Russell Hobbs Rosso Mini Chopper – Great whizzer!

Love this handy little gadget. It chops vegetables really fine – perfect for all my culinary creations.

Ideal for chopping herbs and onions, saves so much time. I have used it to make tabouli salad with great success. So easy to make breadcrumbs without any mess. I am going to put a bag of salted peanuts in it today to make peanut butter. Most useful gadget i have bought for a long time.

Very good machine and good price.

I bought this for my mum who has parkinson’s, it’s great quality and my mum finds its easy to use, she is thrilled with it. Great price paid and no probs at all. I can recommend this product and the seller.

I find this grates rather than chops, not happy with results as you could not tell what vegetable it was as it was all crumbs. Am i doing something wrong ?.

Bought this for my daughter who uses it daily and well worth every penny. Was delivered promptly and very well packaged.

Great item fast delivery many thanks.

Used it on meat & veg , only drawback is that it is noisy so need to get others out of the kitchen when i use it.

My wife loves this and because of this, so do i.

Excellent quality product; delivery on time; completely satisfied with it. Already have recommended it to my friends and would like to recommend others too. Some of my friends already have bought this and they are equally happy.

Every body shoud have one, its a really good machine.

The size is bigger than the picture, don’t get fooled. This is not a ‘mini’ chopper, it’s a medium size chopper.

This is a great little chopper. I use it for almost everything. If you keep the button smashed down you can demolish almost any foodstuff without hassle. The only things i wouldn’t recommend it for are leaves; spinach, kale, rocket, etc, don’t seem to blend (not unless put in a liquid at least). Here are the specifications for the Russell Hobbs Rosso Mini Chopper:

  • 200 W of power
  • 1 L bowl with 500 ml food capacity
  • One touch operation
  • Glass bowl
  • Storage lid included for bowl

Welcome addition to the kitchen, great for chopping onions, garlic & other vegetables to save time. Really happy with my purchase, would recommend to others.

Totally awesome item for the kitchen. Really like the glass bowl and perfect when you font want to bring out the full food processor.

This is a great little gadget. Wiz up a coleslaw in minutes.

Easy to assemble, use and wash. I bought it to chop finely and into powder large health supplement tablets i bought for my guinea pig. I put 20 tablets in and after numerous short bursts these very very hard tablets became fine powder which i will sprinkle on petunia’s food. Wonderful gadget and just right for small quantities. This is super for people living on their own and because it is small it does not take up kitchen space. Ideal for small quantities whether it be a smoothie or general chopping ie onions.

Great, i didn’t know it would be so useful.

Excellent blender chops and grinds foods down perfectly.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Super Gadget!
  • A great gadget
  • Nice product BUT NOT MINI!!

A great chopper, just be careful not to leave it on for too long, as it cuts really quickly and you don’t want a smoothie do you.

What a cracking little gadget this is. I was always bothered by onion tears and of course dicing things is time consuming, this little unit chops everything up super quickly and without any fuss. Cleaning is easy due to the glass dish, rinse out or dishwasher it for that shining look. Highly recommended by me anyway.

Couldn’t recommend enough, i’ve had this product a few weeks now and it has made chopping ginger and garlic a breeze. I used it today for cauliflower and the results were perfect.

Very handy, chops quite quickly so only needs a short burst for an onion etc.

So far so good – only had a couple of weeks use but up to now everything fine and it does what it says on the can.

Had two of these previously both worked perfectly unfortunately the glass bowl does not take kindly to rapid changes of temperature. It cracked when boiled water was poured in ,that was the reason for replacement. Other than that great gadget.

Does exactly what i expected it to – a very useful item.

Really good, compact but still more than capable of all the tasks we throw at it; smoothies, sauces, salsa etc. Highly recommended and great value.

Wonderful product, all my expectations were overcometks.

The blade comes apart after a few weeks use. Did the same on the last one i bought too.

Purchased for chopping peanuts for garden birds. Just 6 weeks couldn’t be bothered going through complaints /returns procedure. Just put it down to experience and reverted back to chopping with good quality chefs knife.

We have two of these at home (two separate kitchens) and i cant recommend it enough. T does the job well and because it does hold quite a bit it is perfect for the everyday recipes when a full food rocessor is frankly too much hassle. Washes great and easily stored. A brilliant bit of kitchen kit.

Easy to use, takes ait of practise to get best results.

Brilliant addition to the kitchen. I love the glass bowl it’s so easy to clean. Chops n blends quickly so remember to stop it at the right moment. Overall i am extremely pleased.

Arrived smashed, so i had to send this back but it is worth buying as i already have one and was getting this as a gift. Great mini chopper, does everything from nuts to pastry, onion chopping is ideal and we can do smoothies with crushed ice cubes as its a glass bowl.

Great little chopper, great for onions. I was so impressed i bought a second one for my son.

I love this it’s my new gadget.

This product not worth it because my chopper has stop working i didn’t event used it much.

Not pleased that i paid £29. 99 for it when there was a sticker on the box saying £14.

I gave this to my daughter for her use.

Nice product but nothing mini about it. Much larger than i expected. Bowl is nice quality glass, useful additional lid for storage.

Just takes all the hard work out of chopping, love it.

This wee gadget is so easy to use and very, very efficient. I cannot remember the last time i cried over chopping onions.

Excellent product, great chopper, leaves nothing unchopped.

Great bit of kit for themoney would recommend this chopper.

Excellent, much better (and bigger) than i expected.

I’m using it for mash baby food and it’s perfect.

So far brilliant, easy to use and clean.

Makes cooking fun and quick for me.

Only downside is the weight of the bowl. This is my second one as i broke the first one by smashing the bowl on the floor.

The best of its kind i have ever owned. Easily well worth the money.