Russell Hobbs Rosso Hand Mixer – hand mixer

Very good – but it’s really fast be prepared to get mixture over you and that’s without the turbo on.

Given the low price, i was surprised at how chunky and well made this product is. It’s a great alternative to a mixer-and-bowl set for whipping up a nice batter – indeed my only criticism is that it doesn’t have a slower speed, the speeds available range from fast to very fast. The attachments are quite thin, making them ideal for light use but the dough hooks would be useless for making a thick dough such as in bread making. It’s pretty weighty but that makes it feel secure in the hand and didn’t cause any problems when used for an extended period. It’s not especially noisy and the attachments are easy to fit and disengage. All in all, the ideal hand mixer for lighter tasks such as mixing dry ingredients, cake mixtures, batter and whisking up clotted cream.

Using it for more than a year.

Broke last handmixer after about 15 years so needed another one. I bake my own bread so it will be used a lot. Time will tell if this one will last as well. It is a little smaller than i thought and the whisks also seem less sturdy than the old ones. When kneading it seems powerful enough and it can go pretty fast. It looks like it might not last as long as old one but i won’t know for another 15 years.

I have an andrew james mixer which is pretty fab for the price but my mum’s one is on it’s last legs and the amount of baking we do together sometimes requires two hand mixers, if only to keep various grandchildren from breaking into a fight over who gets to hold the mixer. So this russell hobbs looks like it will do nicely for our multigenerational home. The colour is a pretty choice and it wipes down easily. I like that it stands up by itself but then my other one does at half the price. I really like the delicate beaters unlike some of the other reviewers, the ones with my andrew james one are much thicker which is great if you need some welly, but not if you have a delicate mixture. To test my theory i cooked two batches of the same small cake, one made using my usual beaters and the other using the russell hobbs, same oven, same shelf, same time (different coloured silicone pans) and the russell hobs was slightly lighter than the other. I would prefer to use this one with meringues and soufflés and use the other for things that don’t needs such a delicate touch. Downsides:straight out of the box, if i had never used an electric whisk before i would have been confused by the instruction booklet ‘large hole’ looks nothing like the bottom of my machine and i had to use common sense of the plastic prongs to work out a flange wouldn’t allow that whisk to clip in that side. But it could lead to some confusion. Turbo- pfft , my andrew james kicks it’s scrawny butt on turbo.

Seems ok though haven’t needed to use it yet. Packaging was bashed about but product ok.

This is new so, until it’s lasted a while, i’ve been tight on the review stars. It looks much more solid than the cheap ones available and the blades are solid steel not joined by plastic which, we have found, is a failure point. Russell hobbs motors seem to last and the body on this one appears robust. It works well and does the job really well. So, all told, really pleased. The acid test is how long it will last. So far, very good for the price. As at november 2016, still working perfectly.

Bought to replace similar model – very useful hand mixer. No problems encountered to date.

My overall impression of this mixer is that it is ok and reasonably priced for a mid-range product. It is fairly lightweight, and has a compact feel to it. I thought the whisk blades looked rather flimsy, but they worked well in preparing a sponge mix. The thinness of the whisk blades make for exceptionally easy cleaning. However i prefer a more substantial blade, as in my kenwood mixer, as i feel it gets more air into the mixture. I don’t think i will be using the dough hook facility though, as i am not sure that the machine is powerful enough to take much protracted use with heavy ingredients. The speed selector is not very chunky, and you have to be careful in moving it up or down a notch. Even on the lowest speed 1, it runs at a fairly fast pace, so i would have preferred this to run at a slower rate, helpful at the start of mixing ingredients. The appliance is quite noisy compared to others, and there is an annoying high-pitched whine on the one i had to review which i found irritating. If you can afford to buy a mixer that is a notch about those useless cheap ones for a tenner or so from the supermarket, (i have got through 2 in the past, both which burnt out soon after use) then this has to be a good bet.

Excellent value for money works well.

Small but has a kick to it :).

As expected, good price, efficient delivery, click & collect locally.

Bought it when our (cheap) one died – and this one seems to have a much more powerful motor, so hopefully will last a lot longer. Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs Rosso Hand Mixer:

  • Features five various speed settings
  • Eject button for easy and safe removal
  • Has a turbo function
  • Chrome beaters and additional dough hooks included
  • Comes with a manual and 1 year guarantee

Comfortable to hold and handle , so ; sold at a bargain price.

Can’t fault the russell hobbs hand mixer is better than i thought easy to use my young granddaughter can use it it’s light and easy to use.

This item works well and does a good job of mixing. I like the different range of power options and it is easy to both use and also to dismantle to clean. It is certainly powerful enough for most users in the kitchen, and i’ve had great fun mixing biscuit mixture with my daughter today. It seems a little more plasticky than some hand mixers, and the attachments aren’t quite as solid as some, but this said, it does a good job. If you like to match things in the kitchen, russell hobbs appear to do a range in this colour. A useful, practical and functional addition to any kitchen.

Easy to use for the male of the specis .

Having used a lot of kitchen equipment over the years, i am always interested in new offerings. This one from russell hobbs a a pleasant colour although i have to confess i’m not a massive fan of the slightly bean-like shape. It is usable straight out of the box and comes with a set of whisks and also a set of dough hooks. The instructions say that you should not use the mixer for more than 5 minutes at a time and you should let it rest for 5 minutes after every 5 minute use- which i have to confess i have not seen in other mixers (perhaps i missed this in the instruction). I presume this is to stop overheating. Now to the bottom line –using it is easy and intuitive, the motor has 5 speeds and is very powerful, making light work of normal whisking activities. I liked the turbo setting for super high power but would presume that using it on this level for long periods of time might strain the motor. It stands and is steady on its back foot and all in all does what it needs to. Russell hobbs also include a recipe for basic bicuits and a link to the website where there are more recipes which i will take a look at later. My kenwood kmix hand mixer feels a bit more powerful and the whisk blades are a bit sturdier but they are a bit more expensive and this does the job just as well as far as i can see.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good looking mixer
  • Russell Hobbs hand mixer
  • Good stuff.