Sage BEM825BAL The Bakery Boss Stand Food Mixer – Baking taken to a whole new level

 after two months the product broke down. Smells burned , the paint on the handle was dissolved and noises are heard. Replacement was accepted very quickly without costs for me and i am very pleased with this.

I just bought this mixer and wow, what a machine. I have only had it a few days and have made a chocolate victoria sponge and a few other cakes, not to mention my christmas cake. I have never made one before so was a bit nervous about how it would turn out but with the help of this mixer it has turned out very well indeed. It is a very heavy machine and the glass bowl is also very heavy but great to be able to see the food mixing at a glance. It is also helpful to have the stainless steel bowl included. The scraper beater does what it says it will do and although there is another beater included, i can’t imagine why i would use that over the scraper one. I don’t think i will use the dough hook much because i already have a breadmaker machine which eliminates the necessity to mix dough up independently. All in all, this is a great machine to have and one which takes the arm ache out of baking.

Having used a kenwood chef since we were married (in 1975), my wife was thrilled with the chance to try this sage heston blumenthal mixer. It’s made by belling, and we’ve had a few of their appliances over the years so we were expecting a high quality – and that’s what we’ve got; indeed, i’d call this prestige quality to look at and use. It is a powerful, quiet and totally stable mixer with two excellent bowls. The stainless-steel bowl is our favourite as it’s lightweight and so practical, but the pyrex bowl has its uses and is the best choice where you need to keep an eye of the mix. There are so many low-cost mixers about these days but we’ve always spent more to get quality and durability and, over the years, it’s paid off handsomely. Only time will tell if this beauty will last as long as our two kenwoods, but with its all-metal gearing, solid all-metal construction and with such an ultra-smooth, quiet action, so far, we’re thrilled with it. It is an impressive mixer to use and inspires great confidence. It will mix small or large quantities, with ease and aplomb. Whisking a single egg or a little cream needs a bit of help by pushing at the bowl to bring it a little closer to the whisk’s blades but the results are spot on every time. The silicone bladed k-whisk can leave a little mix on the bottom of the bowl (just as our kenwood does), but again, this is very easily dealt with and in no way detracts from the excellent overall beating and mixing action.

Does everything i want and is so easy to use. Doesn’t shake like the kitchen aid when mixing pastry or dough.

We bought a sage food processor from amazon recently and love it, so were delighted to be able to try this sage mixer and compare with our 1400 w, 4. 7 litre, kenwood chef titanium km010 kitchen machine. The kenwood is eight years old and no longer available but looks and works like new. We’ve had the sage long enough to have worked it hard. They come with the same set of tools and there’s little or nothing to choose between them when it comes to beating, whisking or dough-making. They both need the same 480 mm above them to lift their ‘heads’. Here are some distinct differences. Note that i’m comparing with our chef, not current models, but these points should give you an idea of possible pros and cons:• the sage comes with a glass main bowl and slightly smaller stainless steel bowl, our chef with just a large stainless steel bowl. • the sage comes with a clip-on plastic cover for the glass bowl. • the controls on the sage are superior, with a backlit display to indicate speed, also a timer.

I love it, looks beautiful and super quality. I’ve made a lot of cakes with it, really enjoyable to use.

I just received the mixer and usually review things after 3-4 months, after i get an idea of its capabilities and its defects. However, in this instance, i noticed not a single review for this version of the breville/sage mixer and thought i would note down my initial impressions. I have bought a lot of sage/breville appliances, starting from a juice fountain, which still works exceedingly well, to an oracle coffee machine (also excellent), a tea make, a waffle maker and other sundry, and bought this mainly because of my excellent experience with the other kit. This one looks solid and is well made, however, seems to be coated with an enamel paint and doesn’t have the classy brushed metal finish sage usually uses for their applainces. I had read several reviews on the lower watted mixers and they were not generally good. I viewed a few yourtube bake offs between the older scraper mixer and the kitchennaids and the kitchenaids won. Well mainly the good experience i’d had thus far, and the user friendlness, and- yes- the kitchen aids looked so boring, so 1980s, as my teenager put it. I love the solidity of the mixer, the sheer heft of the hooks, the whisk and the silcone coated k beater, that should really help in mixing icing. The gears are supposed to be all metal, and i expect it to knead dough for bread without much wobble.

This machine is an exceptional piece of kit. Build quality is astonishingly good and can see it lasting for a good few years. Does absolutely everything i want and more. Have tried every setting and as yet, it’s never been found wanting on any single factor. Put simply, it’s perfect for all jobs for baking etc and struggle to find anything else on the market that can compare and particularly at the price. Only issue would be, at the price, it would be great of they provided a matching colour dust cover for it .

Here are the specifications for the Sage BEM825BAL The Bakery Boss Stand Food Mixer:

  • The Bakery Boss replicates the planetary mixing action used in commercial bakeries and patisseries to give you 360 degree bowl coverage and professional results.
  • The flexible edge on this revolutionary beater wipes the sides and bottom of the bowl with every turn, cutting down mixing time by 60%* and making clean up a snap. *Compared with previous models.
  • With a combination of a powerful 1200W motor, 100% metal gears and 12 speeds, the Bakery Boss can manage heavy doughs and batters even over longer periods of time.
  • Set a mixing duration on the Bakery Boss integrated timer and the mixer automatically stops at the desired time. This feature ensures you never over whip again.
  • Included Accessories: Scraper Beater, Standard Flat Beater, Dough Hook, Wire Whisk, Splash Guard, Pouring Shield, Spatula, 4.7L Borosilicate Glass Bowl & 3.8L Stainless Steel Bowl

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Looks good, well made, nice accessories. Works very well, and silently. Great for kneading dough!
  • Glad I bought this wonderful addition to my kitchen.
  • After two months the product broke down. Smells burned