Russell Hobbs RHM2574 Digital Combination Microwave – Well worth it

Great combi oven, bit larger than i thought, but so easy to use, and already been used to make cakes and toasties, as well as the micro for warming meals, could not be happier with this purchase, and also just so easy to clean with the stainless steel interior.

Wonderful, well built, and well designed and thought gadget. The convection function on this goes right up to 240 degrees. The microwave function buttons and dial are all easy and make proper sense. I have had others than are rubbish compared to this one.

I got this microwave to replace my very old russel hobbs, which was ok but getting tired. It is a bigger capacity and easy to operate. The door release button is a little harder to push in, that is my only criticism.

Surprised and disappointed it did not come with a round metal baking tray for use in convection cooking. My old panasonic had one and as the turntable size makes it difficult to find one that fits this would have been a good feature. The only one i could find on amazon is taking three weeks to arrive so every time i’m in the supermarket i have to remember not to buy anything that can only be oven cooked.

I bought this microwave for my elderly parents to replace one which they were struggling to operate. The problem was the buttons were just part of a flat panel that had to be pressed so hard to function. I decided this microwave with proper press buttons would be easier for them and they are delighted with it. It is so easy to operate and very easy to understand even though it has plenty of features with all of its cooking modes. Its stainless steel so looks good and is easy to clean. Its powerful too and at a good price. Overall the best microwave they have ever had so i am reviewing on their behalf.

I bought this to replace my sanyo one as it’s virtually identical, same buttons etc but i had to return it as it does not have a stainless steel finish as described but it’s more grey metallic. That would not be a problem unless like me all other appliances are stainless steel and it doesn’t match. I never even tried this model so my usage ratings are based on the sanyo version.

Mum was very pleased with this. Please note this is a big microwave so grate to put pirate dishes in etc.

Good price and does exactly what i need it to do.

Excellent, very well made – robust and easy to use.

No handle makes microwave hard to open and the open button means you have to hold the back of the microwave as you have to have strong fingers to even push the button in,,wouldnt recomend if you are quite frail in the hand department. Looks good,but a cheapy 35 quid microwave from asda works just as well if not better.

Would recommend if you are looking for a combi oven. Have only had a microwave to date and don’t have an oven. This has transformed my cooking experience. Am impressed with the quality of the build, expect it will last a few years.

Russell hobbs is the best by far. Had my old one (same model) for over 5 years. Hope this one lasts as long.

Very smart and so far excellent product. I haven’t tried all the programs yet but am more than happy with my purchase. I would recommend this to my friends. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs RHM2574 Digital Combination Microwave:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • With a spacious and stylish design this 25 litre capacity microwave is perfect for your kitchen
  • Boasting 900w of microwave power, this microwave can handle all of your cooking, reheating, and defrosting requirements
  • Fan assisted convection cooking works like a conventional oven
  • This microwave has a Stainless Steel interior that is durable and easy to clean
  • The combination aspect enables you to combine microwave energy, a grill, and convection heating so you can heat, roast, crisp and brown

Perfect for my kitchen matches my appliances.

Able to cook anything a godsend in the kitchen.

Cant believe how quickly this arrived. I only ordered it yesterday 10th january and it came midday today. This is a thoroughly good piece of kitchen kit from a trusty manufacturer renowned for quality. Although it’s undoubtedly made in the far east. It’s a combination microwave so will defrost, cook on microwave, reheat, grill and bake and roast. The controls are simple to understand push buttons with a centrol control dial with which you can set the time, the weight or temperature if you use the oven function. There are automatic funtions too. It couldnt be a replacement for a main oven, your dishes need to be suitable to fit on the rack, probably round. Youd struggle to cook a joint of meat or chicken in this but a fish pie, cottage pie, medium size pizza, apple crumble would all be do able from scratch or to defrost and reheat or cook something you have in the freezer. If the machine is in say a staff room its easily used to just reheat food or a ready meal on full temperature quickly and the stainless steel interior cleans with a wipe.

Very happy with this microwave, looks great exactly as it did online. Easy to use, straight forward, not too big or too small and it has a good feeling of quality. I like the dial to set times and weights and the push button to open the door, both of which i had on my last microwave. Great that it cooks as a conventional oven and also has a grill.

Had same model for 8 years, so this is the obvious replacement. Colour coated outer cover, not all stainless like old one.

Really very impressed with this. Very easy to use and so easy to clean. My only complaint is the door release is a little stiff and requires quite a lot of pressure to open.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great microwave

  • It’s a microwave, or is it?


Excellent looking appliance and does everything i want it to do. Excellent value for a top brand.

Once you get use to the simple way this works its great at what it does. I had to replace an older one which broke and pleased to have a better more modern version. The stainless steel finish very nice.

I really love this microwave oven, but the instructions are confusing to me, there’s not the cooking programs on the front like on my old one. I’ve got the milk to heat easily now, on a microwave setting, and it’s better than i had before. And i’ve cooked a chicken yesterday, but i had 3 goes before i got it cooking. I read the manual lots of times,actually laughed as it told me how to unpack it all. When you cant read the manual until it’s unpacked anyway. I expect i’ll get there eventually,. There’s a great utube video on, an indian lady showing a similar model, she presses a program button then start, brilliant, i just wish this was the same.

Was hoping the clock was in green as advertized but it us in red little things i know but dont like red light.

I found the microwave to be just what i needed. With no cooker i found the grill + convection function extremely practical.

Love everything about it, great product.

I’m very happy with this microwave oven and i like it. Well package and very fast delivery.

I’m very happy with this combi oven, it’s ease of use and efficiency. Looks good in my kitchen too.

Drawback for me is that the door is very difficult to open. With arthritis in my hands i have to use 2 thumbs & it’s painful.

Every day use fantastic microwave.

Large turntable for family size cooking.

Great price and a great bit of kit. We us them in rental properties we have bought 6 so far.

Perfect for combination cooking as well as separately. Cheaper to use that the big oven.

Excellent product – we have used with ease since it arrived. Arrived on time – had to change delivery address mid transit – super easy to organise.

The only reason i’m not giving 5 stars is that i find the grill takes a bit long to cook the food.

It looks amazing, i’ve only used the microwave so far and once you get used to the buttons it’s fairly simple and does the job.

As a microwave, it does just that. This is a large appliance and has the weight to back it up. The convection works well for roasting and baking, although you need to get your food in quick after the pre-heat cycle.