S.M.S.L SMSL Q5 Pro HiFi Integrated Mini Digital Stereo Audio 45WPC Pure Digital Amplifier AMP USB Coaxial Optical AUX Input : SMSL Q5 Pro Mini Amp

It was even tinier then expected but does everything says it does. Gets a bit hot if played at high volume. I managed to connect it to my pc with a usb cable easily. Bass, treble & volume adjustments are all from the same knob which is very practical. Highly recommended for compact spaces. Subwoofer arriving today looking forward using amp connection facility. Plenty and clean volume at high levels.

Overall pleased with the purchase. Not spectacular but works well – remote is a bit ropey but reviews on youtube are accurate. Nice compact unit with decent sound. I doubt it would satisfy a purest but for those with modest tastes it is absolutely fine.

Superb little amp that works best as part of a home entertainment or computer audio centre. I have mine connected to my tv , bluray player and an mp3 player. I would recommend using the sub out and connecting a powered sub – i have a small yamaha ystfsw050bl which fits neatly in a tv entertainment centre. The smsl is connected to a set of wharfedale diamond 9`sthese little digital chip amps sound much larger than they have any right to. With the low end boosted by the sub the overall sound is excellent. The combination of multiple input options, sub out and small form make for a great bed room or spare room amp. The remote is a pile of rubbish , but it works after a fashion – its the only let down.

Just what i was looking for at a great price great little product.

I’ve been using this for a month now. Quite impressed with the volume level and no distortion achived with my tannoy dc 4 speakers. These speakers have a relatively low sensitivity of 87db but they can be played louder than i need.

Great little amp / receiver. Being used with some sony speakers from an old mini system, using optical input and sounds great. Using a universal harmony remote with no problems. So small also compared to a full-blown receiver if you just want a 2.

Sound quality is good, especially for the price and size. Electrically, though, the unit was provided with an illegal lead for the uk: there is no fuse in the plug; the earth pin has an insulator sleeve on it; and the size of the plug body itself is much too small. Also, if you power the adaptor before connecting it to the amplifier, you get a fairly scary spark from the barrel jack when you do connect it. I solved the problem of the lead by using a proper bs-1363 to iec c7 one i had around. And the scary spark can be avoided by connecting everything up before switching on the mains socket.

The included battery for remote controller was almost dead. Had to order a new one after a few days. The amplifier itself works great so far. Sound quality is very good imo. I use it with bookshelf speakers.

  • Not Bad!
  • Almost perfect! I like it
  • Great little Amp. Sounds great and Great value for money too.

SMSL Q5 Pro HiFi Integrated Mini Digital Stereo Audio 45WPC Pure Digital Amplifier AMP USB Coaxial Optical AUX Input + Aluminium Remote Control + Subwoofer Bass Output + Power Supply Adapter Black

Product Description, The newly upgrade SMSL Q5 Pro is based on the famous Q5 Amplifier, it combines a top of the line DAC with a 45watt per channel stereo amplifier. A sampling rate of 24bit/192 kHz, a multitude of inputs, and insulated speaker binding posts make the Q5 a quality piece of audiophile equipment. Features: SMSL Q5 PRO pure digital amplifier adapt pure digital amplification technology, including audio mode optical fiber, coaxial, computer USB, analog input. Suitable for computer,LCD TV,top box,digital box,blue ray and HD-DVD equipment. There must be a one mode from various input mode to meet your demand. It also meets the high-definition Blu-ray and HD-DVD format for demanding audio interface standard with sampling rate 44.1-192K. Specifications: Input: Optical, Coaxial, Analog, Computer USB Output: 2 Channel (Stereo) Sampling rate: 44.1-192kHz (Coaxial & Optical) 44.1-96kHz (Computer USB) Bit Width: 16-24Bit Frequency Response: 20Hz-22kHz Impedance Adaptation: 4-8 ohm Maximum Output Power: 45W+45W @ 4 Ohm 25W+25W @ 8 Ohm THD+N: 0.05% Dynamic Range: 102dB SNR: 90dB USB Audio: 16-24bit/44.1KHZ-96KHZ Dimension: 137 x 103 x 33 mm (approx) Net Weight:1.1KG Package Included: 1 x Q5 Pro 1 x Power Supply 1 x Remote Control 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual

Box Contains, 1 x Q5 Pro 1 x Power Supply 1 x Remote Control 1 x USB Cable 1 x User Manual

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I output my pc audio via fiber to q5 then out to some nice big mordaunt short speakers, sounds lovely.

Great for use with chromecast audio because of the toslink input.

I’ll try to cover additional information to other reviews on here. This amp does come with a uk 13amp plug. It is also fitted with a 3amp fuse in it. The plug is also fully wired. The power supply brick looks quite good quality. Only time will tell how it stands up to use. The amp does not come with a headphone out jack.

