Russell Hobbs RHBM2003MB 20L Built In Digital 800w Solo Microwave Matte – Five Stars

Nice microwave and easy to use. The only downside is that the door has a mirror finish which marks very easily and you do not have a clear vision of what is cooking.

Easy to use but glass door gets smudge easily.

Great delivery and the product is doing exactly as expected, very happy :).

Good value, quick delivery, many features and very easy installation.

Excellent microwave good quality.

Nice looking microwave, does the job for four of us.

Its a quiet microwave – a little small but works really well.

Looks perfect and does the jobshame the delivery man left it on the door step, could easily have been stolen.

Microwave looks good and is simple and easy to use and install. Only negative is that we were surprised at how small it is inside. Takes up the same amount of space as my old microwave but can literally just fit a dinner plate inside. Luckily i only really use it for reheating meals, melting chocolate etc so is fine for that.

Does what its designed to do.

Over 3mths now working perfectly.

Great value for money compared to others, works great and surpringly big inside for a 20 litre microwave. 2 year manufacturers guarantee is great too.

Very classy looking appliance, and built in it looks great.

Bought this for our new kitchen and it looks great and at a great price.

Look lovely although haven’t used much yet. Fits well into an idea microwave housing.

I bought and installed this around 6 months ago now so this review is following a significant time of use. Flush finish in the cabinet (see photos)2. Simple controls (too many manufacturers load products with unused features to ‘add value’)3. Contemporary design (preferably with a door you can’t see through when not in use)i have to say that all criteria have been very well met. It was quite fiddly to install in our howden’s kitchen as their wall units are only 290mm deep so i needed to make significant modifications to the cabinet (see second photo) and wall to achieve the flush fit but the result is very pleasing on the eye. As a family cook that does most of the work on a range cooker, our various microwaves have almost exclusively been used for reheating and defrosting, hence the desire for a simple user interface. I love the one-button quick start feature that can be used to add successive blocks of 30 seconds to a no-frills timer in parallel to starting it at full power. I don’t use any of the ‘programs’ as like most devices at this price point, the lcd is too basic to be of any use and should you want to use those programs, you’ll find yourself constantly referring back to the user manual to find out what ‘a1’, ‘a2’ etc. Or the obscure icons mean – unless you have a photographic memory of coursewhat took me a long time to discover (not documented in the user manual) was how to set the timer for basic operation.

Under £200 a absolute bargain for what you get: very good quality and heats up food in half the time standard microwave would. Door front mirror finished and makes the product look so much more expensive then it isrecommended to all 100%.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Five Stars
  • Great microwave
  • Looks perfect and does the job Shame the delivery man left