Russell Hobbs Purity Brita Filter Coffee Machine 20770 : the filter aspect for teh water is a great idea and does what its meant to and they

I’d like to give this five stars because it’s a neat coffee machine that works well. But i’m not because it has a few flaws that make it miss that last star. No coffee machine is that small, but this is quite big, and with the buttons on the side it really needs to be placed the way you can see it in the picture. This means that it takes up more than it’s fair share of space on the worktop. Secondly, although i appreciate water filters, these have a short life and are expensive to replace. They also seem to base the life of them in the time they have been used rather than how much water they have used, so if you don’t use it that often it’s still going to remind you to change the filter. Finally, it’s all a bit fiddly. Unsurprisingly reading the instructions helps – but when coffee machines are so alike, i wonder if it could have been more intuitive. Having said all that, if you are in the market for a coffee machine with a water filter, i think this one deserves a look. It makes a good cup of coffee, the filters can be brought almost anywhere, and it’s a bit big, but neat.

Cheap, easy to use, & comes with built water filtration. Makes ok coffee with included mesh filter, but great coffee if paired with a paper filter as well. Easy-ish to clean, but plastic mesh filter stains easily. Really fast process of boiling & extracting coffee. Amazing value for money & ease of use.

I have previously owned a russell hobbs 20680 coffee maker and it got plenty of use and was showing signs of wear and tear so got this to replace it. Comparing the two products, i have to say this one certainly looks better and i’m a big fan of the brita water filter products having a kettle and water jug that both use them and living in an area where the water has a very noticeable metallic taste to it. Looks wise, this really does come out very well and it has a much bigger jug than my previous coffee maker so scores plus points there. However, as others have mentioned, the operation of it is a bit of a pain with the lid being very poorly designed requiring you to push your fingers into three little bumps and twist it off. This may seem a bit trivial but after the much simpler russell hobbs one it does become a bit of a pain. Overall, it’s hard to fault but the annoying lid costs it the final star.

I love coffee and was hesitant after reading the poor reviews stating that the coffee was weak – you need to test it out to get the right coffee that you like. Add an extra scoop if you like it strong, and only add in enough water to fill your cup, i reccomend testing before you use. Really love this product, makes a good strong coffee when used correctly.

Russell hobbs purity brita filter coffee machine 20770, 1. 25 l – black/silver right the thing to wake to, make a nice cup is not to big so you do not have to hang around to long for the first one of the day.

Great tasting coffee thanks to the water filter.

Really really good coffee naker.

Best coffee machine i’ve had in years.

  • Love it
  • make a nice cup is not to big so you do not
  • Great value, solid machine.

Russell Hobbs Purity Brita Filter Coffee Machine 20770, 1.25 L – Black/Silver

Product Description, Russell Hobbs 20770 Purity Brita Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 L – Black/Silver.

Box Contains, 1 x Purity Coffee Machine, 1 x Brita Filter, 1x Coffee Spoon, 1 x Instruction Booklet

From the manufacturer

Russell Hobbs 20770 Purity Coffee Maker

The 20760 Purity Coffee Maker is ideal for purists who want the best from their coffee. Its advanced technology ensures your coffee brews at the perfect temperature and a built in Brita filter removes impurities from water- because as every coffee connoisseur knows, purer water means a great flavour every time. The Purity Coffee Maker with glass carafe will look good in any kitchen and its clear housing allows you watch the innovative functions at work. It can make up to 10 cups at a time and, if you don’t need that many, it can be set to make 2-4 cups. It has a blue illuminated light ring that comes on during brewing and stays on during the ‘keep warm’ stage.

With so many advanced features and functions, the Purity Coffee Maker is firmly at the heart of coffee perfection.

Includes Brita water filtration for the best quality

Cleaner water gives a purer taste, better flavour and helps to develop the natural strong coffee aromas. It’s why the Purity Coffee Maker includes a Brita water filter to remove impurities that could affect taste. It also has an electronic cartridge replacement reminder so that you’ll always know when it needs changing.

Optimum temperature technology

Did you know that not all of the water in your coffee maker heats up at the same rate? This could compromise the flavour of your coffee, so the design technologists at Russell Hobbs have included a moving water tank that maintains pressure going through the heater to ensure a constant optimum temperature during brewing. Less temperature fluctuation also means it reaches optimum brewing temperature 75 per cent faster***. ***when tested against Russell Hobbs Black Glass Coffee Maker 19650-56 and referenced against the SCAE ‘Coffee Brewing Control Chart’

Showerhead technology extracts more of the coffee flavour

As well as its unique moving water tank, the Purity Coffee Maker uses advanced showerhead technology during the brewing process. This function showers all of the coffee grains – not just the ones in the centre of the filter – to make sure all of the coffee is used. Because more of the coffee is captured and dissolved, you enjoy a richer coffee flavour, and less waste. Whether you prefer intense or mild flavours, this advanced machine makes delicious coffee just how you like it. Drenches more of the ground coffee for improved coffee extraction***

Getting the balance just right

Coffee lovers know that the right coffee to water ratio can affect the intensity of the flavour. The Purity Coffee Maker comes with its own measuring spoon to ensure you get the balance just right.

24 hour programmable timer

You can set your machine to have your coffee ready and waiting first thing in the morning or after your evening meal, whenever you like it best

Removable filter holder and reusable filter

Cleaning the coffee machine is made easy by a removable filter holder and reusable filter. Simply lift out, empty and wash by hand or in the dishwasher – no need to buy paper filters.

1.25 L glass carafe

Sleek and stylish, this glass carafe is large enough to make 10 cups. It also has a 2-4 cup option for making smaller quantities.

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For the money i can find little faullt with this unit. The filter aspect for teh water is a great idea and does what its meant to and they seem to last quite a while seen as the one it came with has lasted a month and hasnt lost a bar on teh replace meter. The reusable filter ( for the coffee) is great as it doesnt need to be relplaced like teh old papre types. All in all it makes a great cup of coffee and its really simple to opperate. The only bugs in this are some parts are it flimsy, like the lid on the pot is forever comming off as its a loose fit. If you take out teh nozzle container to clean then its a pain getting the filter to sit back into it correctly when its put back together. They are small issues, and at the end of teh day for the money it makes a great cup of coffee, quickly and simply.

  • Love it
  • make a nice cup is not to big so you do not
  • Great value, solid machine.

Russell Hobbs Purity Brita Filter Coffee Machine 20770, 1.25 L – Black/Silver

Features and Spesification

  • Purity coffee maker has BRITA water filtration for the high quality water
  • Glass carafe with 1.25 L capacity – makes 10 large cups
  • 24 hour programmable timer with blue backlit display
  • 6 g single serve coffee spoon