Russell Hobbs RHM2064C Digital Microwave and 3-Piece Sistema Microwave Cooking Set : Five Stars

I don’t often use my microwave but so far this one seems fine. Certainly looks good with my purple kettle and toaster.

Yoy can use it straight from the box, basically. It cooks food so fast, it’s really powerful. It has plenty of different power levels and is really easy to operate.

Very good microwave, very easy controls and does what it says it can do, good power load across all power stepsvery good.

Looks good and so far is working well.

I really love this microwave. We’ve had it a while now so feel i can give an honest review. I love the design it’s modern and clean looking. We needed a small microwave as we have a small kitchen, it neatly fits on a shelf on the wall and isn’t obvious. It is compact so you can’t expect to put large plates in there but it does the job for what we need ie sterilising bottles, defrosting soup, making hot drinks. Would recommend for those not seeking an industrial microwave.

Brilliant,a pleasure to use and very easy. Had a cheap one previously, this one is so much better quality. Youdefinitely get what you pay for.

Looks pretty decent too for £49. In case you’re wondering, the front door is semi-see-through, it just reflects like a mirror when it is not being used. Therefore you can see it spin inside like most other microwaves. The best thing about this is the digital dial which allows more accurate timing of the food being reheated/cooked.

Works perfectly, lovely to look at and easy to use.

  • Russell Hobbs microwave
  • Great compact microwave
  • Does the job

Russell Hobbs RHM2064C Digital Microwave and 3-Piece Sistema Microwave Cooking Set

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Controls not as intuitive as our previous microwave (a panasonic) but works well once you get the hang of it.

As this was a replacement machine we were a bit wary, but we should not have worried its perfect. Easy to follow instructions.

Looks nice and works well, good price.

Its not bad, but i think i would expect a bit more from a russell hobbs.

Purchased in april, by end of may had started making loud noises like a jackhammer. Vibrations from above the control panel are so loud that my neighbours have asked me not to use it after 9pm. Shame the design was compromised in this way, as otherwise it would have been a nice machine.

Amazing and easy to use would recommend to anyone.

I’m russell hobbs mad- i don’t have a bad word to say. Although this microwave can be found a lot cheaper than what i paid.

Right product and delivered on time thanks.

  • Russell Hobbs microwave
  • Great compact microwave
  • Does the job

Russell Hobbs RHM2064C Digital Microwave and 3-Piece Sistema Microwave Cooking Set

I am trying to get used to having a smaller microwave than my last one. I could not find a purple one in any of the shops but found exactly what i wanted here.

Went great withthe purple glass spalshbacks and stainless steel doors.

Compact, neat and very easy to use. Delivers evenly heated food. Easy to clean and the mirror door add a nice touch to the kitchen.

Still haven’t worked out half the settings (not an instructions person) so just hit the 30secs button however much i needthe matte black finish shows up greasy fingermarks and same for the mirror front, which you can’t avoid touching as there is no handle for the door.

This is okay as far as microwaves go but it is very small, my standard size dinner plates only just fit inside. It’s also very light, to the point where it moves around on the worktop when you’re opening the door, pushing buttons etc. That said, it functions well and looks great.

Smaller than anticipated but it’s powerful.

Works well and easy to program. On the smallish side but good overallnice colour as well as long as it matches your kitchen.

Excellent value, quality microwave, easy to use.

This was sent back as i found a better product, however the product seemed very good.

I bought this for my daughter, she was thrilled and it looks great in her kitchen.

At first i was disappointed as it was smaller than my old one, (my fault entirely) but then i realised that it is quite big enough for us and better still it will fit into a more convenient place and save me o lot of walking, so now that i have mastered the controls, not difficult.

A very nice looking product, better than the listed pics. Small so convenient for counter top but, most importantly, so simple to use.

This microwave looks even better than it does in the photo. The mirror door is very stylish and it just looks great in our kitchen.

Small but just right for making porridge and heating up small items but it does take longer than our previous ovens.

My only minor compaint would be that the interior light is a bit dim.

Very pleased with this product it is really easy to use and looks smart.

Everything’s fine exept case covered by some strange black paint, you don’t want to clean it with hard sponge, it will be like sand paper for it.

Features and Spesification

  • This microwave bundle contains 1 Russell Hobbs microwave and 3 Sistema containers for microwave cooking
  • The Russell Hobbs RHM2064 microwave has a sleek and stylish contemporary design, boasting an attractive mirror door finish
  • The Sistema Microwave Plate has a 1.3 L capacity and a steam release vent in the lid for splatter-free heating
  • The Sistema Microwave Round Container has a 915 ml capacity and a steam release vent in the lid
  • The Sistema Microwave Egg Cooker 270 ml can be used to make poached eggs, scrambled eggs or mini omelettes in the microwave