Russell Hobbs RHM3003 30L Digital 900w Combination Microwave : brilliant

Got this for my mum as she cannot bend for a normal oven so this has taken the ovens place and with an easy to open handle and easy to use buttons this is a lovely replacement.

Sorry i sent it back, it seemed very complicated and huge, yes i know i had access to the dimensions but it still seemed bigger than expected.

I’m very pleased with the microwave oven. Works well and cooking is very simple, and other functions are good, the power is right for me.

I will never go back to a simple microwave. This looks great in my kitchen and now i just constantly eat as always want to use it.

Perfectly easy to use – and great for supplementary cooking.

A really high quality microwave oven which is solidly built and works really well.

Large lump on the rear of the microwave means you can’t push it against the wall. There’s a reason the pictures of some micorwaves show them in the corner of the kitchen.

Delivery and packaging excellent. This microwave is just what we wanted. Would have liked more explicit cooking instructions and recipes for the convectioncooking. Have been using for about a month and so far no problems. Wouldrecommend on this experience.

  • Good Product – Bad Marketing
  • Great Microwave
  • Great buy for a very good price

Russell Hobbs RHM3003 30L Digital 900w Combination Microwave White

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Very happy, great product, great seller.

Works really well as a microwave. Not so much as an oven/grill. The oven temp on the display is way below the actual temp. Cooking a pizza (180 c for 6 – 8 min) i have to set temp at 210 c and cook for 12 min. Grill is poor as well but does work. Would not even attempt to bake in it. But at this price for a combi – what did i expect.

Bought this primarily to use as microwave – thank goodness. When my oven broke a few weeks ago and while awaiting replacement i have had to use all it’s fuctions and have been surprised and delighted with it.

This is a monster of a microwave. It’s great that you can get a full size plate in it. It does take up a lot of room on the work surface, coming almost to the front edge as it has quite a bit at the back that you cannot see in the image. I have only used the convection oven once and it was quick to heat up and worked well. Will be a real help at christmas.

Firstly, this is a very deep microwave ~ 510mm, but it’s very cunning and actually doesn’t look that large if placed in a corner. The main body of the microwave is 360mm deep, no deeper than an ordinary microwave, but there is a bunch of stuff sticking out the back that is another 150mm. However, that 150mm is not the full width of the machine, it’s roughly triangular, so placing the machine in a corner you don’t even know the sticky out part is there. It makes the entire microwave seem much smaller than it really is, which to me explains why the sales photos didn’t seem to match the measurements. Simple reason is that in the sales photo it is actually filling the entire corner, you just can’t see it. Another important detail is that the microwave is actually 900w, not 700w amazon states, so it’s hands-down much more powerful than a standard microwave. 1kw and the convection oven is 2. The main selling point for me was not that it was a combi, but that it has a stainless interior.

A versatile machine that is easy to operate. It’s my first combi oven so it’s taken me a while to adjust cooking times for the convection oven. The grill is not designed to have the same power as a conventional cooker and is best used for browning and ‘finishing’ dishes with microwave/convection/grill settings. It’s easy to clean inside and my only real (tiny) gripe is the impractical mirror door which constantly gets splashed and needs polishing all the time.

Bought this as a house warming present for my daughter and her boyfriend. As a microwave it’s amazing and as an oven really quick to heat up and cooks just as well as a full size oven. They haven’t used the grill function yet but expect it to be just as good as everything else is on it. After the glowing report back they gave me, should my 18year old microwave start playing up, i shall not hesitate in buying one of these.

Bought as a replacement, very happy with it,it is easy to use, the wire rack is ok, but it would be better to have two different sized racks instead of turning it upside down to accommodate the size of the dish etc. I would highly recommend this microwave.

  • Good Product – Bad Marketing
  • Great Microwave
  • Great buy for a very good price

Russell Hobbs RHM3003 30L Digital 900w Combination Microwave White

Now this is a lovely large microwave. My husband and i were taken aback by its size when we got it (cuz it’s just two of us). Functionality of the microwave is good. Unfortunately that’s as far as we got it using it. We were quite excited to have a piece that does everything a stove could but was highly disappointed when we got no proper instruction manual to use the piece. I would expect a piece like this and the price paid that a proper manual and recipe book would be given as i’ve purchased cheaper appliances in the past that came with proper instructions. I even tried researching online for videos from the company (which wasn’t very useful) and blogs from customers to which i realised that most i’ve read felt the same way.

Was brought as a present for someone.

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