Sage BES810BSS the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine – : Love the Hot coffee very disapointed in the milk Frother

Laying my cards on the table i am an unreserved coffee snob. Therefore this machine, in a long line of machines, from those that you put on top of the stove, to previous expresso makers, some with pods and some without, this sage had a lot to live up to. I still use the old italian stove variety, and i believe that the hand dripped filter method makes the best coffee by far, but this machine i just keep coming back to every morning. The coffee is consistently good, it is easy to use, it has been utterly reliable and looks great in our new kitchen. It comes with an array of extras; a thing to unblock and unscrew the milk frother and four filter trays for size and types of coffee grind. These have a home in a neat storage box that sits under and at the back of the water tray. So no looking around for the bits it comes with in that kitchen draw you alway chuck stuff in. This means you don’t loose them and you use them. This is the one of the main reasons i purchased it.

Did a quick tutorial on coffee making; my coffee went from zero to hero within 5 minutes with this teamed with the smart grinder. Effortless coffee after 20 seconds warmup – will change your morning routine for life.

Fantastic coffee machine, as good as a cafe machine.

I bought this as a complete novice and i am absolutely loving it. It is easy to use, easy to clean and makes fabulous coffee. There is no mess and the drip tray is easy to empty. I spent some time experimenting with coffee blends, i was surprised i liked some so much better than others. But now my coffee comes out with a nice crema and the milk is just as i like it. I did have some help from a barista grand-daughter. I couldn’t be happier, and i got it for £280 as it had been sitting on a shelf.

Noisy, quantity of coffee (volume) varies.

My first impression of the sage espresso machine are very good, it is a heavy well constructed stainless steel, it is heavy to lift and does not move on the counter top as you use it. The box had a lot of extras. Extras include a stainless steel milk jug, pressurized and non-pressurized single and double shot baskets, dose trimming tool, two cleaning tablets, descaler and a rubber cleaner basket for lose grounds. All the extras are easily stored in a tray that pulls out of the machine behind the drip tray. The machine is very easy to assemble and use. 8 liter water tank with a replaceable water filter. There is a magnet on the end of the tamper and on the left side of the espresso machine for easy storage of the tamper. The right side of the machine has a single hole steam wand that has full 360 degree rotation which is perfect for finding an easy position to froth milk. The controls for the machine are very simple to use, the machine has two buttons and one dial.

It’s an excellent coffee machine. Espresso tastes great and the pump is effective enough to make good cappuccinos. Good system for water – connects well and easy to fill.

Aftersale service is second to none. The coffee production is really good and the steam wand is realy efficient at texturing milk. A very good machine at a reasonable price. Plenty of videos on youtube showing how to best use the machine.

  • Solid quality which works well. Fingers crossed it will keep doing so.
  • Great entry level machine if you want the machine technology helping, and not being a pain.
  • Commercial quality excellent well made machine.

Sage BES810BSS the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine – Silver

Colour:Silver  |  Style Name:Coffee Machine Only
Product description, Using a cold water purge system, the Duo Temp Pro tackles the problem of making every cup of coffee as good as the first. As 93°C is the ideal temperature for coffee, while milk textures best at 130°C, grounds are usually scalded, making the second cup bitter. However, by purging the machine with cold water, the Duo Temp Pro eliminates this problem, meaning every cup tastes as good as the first.
Gradually Builds Pressure
At the start of each extraction, the Duo Temp Pro slowly builds water pressure to gently expand the grounds, gradually increasing for a more even process. As well as the cold water purge, and the PID Temperature Control system, flavours are perfectly balanced every time.
The Duo Temp Pro also features a commercial-style 360° swivel action steam wand with a high power 1700W element for high pressure steam and faster heat up. This helps you perfectly texture milk for a silky latte or a creamy cappuccino. There’s even a cup warming tray to ensure that all your coffee is served hot and the drop has a handy ’empty me’ indicator to prevent it overflowing.
As well as the large 1.8L water tank, there is also an integrated removable tamper and razor dose trimming tool, to help you get an even and consistent tamp every time. You also get 4 filter baskets in the box, and a cleaning kit, to keep your Duo Temp Pro looking and performing its best.

  • 1.8 litre water jug.
  • 480ml stainless steel milk jug.
  • Integrated removable tamper.
  • Razor dose trimming tool.
  • 54mm portafilter.
  • 4 filter baskets.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Cleaning kit.
  • 26 x 31.5 x 33.5cm H. 1.8 litre. 1.7kW.

    Box Contains,

    Duo Temperature ProRazor precision dose trimming tool Single and double wall filter baskets Stainless steel milk jug Cleaning kit

    From the manufacturer

    duo temp pro by sage

    duo temp pro sage

    Sage Appliances UK

    Kitchen appliances designed to inspire people to produce perfect food and beverage results in their own homes with ease. From espresso machines to food processors, the innovation in each appliance delights. Sage makes the process a pleasure and the end result perfect, every time.

    the Duo-Temp Pro Espresso Machine by Sage, BES810BSS

    Barista Quality Coffee at an Affordable Price

    Balanced flavours start with an even extraction using low pressure pre-infusion just like a commercial machine. A great tasting espresso or cappuccino is about the right balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness. The Duo-Temp Pro provides you with café quality taste at home. Go straight from texturing your milk to extracting your espresso without affecting the quality of your coffee.

    Special Features of the Duo-Temp Pro:

    • Smart Grinder Pro
    • Thermocoil Heating System
    • Maintenance Indicators

    The 4 Key Elements of True Café Quality Coffee

    Dosing Technology

    temperature technology

    Pressure technology

    Steam Technology

    1. Dose – 19-22 g Dose for Full Flavour

    Have you ever wondered why your home-made coffee never seems to taste as great as a café bought one? That’s because most other automatic machines only dose 11-13 g of ground coffee, below what’s needed to create that rich, full-bodied taste you get out of bed for.

    2. Temperature – Precise PID Temperature Control

    The difference between an ashy or balanced tasting espresso can be as little as 1°C. The Duo-Temp Pro uses digital temperature control (PID) technology which detects and minimises any fluctuation during extraction, ensuring the temperature is kept at its optimum range, every time.

    3. Pressure – Low Pressure Pre-Infusion and 9 Bar Extraction Pressure

    Creating a golden honey crema in your coffee relies on the right pressure at the right time. The Duo-Temp Pro uses low pressure, pre-infusion to evenly soak and expand the ground coffee, delivering a sweet and creamy extraction.

    4. Steam – Manually Steaming Milk to a Silky Micro-Foam Texture

    To get that velvety texture in your milk you need the right steam pressure to draw in the air and create thousands of tiny bubbles. That’s why we created the manual steam wand for the Duo-Temp Pro, that turns your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam, essential for latte art.

    Special Features of the Duo-Temp Pro

    Smart Grinder Pro

    Thermocoil Heating System

    Barista’s Choice

    Smart Grinder Pro

    A good coffee machine deserves a good grinder! Marry your Duo-Temp Pro with the Smart Grinder Pro to complete the 4 key elements of café quality coffee.

    Thermocoil Heating System

    Our Duo-Temp Pro espresso machines use a thermocoil heating system that is essentially a cast aluminium block, around a stainless steel tube. This gives you a quick heat up time and also a really clean taste.

    Maintenance Indicators

    Our machines let you know when they need a little upkeep. Cleaning and Drip Tray alerts make routine maintenance low-maintenance.

    the Bambino Plus the Duo-Temp Pro the Barista Express the Dual Boiler the Barista Touch the Oracle
    The Bambino Plus The Duo-Temp Pro The Barista Express The Dual Boiler The Barista Touch The Oracle
    Interface Button Control Dial Control Analogue Gauge Button Control Analogue Gauge Button Control Swipe & Select Touch Screen LCD Screen; Button Control
    Hands on like a barista
    Cafe Quality Microfoam
    Precise Milk Temperature, Automatically
    Built-In Grinder
    Compact Footprint
    3 Second Heat Up
    Good for Entertaining

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    After a few trips to out local shopping village and trawling online reviews of other machines i bought this one, i can say with out a shadow of a doubt this machine is exactly what you are looking for if your needs are like mine. This was for me: a machine that’s manual, solidly built (including the detachable items) works well, produces a good end product and looks good i. E you want to use it, sitting on the counter top. I looked in our local shopping village to get hands on with the competition, and recommend this as it’s important not to judge by physically touching and playing with the machines available. Most didn’t even come close to the quality of the sage including many at similar or higher prices like the smeg machine which may produce a decent brew, but physically was awful quality almost like a child’s toy. Pros: the things i like about the sage machine include the fact the plastic parts such as the tamper and portafilter are made from higher density plastic like bakerlite which give them the true commercial solid build you would expect, the whole machine feels commercial to be honest and of course does exactly what it says in the description. Cons: full price on this machine would be difficult to justify on a budget as it would with many kitchen items however at it’s current price point there is no competition coming close.

    “”a great tasting espresso or cappuccino is about the right balance of sweetness, acidity and bitterness”. This is achieved at 93 °c, but texturing milk requires much hotter temperatures. Extreme bitterness is at risk if your machine doesn’t manage to cool itself down between texturing and your next espresso shot. The duo-temp pro ensures this never happens. . “”the duo-temp pro automatically cools the heating system by purging cold water through for optimal coffee extraction. The low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases water pressure at the start of the extraction before applying higher pressure for an even extraction. Pid temperature control increases temperature stability during the extraction for balanced flavours in the cup”however. Water temperature from the group head is 72 degrees, supposed to by 92degrees in the boiler, suggesting a fault with the pid temp sensor, i have contacted customer care for an exchange and waiting to hear back.

    Well impressed quality machine makes great coffee.

    This machine missed a bit of character or ‘temperament’ of its traditional italian competitors, but provides a solid feel and fussless coffeemaking experience.

    I really like the effectiveness of the milk frother really makes a good capuchinobutthe water filter is v expensive to replace. If you do as recommended it will cost £60 per yri wish i’d known before hand.

    Easy to use, perfect flat white first time,great value for money.

    Replaced my faulty smeg (10 month old, developed pump fault) with this machine and so far i think it is awesome, i hope it proves to be reliable. Using the digital display sage bean grinder with it and i have to say even though i’m still experimenting i am really happy with the results. Great machine if you like a good coffee at home.

    • Solid quality which works well. Fingers crossed it will keep doing so.
    • Great entry level machine if you want the machine technology helping, and not being a pain.
    • Commercial quality excellent well made machine.

    Sage BES810BSS the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine – Silver

    What a winner, only received it yesterday and last night i was a queen barista. Excellent quality item, easy to use, makes brilliant coffee and the frother really works.

    Great product easy to use and makes amazing coffee.

    Great design and works v well.

    Well thought coffee machine and great quality- coffie is perfect .

    Easy to make great coffee, takes large cups. I have tried cheaper espresso machines, and can say this one was money well spent.

    Had this for a month now and used it most days so its time to write a review. It is not a cheap machine but you can see where the money has been spent. For example, the porta filter handle is pretty much a professional one you would see being used in a coffee shop. The supplied milk jug is also solid and pours the milk without drips – a minor miracle. The finish of the machine is good and it feels solidly built. It makes good espresso, although as yet no crema but that’s because i’m using up some older beans. You can hear the two stage extraction working and the cool down after using the steam wand. A word of caution – the cool down puts a fair bit of water into the drip tray so keep an eye on the indicator at the front of the tray. The steam wand works very well, but as i’ve found in other machines you don’t get steam immediately. I put a sponge under the wand to catch the water then dip the wand quickly into the milk.

    Takes a while to get the blend right. Fine blend and use larger filter for americano and this will give a decent medium cup.

    I’ve been dithering over an espresso machine, but the sage duo temp pro ticked all the right boxes. Ready to operate within 2 minutes, pid temp control, pro steam wand, ability to switch almost immediately from steam to espresso water temps (auto purging), the design, simple manual controls, and large water tank all contributed. The rest really is up to the consumer to practice – learn your espresso grinding, appropriate espresso input weight, frothing milk, machine controls, shot times, etc. You don’t need to worry about the backend technology interfering while doing all that.It just works – espresso water and steam with a 2min heat up time. If new to espresso making, check out proper tutorials and video howtos – not everyone does. You’ll pick it up in no time. You’ll need to buy more cleaning stuff like cleaning tablets, descaler and carbon filters down the line. There’s enough included to keep you going for a while.

    Before buying this machine i had spent a lot of time looking at the various coffee makers and read so many reviews. I was so impressed by the number of positive comments about the sage and one of them just said ‘buy it’ – and i did. I have now used it for three weeks and am delighted with the product. Yes its a bit noisy but the coffee comes out hot and the milk crema is excellent, and i would happily recommend this machine to anyone.

    I’ve previously used rancilio silvia and a saeco aroma, which were both decent machines and enjoyable to use. This one is not as enjoyable, mainly because the build quality is lesser and it therefore feels less like a friend for life, but it is capable of producing excellent coffee if you use high quality coffee beans and the right grind. Or use the pressurised baskets. Pros:– pid controls water temperature very well, which makes good extraction much easier and more consistent than most, if not all, similarly priced machines. — ready to brew time is very fast, but you still should heat the portafilter and grouphead before brewing, so it will take some time to get it ready anyway. Compared to many machines in this price-range, it’s still very fast. , 360 degree joint on the steam wand, magnet built-in tamper, accessory tray behind drip tray, water tank that you can fill through the lid, steam wand cleaner, water filter, etc. — automatic flushing/cooling of the system so that you can switch relatively quickly between brewing and steam without risking burning your coffee.

    Nearest coffee to costa i’ve ever made. In conjuction with their grinder it’s relatively easy to use.

    Looks the part & makes fabulous coffee. I particularly like the tamper which is housed in a handy place magnetically & the easy to empty drip tray. The machine is ready for use very quickly and textures the milk beautifully. Every cup of coffee tastes wonderful. Amazon were offering it at a very good price which was about the same price as my last machine which was a delonghi and which was disappointing. My father who also likes his coffee bought one and the blue mountain coffee he uses tastes even better with this machine.

    Great machine, makes really good expresso as well as latte etc. Also the hot water control makes great tea in a mug with a tea bag.

    My old faithful espresso machine gave up the ghost and i procrastinated for a couple of weeks over which machine to replace it with , my fabulous girlfriend ( she may read this review ) has a delonghi which makes a good coffee but it always lacked something flavour wise for me , i eventually decided on the sage duo temp pro espresso machine and im really impressed with the coffee it produces , in fact it makes the best double shot americano flavour wise i’ve ever made with any home espresso machine.

    It’s been a month now since it arrived, and i can say with confidence that it’s excellent. The pros:– it’s powerful: i had to set my grinder to a notch finer as this machine can cope with a grind size that would have choked my old machine;– the steamer wand rotates freely and is easy to clean with a cloth. The basket is made from a single piece of metal. If you ever owned a delonghi ec220, you know what i’m happy about. — a generous set of accessories. Water filter, cleaning tablets, 4 baskets, dosing razor, etc. , and even a metal jug– it warms up quickly: you just turn it on and can start brewing in a matter of seconds. — it looks beautiful, even futuristic.

    I love the hot coffee this machine makes. I had tried every way to get the milk to froth without success looked at all the other reviews. Ask questions ,watched the video several time, still no success my last machine made really good frothed milk really thick and creamy every time so i am very disappointed.

    Features and Spesification

    • Electronic PID temperature control for increased temperature stability, resulting in balanced flavours in the cup
    • Hot Water function dispenses hot water from the steam wand spout for Americanos and pre-heating cups
    • Integrated stainless steel water coil accurately controls water temperature
    • Low pressure pre infusion gradually increases to provide an even extraction
    • Easily adjustable steam wand for texturing milk