Russell Hobbs RHFM2001B Flatbed Microwave – happy

I looked at several different microwaves before deciding on this one. Easy clean, love the flatbed, not had one of these since micros first came and turntables were invented. It does on occasion heat up slightly patchy and i would have preferred it to be more powerful as it’s only 700w. One niggle is that the dial is changed by the slightest touch, so sometimes you don’t even realise you’ve changed it when brushing against it accidentally and it’s now set to defrost or half power.

This microwave is brilliant looking and real easy to clean no messing about with the plate it’s so simple to use lam really impressed with it.

Very good it’s good not having to mess around with the plate which with me was always a problem.

A superb micro wave that will meet the needs of most families. It looks very stylish in the modern kitchen and somehow heats food faster than our old 900w one did. The flatbed design makes cleaning a breeze and because you don’t have a turntable, the small capacity is less of an issue because of the extra space.

Big plus no more rotating plates that need cleaning all the time. Cleaning inside is easy as there is no rotating mechanism.

Stylish, easy to operate, love it.

It is so easy to use and the flatbed feature is great. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new stylish microwave.

Bought this to replace a bigger fancier microwave, which just took up too much kitchen space and had features we just didn’t need/use. This microwave has a small foot print and is stylish and has a flatbed rather than a rotating plate. So its much easier to clean and can take quite large dishes despite its compact size. Looks great in our kitchen, works well and takes up much less space that our previous one.

Not too big and not too small.

Highly recommended, so much better without the nuisance turntable taking up space. Can use a much wider variety of dishes. The different shaped interior walls give even cooking.

Very good quality and delivery.

Absolutely great product i bought one then got one for my son for christmas. No messing with a table in it.Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs RHFM2001B Flatbed Microwave:

  • Flatbed Microwave technology offers more useable space – ideal for large plates and casserole dishes. The flatbed surface is easier to clean than a conventional microwave
  • The diamond cavity structure provides improved microwave distribution by enhancing the reflection of the microwaves inside the cavity. This helps to cook your food more effectively
  • 700W of power, this microwave can handle all of your cooking, reheating, and defrosting requirements
  • This microwave has automatic defrost settings, all you have to do is input the weight of the food, and the microwave selects the ideal defrost time
  • Use the auto-cook menus to preset cooking times for a variety of foods, making cooking as easy as 1-2-3

Really happy with this microwave. It’s my first flatbed but so useful to be able to fit rectangular dishes inside. Word of warning to place plastic ready meals on plates, it gets hot on the bottom and i had one plastic tray start to melt to the bottom.

It is so much easier to use than one with a turntable, cooks perfectly and no more oops the turntable is coming out.

A good microwave, cooks well, looks very nice and is so much better than our previous microwaves with turntables. However we have had two of these now and the first one had to be returned after a few weeks as the internal light stopped working as well as the beep when the cooking finishes. Now after a few months of using the replacement the beeps have stopped working again.

Very nice, i like that it’s not too strong, haven’t overcooked anything yet 😀.

Looks stylish and does it’s job.

Sadly i eat ready meals quite a lot so i can accurately compare the performance of this microwave with one of comparable power that has a rotating table. This one has proven so good that it has knocked at least 20% off the cooking times without detrimental affect to the consistency of heating the food. . The consistency has improved. It still tends to heat food at the edges of the container more than the middle but all microwaves seem to do that. Taking the reasonable price into consideration i’m very pleased with my buy and confident i made the right decision. . And it really is nice not to have that fiddly rotating plate. It is much easier to clean and i never had to fiddle about with the plate holder that got out of place all too often.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stylish and great value – flatbed feature is a must!

  • Perfect in every way

  • Russell Hobbs black flatbed microwave

Brilliant microwave compact in size so saves a small amount of space very easy to use.

Easy to use [at least me an wife think so made sponge pudding with it turned out good quick delivery as well recommend it good micowave would buy one again . If needed i have only had it about 8 wks or so but it should last a few yrs. ]

It’s such a nice microwave oven.