A great little amp that delivers so much. I have it tucked in a drawer driving some wall mounted yamaha outdoor speakers on the patio with a google chromecast plugged into it for spotify tunes at barbecues and parties. So much cheaper and just as effective as a sonos. The unit will spark a bit when one plugs in the power, so have it turned off at the mains first if it’s going to bother you. It’s inconsequential through because one is unlikely to be plugging and unplugging the power lead from the unit that often anyway. For sub-£100 you can’t go wrong.

I bought this a few days ago and have been putting it through its paces. The unit is smaller than i thought and can wedge itself into tight corners. It is aluminum and the case acts as a heat-sink it can get quite warm even when turned off. The mains block is separate and substantial enough. There are various digital inputs and a standard phono analogue. The power output is quite good but i expected more. The unit needs some fairly sensitive speakers, but has a full bass and good treble. There is some harshness on vocals and complex music but otherwise ok. I listen mainly to classical music so my collection is either 320mp mp3 or flac files. Both give a good account – but don’t expect living room volume.

Been using it for my tv / ps4 / music, pair it with a set of cambridge audio min22 and x201 sub, working great and even my wife is impressed with the sound quality of the whole set up.

Easy to set up and a lovely sound on my old bose speaker system.

My previous one was the non-pro q5 which died so i ordered the new version after a brief return to ab class amps. Compared the latter i really think this amp really is unique in terms of features and also has great sound quality. Amp is currently powering 4 cambridge min 11 speakers and a cambridge s90 sub with ease. Critically for multi input scenarios that living room amps typically deal with these days it defaults to volume 20 every time you power on / off. So no blowing your ears off if you forget to turn it down. Improvement from previous model:bass treble adjustment has wider range. +/- 10remote is far better silver metal affair that works over a wide angle and range. Seems to have slightly more power.

  • Not Bad!
  • Almost perfect! I like it
  • Great little Amp. Sounds great and Great value for money too.

SMSL Q5 Pro HiFi Integrated Mini Digital Stereo Audio 45WPC Pure Digital Amplifier AMP USB Coaxial Optical AUX Input + Aluminium Remote Control + Subwoofer Bass Output + Power Supply Adapter Black

I bought this smsl digital amplifier to avoid having to get a more expensive analogue amp to power the two dali zensor 1 bookshelf speakers in my living room. They are small speakers, but i like the way they sound, and they are certainly capable of doing a good job with the correct source material and equipment. Current setup: i connect this smsl unit to my tv digitally via an optical toslink cable. The tv takes input from my pc, or whatever is playing on digital tv, and feeds it to the amp, which is connected via banana plugs and thick speaker cable to the speakers. The setup is quite sleek, and sounds good. The one star i’ve lopped off stands for the difference between this full-digital amp and a cheap analogue cambridge audio a1 amp i was briefly loaned. The a1 was not in good condition, but the audio sounded richer than it does through the smsl, somehow. Also, the remote is a bit odd to use. Metallic construction, very small (so easily lost, perhaps), and some sharp edges, but the buttons are very soft and rubbery. Push one of them too hard and you risk getting it stuck in the cut-out of the metal body.

This q5 powers my elac b5’s comfortably. The only issue i have is that the remote that comes with the unit is faulty. I have switched out the batteries and waiting a reply from elac/amazon to resolve this issue.

My musical fidelity a1 mk1 was on it’s last legs (again) as part of my pc sound monitor. The smsl q5 pro is a perfect drop-in replacement. Either the ‘usb’ or the analogue ‘aux’ input are practical entry points that i use to this tiny amp. Had problems with a usb3 card in my pc, which put bursts of digital noise on the q5 outputs. Using the pc’s motherboard usb2 hub fixed that. A downside is that the volume/eq shaft encoder is very poorly anchored to the unit – very floppy and does not exude tactile build quality. Nice eq functions with 7 presets in addition to simple treble and bass gain/cut adjustment. Optical and coax inputs not tested. Both amp and dc adapter run really cool at normal desktop programme levels into my 8 ohm kef celestes. The dedicated subwoofer output level isn’t enough to kick my samson resolv 120a out of sleep mode 🙁 but there are workarounds.

I connected it to the pc and ps4 etc etc. Level 6-12 is normal, level 12-20 is loud, level 60 i will never usei have an active sub-woofer but rarely turn it on, great features,the remote control is okay but could be better quality. But frankly the setup on the desk does not really require it.

It’s fantastic very powerful amplifier, i changed the power filter capasitor to a nichicon audio grade one 3300uf and it made a huge difference sound quality is now amazing and has more bass and better vocalupdate 8th august 2016 amp is still going strong as anything, never had a single issue with it, definitely a must buyanother update 4th december 2017still working as good as new, no issues since last update and still going strong.

