S4U ® Coffee Master 5-Cup Syphon/Vacuum Glass Coffee Maker : Great Taste and Entertaining

Makes great coffee, is not quick but is very “theatrical”. Excellent for occasional use, but not the easiest to store between uses.

Not so much a coffee machine, more a piece of artwork to look at while making coffee.

Glass is of impeccable quality and looks like it cost a lot more. Very pleased with how good it is.

Product is amazing and my hubby loves it.

Not too expensive but still very high quality syphon.

I had read a lot about vacuum coffee, so for the price i though i would give it a shot. After my first cup i wondered did it taste better because of placedo effect. So i took it into work and made a pot of normal coffee and vacuum coffee, using the same coffee grounds. Next i let my colleagues blind taste both and the winner was the vacuum. There is definitely a difference in taste. For the entertainment value and taste this has been worth very penny. Be warned if you need a caffine hit quickly you might be disapointed at the waiting required.

Super smooth coffee and sturdy kit. I own the bodum and cona siphon systems both of which use the same vacuum technology but i think this jap version has the strongest build. There is a cloth covered filter which is easy to clean.

Great product for great price. I’m so happy with the brew i get from this coffee maker that now i rarely use my stove top stellar art deco espresso maker i was using on daily base before. Shipping and delivery was also exceptionally fast, very happy to recommend.

  • Best buy
  • Coffee thats art!
  • Great product for great price

S4U® Coffee Master 5-Cup Syphon/Vacuum Glass Coffee Maker (5-Cup Coffee Maker)

Size:5-Cup Coffee Maker Coffee Master 5-Cup Syphon / Vacuum Glass Coffee Maker The Syphon/Vacuum Pot Coffee Maker is a clever device invented by Robert Napier in 1840 that prepares an exceptional cup of coffee with a potent aroma.This is an great alternative for those who have an aversion to the taste of the paper filters from drip brewers or for people who dislike the sediment in the bottom of the cup from the French press method.The Syphon/Vacuum Pot was fashionable from around the first world war through the 1950’s, also known as coffee syphon it has two glass globes with one sitting on top of the other with a filter between them and the entire set up is suspended over a spirit lamp.Water in the lower globe is forced through heat into the upper globe where the ground coffee is contained. Heat removal after brewing will create a vacuum, thereby drawing coffee back into the lower globe.What makes vacuum pot method of brewing unique is, among others, its extraction. The right extraction of coffee solids, the soluble solids which is needed to give the coffee its flavour and body, will yield the ideal coffee.The extraction rate depends on how hot the water is, how long the ground coffee remains in contact with the water, and how fine or coarse the grind is.Coffee connoisseurs consider vacuum pot method far superior to drip coffee due to the fact that in drip method hot water is simply poured over ground coffee in a filter, thereby underextracting the coffee solids. The vacuum pot is noted for its brew because as the coffee is brewed in the upper globe, the water temperature is found to be in the range of 198 to 200 degrees, well within the ideal temperature of 196 to 205 degrees f. This range reveals the full spectrum of aromas and flavors in the ground coffee, thereby giving a denser-textured, fuller-flavored cup than one otherwise probably used to.

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Bought this for my son who is a coffee lover – he was amazed and loves it.

Fancy item and makes very good coffee. Only downside is that it’s for two people but if you pre boil water it takes 2min to make a batch.

This is an excellent syphon maker for the price. Real theatre to making really good coffee. I’d recommend replacing the burner with a butane one that’s controllable. Other than that this is great. But don’t expect 5 big cups, i reckon i can only get two large mugs from this.

The three cup version is really a two cup but this one does three easily. It’s a bit of a faff to set up and clean but you get the best coffee ever.

Works well, brews great coffee. The only thing that bothers me (and somebody has already noted that in their comments as well) is that there’s something a bit wrong with the geometry of the clap. It’s just a bit off centre, so it holds the glass pot at a very slight angle, not 100% vertically. Never had a problem with the vacuum not working because of that, but the tilt is there and it annoys me a bit, as i want to fix it every time, but it’s impossible.

Himself is pleased as punch with this coffee maker. Says it makes the best coffee he has ever drunk etc etc…. Shows everyone who comes to the house, look how the clever vacuum draws the water up, makes the smoothest coffee, on and on and on.

This machine repl;aces and ancient cona we had for years. Love the coffee it makes, but coul ddo with the older glass filter more than the new fabric version, but despite that is a fun way to make coffee for guests.

I’ve become numb to the way ‘good’ or ‘real’ coffee is used to describe the new tassimo style coffee makers, i wanted something different. This is great, its much easier to use that some of the internet video’s make out, little cumbersome to clean, but the quality and taste of the coffee is well worth the effort. I was was mesmerised when i first used it, the whole process is amazing. For £30 and 5 minutes more of my time to brew. This is my go to coffee machine.

  • Best buy
  • Coffee thats art!
  • Great product for great price

S4U® Coffee Master 5-Cup Syphon/Vacuum Glass Coffee Maker (5-Cup Coffee Maker)

This is an amazing coffee machine. We all sit just watching it do its magic. Husband loves his coffee gadgets and has a few but this is by far the best and produces a lovely clean smooth cup of coffee.

Looks fantastic, wonderful to watch your coffee being made in a little different way.

I’ve been making coffee with this syphon every weekend since 7 months ago. Nothing has been broken and i haven’t even changed the cloth filter. The cloth filer is supposed to be washed just using hot water while other parts can be washed with detergent. It’s easy to look after and looks nice in the kitchen. I change the duration of brewing process depends on how strong i want. Similar products cost more than 70 pounds so this is a good value. I’d buy this again if i broke it.

Features and Spesification

  • Makes Excellent Brewed Coffee, quick and easy.
  • Unique entertaining coffee making process
  • Also makes a great gift for any coffee lover
  • Makes 5 small coffee cups of perfectly brewed coffee
  • Comes with long spoon and Bamboo paddle and filter