease of cleaning make this a very good buy.

Best kitchen aid i have ever brought.

Best money i have spent in long time. I have made cakes, roasts, bacon is rearly good. Chips take little longer, but have worked out the timeing.

This came along at the right time exelent cooker,.

Excellent product, brought one also for a friend. Cooks brilliantly leaving food crisp, not oily eliminating that smell.

I have been using this air fryer for almost 6 months and it works very well, easy to clean.

Excellent all round delivery and quality of product very satisfied.

Cooks quickly and is easy to monitor food for readiness.

Very easy to use ,only tried few dishes and love it. Don’t follow cooking instructions in the book. I lowered the temperature to 180 and chips come out perfect. It takes few min longer ,but at list they are not burning.

Although it says this airfryer is 2l it’s no bigger than than the philips 0. 7l which which i had previously i was disapointed but having said that it looks smart and does what it says on the box. The information about the size is i.

One of the best and most used items in my kitchen. . Always on the go and so easy to use and clean.

Not as good as i thought it might be.

. Don’t be frightened to use it for all the food you would cook in an oven. Easy to use and clean and cooks food really well. I’ve cooked your usual chips, breaded foods. Fish fingers, nuggets etc but also quiche, pies, warmed up breads. . Love to do gammon steaks in it. Would have rated 5 stars except it’s probably not big enough to do family size portions. . So that chips get crispy i have to do 2 or 3 separate portions.

Wish i would have purchased sooner great tool in kitchen quick ,clean excellent results.

I am a believer in this fryer. As a hopeless cook this thing has been brilliant.

I have had it for three weeks it’s easy to clean and does what it says it does.

Nice fryer only fine time control is not there. You can control it only as 10, 20,30 mins.

Extremely pleased with this product.

Features and Spesification

  • Oil free health fryer
  • 2 L capacity drawer frying basket
  • 60 timer with auto switch off
  • Variable temp up to 200 degrees Celsius
  • From fresh or frozen