Just perfect for my needs with pc-audio. I connected this with optical-link, ie toslink, and works perfectly. Only thing that did make me wonder was that the remote works ‘oddly’, it has three buttons at left with alphabets. When you push b or c the remote doesnt work anymore. But i got it that the remote works with multiple amplifiers and just push the letter a again.

Don’t be fooled by this tiny little amp because with a 40 watt per channel, 4 ohm output it can easily fill the average sized room with sound and if there isn’t enough clout in your bookshelf speakers there’s even an output for a subwoofer too. Capable of handling 16-24 bits this is a fantastic piece of kit and well worth the money. I bought it to replace a dead russ andrews rave 1 amp. I didn’t expect the smsl q5 to sound as good but was pleasantly surprised because if anything it sounds better and comes with a tiny remote too.

Sounded great with an old pair of castle kendal speakers but was immediately enrolled for a teenage party, with a hefty pair of bookshelf speakers, again sounded deafening, very good. And survivedthe connectivity is excellent, i’m not really up to assessing the dac but seems pretty good, just bought a spdif to try with a decent cd player, this should make up for the single line -in. One thing i’m pondering is that i’ve heard it is possible to set up an ethernet network to accept enable usb connected clients. If this is possible it would be the answer to my dream of multiroom speakers from phone, nas or pc. In the uk, wifi as opposed to bluetooth speakers are very rare, perhaps the manufacturer’s next model will come with wifi or an rj45 input?. Still worth 5*, even without.

I use this paired with some klipsch r14m and it does the job excellently, i use the usb with my mac for playing music then the optical is connected to ps4/tv/everything else via a hdmi/optical switcher. The digital inputs of course sound great and drive my speakers with an amazing amount of headroom. The sound combination of my speakers and this dac/amp is nothing short of awesome. The remote that comes with this amp does the job well, make sure that ‘a’ is selected as ‘b’ and ‘c’ leave the remote not able to control the amp. The size/construction of it is brilliant, just make sure you dont turn it on until it’s all plugged in otherwise you will get a frightening spark from where the power connector plugs in. The display is bright, maybe too bright if left on wish it was dimmable but that’s my only complaint. It’s a great little unit and value for money. Would not hesitate to recommend this to a friend. The sub out is also a bonus.

Does exactly what i wanted it to do, prefect size for my set up and is a brilliant product.

What a great tiny bit of kit. Had loads of amps over the decades and this one rules. We use it with 2 mission 70 speakers and a yamaha subwoofer to amp up our tv (using optical connection). Good job our house is detached as it generates some epic noise. Gunfire, tanks, helicopters, metal music, monsters, oh yeah. Added a bluetooth dongle to it via the aux and we stream to it from spotify and a vinyl record turntable. It really is so small but well made – all metal costruction. Power supply connector sparks a bit.

I really doubt i can order better dac/amp for that price. The sound is amazing and i haven’t experience any problems for the few months i have it now. The only think that is missing if they made that in to receiver some day so i can go from 2. I like the small form factor i really don’t understand way most of the receivers have to be so large. I’m using it for home theatre system and i have sub attached. I really will like some day to attach a center as well i hope by then they release a model that is small and do 5.

Some great sound once i get the software in the tv set right. I have some lovely speakers connected to it via banana plugs so all very neat and tidy. One thing though, it gets very hot in use. There can be quite a spark when plugging in the power cable too. I’m assured this is normal though.

Really happy with it, being used to power some monitor audio bx2 speakers , got a chromecast, tv and pc connected really impressed with the output for the size of the unit.

It really is miniature, and exceptionally good value. I find it sounds pretty good usb driven from my pc in my small office, 2. 4metres, 20% filled with books and furniture, and driving a pair of cambridge minx min 20, and using its sub-woofer output to drive a cast-off sw. But don’t be deceived by the power rating. It’s really only 20w max, according to the ti specification sheet [. – and it certainly sounds like it if driven hard at the input. Be sure to have the volume set at close to maximum to avoid input overload. The remote works well, with a number of useful ‘equalisation’ settings. ]

Unbelievably small amp,but packs a big punch. Excellent sound,used it to power my tv surround bose setup,drives the sub well etc. Do note however: it does not say where the unit is dispatched from on the amazon ad. (just free uk delivery)>the item is dispatched from china and thus is subject to import duty. We had an invoice which we had to pay on line before the item would be delivered.

Features and Spesification

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    by entering your model number.
  • The ‘Easy Start’ patented technology allows precise control of the power supply circuit to improve the sound system reliability.
  • Pure digital amplification technology, including audio mode optical fibre, coaxial, computer USB, analog input.
  • Meets high-definition Blu-ray and HD-DVD format for demanding audio interface standard with sampling rate 44.1-192K own testing.
  • RCA gold-plated lotus signal input and 4-wire signal output.