S.M.S.L SMSL Audio Va2 Headphone Amplifier – Excellent crisp, clear

On receiving this amp i was more than happy. I have built a system using the smsl sanskrit 6 black audio decoder with gemtune smsl sa-50 hi-fi stereo amplifier for speakers with power adapter (black) and this headphone amp. With some custom cables from ebay happy days. I did not use the sap-ii pro headphone amp as much as the main amp driving my speakers but was very happy with the sound when i did use it to listen through my sennheiser hd579 headphones. However after a couple of months of relatively light use the power switch failed. It was stuck in the on position, so while i could still use the amp i was no longer able to turn it off. I was rather disappointed in the short length of time that the switch lasted, particularly as it had only been used around 3 times a week. The main disappointment was that it is a brilliant sounding amp and i was very happy using it and it fit well with the other components. I have now returned it and am deciding whether to buy the same again or try a different headphone amp. The seller 3c4u was contacted but never responded, fortunately this order had been fulfilled by amazon and they sorted out the return and refund.

Beats the topping tp21 by a landslide,it powers my open back akg k702 headphones, the volume control not even halfway is more than needed.

I hurt my ears, thats my fault for using a low resistance headset to test it out. Works wonderfully with my dt990s (250 ohm).

Can’t go wrong with this price, build quality is amazing, soild, everything scream solid and quality. Case is hard, feel unbrakable, same switch and knob. It feel like it will last years. Sap it self is small but very powerfull. I have no distortion what so ever(that was my biggest concern in this price range), secound concern sound. It have decend sound stage, vocal are superb, it sounds so natural. As amp is powerful i use 10% knob to drive psb m4u2 headphones with damaging levels of sound. Cymals (part of drum set) sound un natural, metalic. A bit harsh sometimes, sometimes amp dont manage to play all the sounds.

I’ve been using this amp for a month now. It’s not as powerful as i had expected, but has enough ‘welly’ to drive my collection of headphones. It sounds very transparent to me, neither adding nor subtracting anything from the musical signal. With no signal being fed into it, and with volume on maximum, there is no hum or hiss at all – a good sign. Fed with 16 and 24 bit flac tracks, both classical and rock music, my phones really singthe build quality is very good for the money, and it looks quite classy. I can’t conceive of a better headphone amp at this price level. Delivery took about 2 weeks (posted from singapore, although i thought it was coming from china). Only down side is that it came with an american 2 pin plug, so i had to buy a decent quality uk adapter (one was supplied by the vendor, but was very poor quality, so it went straight in the bin). Overall i couldn’t be happier with this amp.

Realtek hd audio >smsl sap-ii pro >audio-technica ath-m50x headphonesgreat build quality, no noise, just pure signal amplification. I bought this to drive a pair of ath-m50x’s as my onboard sound device is terrible (low volume/ distortion & artifacts above 90% system output). At 65% system output i can drive my headphones (38 ohm) to uncomfortable levels using 1/3 total power. No distortion, artifacts or background noise of any kind. At 1/3 power the amp generates a little heat but is not concerning in any way. I’ve seen a couple of reviews criticising the headphone adapter and power supply but i’ve not had any issues. It came with a uk power supply that seems as robust and reliable as any other; same for the headphone adapter. If you’re looking to get the best out of your headphones and you don’t need the functionality of a dac then i couldn’t recommend this amp more.

Excellent crisp, clear, detailed sound with tight bass and great vocals. Better than the headphone output on my amplifier.

Very pleased with this item. Bought it as the only headphone outlet i had was on my aged pioneer cd recorder machine that became faulty, no headphone socket on my musical fidelity amplifier. The sound is excellent, no problem with it heating up when left on as some people have suggested. It’s much smaller than it looks in the photos but so what, it does a great job at less than half the price of one of the project headphone amps, the lowest priced on the british market.

Excellent sounding product only let down by the unfused moulded 13amp plug on the mains lead. The potential of 30amps from a ring main flowing into the lead and power supply is frightening. Replace the mains lead or the plug immediately for your own safety.

Here are the specifications for the S.M.S.L SMSL Audio Va2 Headphone Amplifier:

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  • Description: VA2 mini is high quality portable headphone amplifier. It is the design for hi-fi application through state-of -the -art circuit. Only one external adapter just working
  • Independent high impedance and low impedance output interface
  • CNC machined solid aluminum chassis Excellent linearity performance

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent amp let down by poor quality switch
  • Solid little amplifier
  • there is no hum or hiss at all – a good sign. Fed with 16 and 24 bit flac