Sage BDF500UK the Smart Deep Fryer : All round excellence.

Its ok but not a pact on a molulimix.

Tried many fryers but this is by far the best i have had, well made and easily cleaned, great preset programs and cooks the food very well. Also a large food capacity compared with many. A little more pricey but in my opinion well worth the extra.

I used my new fryer for the first time last night, cooking for two sittings of dinner – one with two baskets of chips, one with one. I have to say i was a little anxious to see how they turned out – recently i reckoned i’d cracked chips using the three times cooked (once boiled, twice fried) using my last fryer until it expired last week. The chips turned out wonderfully – dry, fluffy on the inside and nice and crispy outside. As a previous reviewer remarked, the timings preprogrammed would produce very well done chips on the second frying, but you only need to keep an eye on them, and it’s obvious when they’re finished. I love the fact that temperature control and monitoring is going to be so much easier now. It was pretty straightforward to clean, too.

March 2014 – i’m just updating my review after approx a month of using the sage smart fryer. I like to update reviews for kitchen gadgets as experience alters opinion. I like the sage smart fryer but can’t run to 5* because it misses out on a couple of features i found the most useful with my previous fryer. As for frying; that’s where the technology is and that’s where your money is being spent. There are 7 pre-programmed choices;twice fried chips. Against each setting the frying times and temperatures are pre-programmed for either fresh or frozen food. You can customise the times to suit your own preference. If necessary you can alter the heat settings during cooking.

Best fryer i’ve ever had, used it now for several months and once you get used to it you won’t get a better fryer – worth the money.

Delighted with my sage deep fat fryer. Quick and simple to use with great results.

I have to say as with all sage by heston blumenthal appliances it has to be the best deep fryer on the market.

Arrived quickly and i am happy with the purchase.

  • Lives up to its promise!!
  • tried many fryers but this is by far the best I have had
  • Brilliant machine. easy to use now we can have

Sage BDF500UK the Smart Deep Fryer with Automated Smart Menu – Silver

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Love itthe best deep fat fryer we have ever purchased, so simple to use and the chips are fantastic.

Does what it says and no problems.

Love it but struggling to get second chips as instructions as not clear enough.

We have owned this for over 6 months and used it regularly. The fryer has not let us down and food is always cooked just as we like it.

Follow the instructions and you won’t go wrong.

A decent enough fryer but the program cannot be relied on for fresh chips as potatoes vary so much. More often than not, it leads to burnt chips. A reasonable (not great) quality fryer which is easy to clean. I wouldn’t recommend it as i feel for what it is it’s over priced. There are many similar products so far as build quality and ease of cleanliness goes for about 30-40% less cost.

I love its instant heat and simple to use digital dials and temperature guage.

Why i didn’t buy one sooner i don’t know.

  • Lives up to its promise!!
  • tried many fryers but this is by far the best I have had
  • Brilliant machine. easy to use now we can have

Sage BDF500UK the Smart Deep Fryer with Automated Smart Menu – Silver

Lovely machine we are in our 70s takes a bit to work out how to use.

Definitely cheaper alternatives out these that do the same job. Looks good though and does have that quality feel about it.

Christmas present for my husband.

Unfortunately the built quality isn’t looking like its being made by sage. Watchout when washing the oil tray or you might get an ugly cut since the rim is very sharp.

Easy to use now we can have chips every night, happy days.

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