After my last microwave went rusty under the turntable i decided to look at the flatbed design. This microwave is compact but still big enough for my lasagne dish to fit in. Very easy to use and wipe clean after each use. Only 700w but i haven’t noticed any lack of power from my last 800w microwave. Looks good, a bit shiny especially on the dials which are a little difficult to see the selector mark but i’ve got used to that now. Would recommend to anyone wanting a compact, flatbed design microwave at a very competitive price.

And the black colour matches my new white and black kitchen perfectly. The flatbed version ensures no noisy spinning discs that get dirty, so easy to slide plates on and off easily. The flatbed means it is very easy to wipe and keep clean too. Whatever i am looking for , i am guaranteed to find it here which comes with great service and swift delivery.

Fantastic microwave, great for families as you can get a good sized dish is for cottage pie. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a decent microwave.

Microwave is very shiny, so much so, that i cant read the settings on the dials without a magnifying glass. Also, the electric cable is so short, it wont reach any of my sockets, as mine are all near the skirting boards, the cable will only just get past the edge of the shelf. There is nothing on the description about the length of cable. It needs to be at least 2 ft. I have used the microwave twice, and it works fine, just cant read it.

Wanted smaller microwave to save space whilst still able to put dinner plates in. Unlikely to revert to a turn table one.

Very stylish looking microwave, fits in perfectly with my modern kitchen. I bought it purely on the looks but the flatbed feature is amazing. Can easily fit whatever i want inside without the problem of the ‘spinning plate’ failing off plus its easier to cleanwill definitely be sticking to flatbed microwaves in the future and this russell hobbs model is superb.

Really like the idea of a goat base, i couldn’t fit square plates in my old microwave but this one does them with ease.

Modern, clean finish and good size – slightly smaller which i like as it saves a little space on your worktop. Simple dials and really easy to use. Cooks food evenly through the flatbed rather than rotating and this also makes it much easier to clean.

Can’t really comment as this was a gift specifically requested. I like the thought of not being restricted by a turntable though so will look forward to hearing how the recipient gets on when they move into their house.

This microwave is the best one by far i have purchased, always had a turntabled one, but chose a flatbed instead for a change, heats up and cooks food brilliant. I especially love the glass bottom inside, makes wiping any spills so much easier than lifting out the usual glass turntable. This microwave is great value for money and looks great, i would definately recommend this one.

Great basic microwave with a flat base so no annoying turntable. Also it means that you can fit larger plates or square dishes into the oven. Only really use for heating, which it does brilliantly. I bought on offer so it was a bargain and looks smart too.

I like every thing about this microwave.

The flatbed is lovely to use and seems to heat evenly enough. It is so easy to clean and can put any plate bowl or cups in. The reheat function is excellent to be honest i didn’t think it was any good but it really does heat a container of one meal food perfectly. In fact any size because you simply adjust the weight of food. It also looks lovely as the mirror finish gives high end quality.

More practice than turntable model, it allows to put in and use rectangle dishes.

Fab large microwave with flatbed meaning no rotating dish which gets stuck because your dish is square. Not only is this microwave far better than the standard microwave but it looks amazing aswell.

No turntable which makes it so easy to keep clean. Just a simple wipe round the a cloth after use – and that’s it.

The flatbed means that i no longer have to contend with pouches of rice falling over. It is quite small but big enough to get a dinner plate in. There is only 2 of us so the size is fine.

It’s a nice microwave but i’m annoyed that it’s only 700w – the blurb said it was 800w and was a key reason for me buying it.

Fed up with cheap microwaves that rust and look ugly, went for this unit. I’d seen the flatbed tech walking around a shop and love the idea of not having those annoying platters that always get filthy and fall off their spindle while rotating etc. This one is brilliant – cooks well, quickly and evenly, looks and feels great and it’s a breeze to keep clean.

Easy to use but takes longer to heat vs my earlier plate product. Quite sleek and nice but not fully satisfied.