Sage BOV820BSS the Smart Oven Pro : can’t quite believe how much better this oven is

Excellent product, we use it for cooking chicken, sausages and pies and works amazingly welli was debating this and another with hot plates above (becuase of the volume) but i am glad i bought this instead. It is well made and looks amazing.

I bought a sage because my previous small oven – a delonghi, which i liked very much and used a great deal – died and could not be mended, just when i needed it. So this was something of a forced purchase. The price of the sage seemed a little high, but the reviews were excellenti am just plain delighted. Over a couple of months i have used just about all of its settings. I have grilled, baked, toasted, roasted – the lot. Results have been damn nigh perfect.

This is a great oven, i was concidering a cheaper one , but i am glad that i purchased this one , it is well made and easy to use, highly recommend.

As i am single i bought this to replace my gas oven. The price tag put me off at first, but i shouldn’t have worried as this is a great little oven. Have only used the baking and roasting facilities but there has been no difference in the quality of the finished food between this oven and my gas oven. Plus it is so easy to use, i certainly have no problem in recommending it as so far i have found nothing to fault it.

I’ve had my sage smart oven for two months now and i love it. It cooks everything to perfection, and is transforming me from grill & microwave only, to an actual cook. It really does get up to temperature in three minutes flat (half an hour on my old oven – who can be bothered when just cooking for oneself), and the programming takes out all the guess work. It’s pretty easy to keep clean, except for the top, which is very difficult to get at because of the elements. Things would be greatly improved if the top elements could be easily slotted out, or better still, if the top plate could be slid out like the crumb tray at the bottom. A simple enough design improvement i should think. Can’t speak for the longevity of course, but the oven functions beautifully. I’d have liked the bamboo chopping board designed to sit on top of the oven, but it’s outrageously expensive, a real rip-off. I bought one about the same size for nine quid and adapted it with raised silicone feet.

I’ve had this a couple of months now and it’s seen frequent but not heavy use. The controls are intuitive, well thought out and it remembers what you used last time for each different mode (roast, bake, slow-cook). I’ve used most of them by now. There’s a good quality feel to it through out. I also measured its accuracy with an oven thermometer and it was very close. And that it was off at all might be due to my positioning the thermometer at the very front so i could see it better rather than in the centre as the instructs suggest. More importantly, it is consistent. I’ve baked the same cake recipe three times in it now and been able to adjust the timing to perfection and know with confidence that it’s going to be precisely the same as last time. I am very satisfied with this oven. Capacity is also good enough for my needs as a second oven.

Fabulous as a back up oven,cooks really well.

I am very please to buy this oven. I can cook everything with it. The best is chess on toast, potato roasted, baking, etc.

  • Still love it after 1 year
  • Of the more expensive mini-ovens, this is the one to get.
  • but I shouldn’t have worried as this is a great little oven

Sage BOV820BSS the Smart Oven Pro with Element IQ – Silver

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This is a wonderful counter top oven that has quickly become indispensable. Having seen such devices used by family in canada i was looking for one for myself. Although the sage is expensive it is certainly worth the money. I use it for my toast, for small bakes and lots more. The convection option and the quickly preheating time is very good. I haven’t had a problem with anything that i have cooked in it. Now my main oven oven goes on for large items, which wont fit in the sage.

Smart, sleek, and simply superb. Excited for all the things i’m yet to cook in this little beast.

The size is a bit smaller than a conventional oven, so you’ll have to buy smaller “dutch oven” type pots as they’ll be too tall. But it’ll easily fit most roasting/oven trays; cooks a whole chicken better than nando’s and even fits in a pizza too. This is honestly one of the best machines that i’ve bought. I only wish the model with the air fryer and dehydrator was available in the uk; but otherwise, no regrets at all.

A conventional convection oven falls short when needing to cook dishes simultaneously at different temperatures. Hence my purchase of the sage. Like other reviewers, i have so enjoyed the effective simplicity, economy and efficiency of the sage that it is now my first choice for most tasks. Ten presets, with three shelf settings and the option to vary temperature and cooking time by the turn of a knob makes this a dream to use. The presets work to perfection, maintaining a constant surround temperature. As some purchasers have encountered difficulties locating the crumb-tray slot, i have added a photo to show just where it fits.

I’m a bit wary of celeb endorsed products but after using this for a few weeks now i’m well-impressed by it, despite the price tag. Plenty of pre-sets, all easily over-ridden if necessary. Very clear control panel and display. Internal light automatically comes on for final few minutes of cooking and can be switched on/off at any time during cooking. Pre-heats in barely 5 minutes and is therefore more practical for simple solo cooking than my main oven.

The controls are simple to use and totally intuitive. We hardly use our regular oven now.

The oven was purchased to age and condition material samples for type-testing, not for food preparation. But still, very easy to use; looks smart and clean.

You can buy inexpensive versions of this type of oven or you can go a little upmarket. Because of the use this will get we chose to go a little upmarket and our choice has been well rewarded. This is an excellent oven and one for which we are still finding out how much it can doit has not had a massive impact on our electricity bill either, (although this has to be subject to how much use you give it – ours is minimal).

  • Still love it after 1 year
  • Of the more expensive mini-ovens, this is the one to get.
  • but I shouldn’t have worried as this is a great little oven

Sage BOV820BSS the Smart Oven Pro with Element IQ – Silver

For some years i had a basic mini oven, and when it packed up i decided to upgrade. With only 2 vegans to feed, we don’t need a full oven, but i wanted the features. Bakes lovely bread, roasts potatoes, heats, toasts etc. Results are so much better than when using a basic model mini oven.

Bought for myelderly mother who can’t bend down anymore to use her oven. She absolutely loves this and has needed no help at all in using it.

So far, i love iti’ve done away with the toaster and use this instead. