Russell Hobbs RHM2076B 20L Digital 800w Solo Microwave – Neat microwave

This micro wave is not too big and looks stylish with its mirror finish door, although while in use you can see whats cooking. I found the controls slightly confusing to begin with, but quickly got the hang of them. Very nice microwave for the price, very happy.

Looks very good and fits well on black marble worktop. Performance as it should be.

The product and delivery was very good. It was a bit pricey but works really well but not very spacious inside the microwave.

This is a very economical microwave and it heats food well, just a couple of minor niggles. First the bleeping at the end of cooking is quite loud and if you don’t open the door it bleeps 5 times which is annoying. Secondly although there is a full sized glass plate the protrusion on the inside wall of the microwave makes it difficult to heat two containers next to one another without resting one on the edge of the other.

Still using this great microwave to this date and i’ve had it over 3 or 4 months now. Perfect, and it’s not as big as other microwave but can still fit a huge plate with mountains of food on it too warm it up.

I was initially looking for a good value for money microwave from a well known brand name. I was very impressed when i opened the box revealing the gorgeous mirrored door which compliments the black finish very well. Great sale price and value for money, easy to use and keep clean. The glass door shines up well. ( give it a quick burr up after use). A great edition to our family kitchen.

Love this microwave, amazing quality easy to use and easy to clean. Looks amazing with the mirrored finish and gets a full sized plate in there, quite deceiving at how roomy it is inside.

Very stylish and clean looking unit that is very simple to use and works well. Heard of some issues from people but a few of every brand of microwave will have problems. Use it mostly for making jackets, heating food up and cooking things like beans etc whilst not needing to use another ring in the hob. For £60 delivered i love it.

Compact size that will fit in most places. Just get used to wiping it often if finger prints on the mirrored surface bother you.

At first i was disappointed as i saw this ‘mark’ on the inside but realised later it was a reflection of the light 😊so ignore my previous comment as i’m very happy with this new addition to my kitchen 👍.

Good, but width of the opening is quite small, heats food very quickly.

I know it’s sounds ridiculous but i really wanted an oven with a grey interior as a pose to the tacky white cheap looking ones. Absolutely love this and have learnt a little trick – leave the door open for 5 minutes after use, to let it dry out, before closing the door and you’ll never get rust.Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs RHM2076B 20L Digital 800w Solo Microwave:

  • The Russell Hobbs RHM2076 features a mirror door finish
  • 800 W of microwave power, providing quick and convenient cooking
  • 20 L cavity capacity, which comfortably fits a standard dinner plate and the glass turn-table is removable for easy cleaning, and is also dishwasher safe.
  • Additional features include pre-programmed auto cook menus such as pizza, fish and popcorn, allowing you to cook at the push of a button
  • Child safety lock option prevents young children from being able to open the microwave door

Securely packaged and very quick delivery. The microwave looks great with mirrored door finish. Instructions are easy to understand and the function buttons are simple to use. Size is good and a dinner plate fits in easily.

I’ve been using this microwave for awhile now. It was a bit smaller than i expected but that was my fault for not properly checking the measurements. However it functions well and it looks quite nice.

Microwave bought for my mum. She’s very pleased with it. Her last one started to rust so time for a replacement.

This is a great microwave, heats up food perfect, looks great and has clear instructions. I would certainly recommend.

Great quality little microwave and great value for money along with easy to use and easy to keep clean.

Just check your sized plates + make sure they are not squared and you’ll be fine good product. Posted some information on the box for anyone interested.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • So pleased we bought this – really easy to use and
  • Great item, easy to clean when you know how 🙂
  • Perfect, Just Check Plate Size

Very attractive looking microwave, so far, so good, no problems.

Only had the microwave for a week so but first impressions are that it is a very nice machine. Easy to operate, looks good and easy to clean. Compact size – perfect for reheating my tea when i’ve let it go cold.

Love it, really nice looking microwave definitely glad i bought it in the black colour. It’s so easy to use and doesn’t bombard you with a million buttons and functions that you need be a scientist to figure it out. Only negative is when the food is done the microwave beeps out pretty loud and repeats 6 times but that’s just nitpicking.

Easy to use the add 30 second control button but the dial for more exact times is a bit fiddly as has more than one function.

Very happy with microwave – so much better than last one (breville) – heats up efficiently, easy to use and very little condensation.

The only settings i use are power level and time and it does take quite a few button presses and dial twiddling to get what i want. Not sure what was wrong with simple dials, why do we have to have so many buttons?all this pales into insignificance with the amount of beeping the thing makes. Beeps on every button (as expected), beeps on turning dial (as expected) but why does it need 5 or 6 loud beeps at the end of cooking. ? i’m in a house not a commercial kitchen, i can hear one beep, i don’t need the kids to be woken up. If i could find its beeper i’d take a lot of pleasure in forcebly inserting something sharp into it to shut it up for good. Failing that i’m getting close to buying a replacement (even though it works perfectly fine).

This is the same as we’ve had before but in gloss black, last one lasted ages so that’s why we bought the same.

Good microwave at very good price. Slightly annoying to set the power every time as i always use full power for convienience meals. But takes a fraction of a second once i got the knack.

A good microwave in all respects. The sole improvement i suggest is that instead of displaying power levels as percentages of maximum wattage, that it would simply display the wattage. It’s not obvious from the display what 50% is 50% of—i have to remember that it’s an 800w microwave.

Looks great and a quality item. Learnt early on that to wipe all the inevitable marks and finger prints off it – just use a damp cloth and buff with a tea towel. Cleaning products leave smears.

Lovely microwave and does the job but very small inside and mirror finished door is a nightmare to keep clean.

Looks very modern and stylish, it does however steam up your food making you think it’s very hot but turns out to be a lukewarm temperature, within the first 2 weeks my plate was broken in half even though the timer was only set to 30 seconds. It also catches finger prints which can be a chore to constantly clean. I will be switching to a different brand with more simplified functions.

So worth the money it is sleek and sexyfingerprints will get on it but that is not hard to clean.

This is our second russell hobbs we have ordered for office use, so used frequently. Our previous was only replaced after some rust set in under the glas plate area after a few years. The microwave was still working however without issues. Delivered speedily and easy to use.

If i had known what 20l looked like i would not have bought it but apart from that it is very stylish and looks really nice in my kitchen.

I wanted a cheap microwave and this was one 9f the cheapest amazon sell. It’s so easy to use and really easy to clean.

Usually i buy panasonic but i had problems with their microwaves. I am very pleased with this one, it works as expected and have no complaints.

A really good microwave that is well priced. Looks great only one thing not liked is the red indicator a i’ve the time which seems to be on permanently without a way of turning off.

Used as main cooking modality – can’t fault it after many months use.

Been using it for about a month or so now. I’d say it was the best microwave you can get for the money. It’s very aesthetically pleasing with it’s mirrored door and display. Haven’t had any problems with it so far and we use it a lot.

Microwaves don’t seem to last long these days, so i wanted a big brand, digital, easy to use, variable power , affordable machine, and this is it. It has a one year warranty, with the option to buy two more years.

Ideal if you want the smaller size microwave. It is stylish and fits in with my kitchen which i have styled in silver and black.

Easy to use though instruction book wasn’t easy to follow at first. Very apply with my purchase.

We have found this microwave oven easy to use. It does what it says and we have not had any problems with what it has cooked.

Quite an affordable price, does a great job, but fairly complicated at the start. Not the easiest microwave to use however.

Our old microwave was rusty from cleaning and had to go. I took some care selecting the replacement and haven’t been disappointed. Setting the power level and timer really couldn’t be simpler – so simple that i couldn’t quite get the hang of it to start with because i thought there must be more to it. My fault, it really is dead simple to use and keep clean.

I’ve had it for 2 years and never had i problem, good size, easy to use, works perfectly. I wish i hadn’t sold it when i moved to my new place as the integrated one we have now is rubbish.

Doesn’t take up a lot of space on worktop and had no problems with using it. Even my mum worked out how to use it when she stays.

Perfect little microwave, does the job well. It is probably the best microwave we have had. Looks very smart, easy to use, easy to clean.

Bought this microwave around a month ago, it was smaller that i expected (it can be hard to work out the size using volume) but everything i’ve wanted to get there has fitted perfectly. Using the microwave is fine, but its ux isn’t going to blow anyone away. I wouldn’t bother with the programs, they’re not much use, and the power indicator isn’t intuitive, most instructions for products you’re going to microwave specify watts, but this uses a percentage of the full power. The start button doubling as a ‘set a 30 second timer and start’ is useful and it how i end up using this most of the time as it’s a great 1 touch function. Once started the start button also adds 30 seconds to the timer, so the majority of the time, i’ll just set the time and start with multiple presses of the start button. I previously had a much larger, non-turntable microwave, but this works just fine and cooks food more evenly. I mostly use the microwave for defrosting meals that i’ve cooked and frozen and it does that without any issues. Overall the microwave looks great but the glass door seems to pick up (and highlight) fingerprints quickly. It’s a microwave that serves its purpose just fine, nothing more nothing less.

So pleased we bought this – really easy to use and looks so sleek. For all those trying to work out whether a microwave steriliser for baby bottles will fit inside – the 25. 5cm turntable will fit a 27cm width microwave steriliser kit. I couldn’t find this information anywhere online.

Took a bit to get used to it, but now i have its great & fast. Powerful compared to my previous microwave. I also find it difficult to keep the mirror type finish spotless & smudge free. I think i read some tips on other reviews, must try them out.

Struggles to rotate a large plate with a plastic microwave cover. However, looks great and is fairly user friendly.

It’s sleek but also quite big. Super happy with my purchase. If you’re someone who likes your food piping hot, 3mins on any standard dish is about right.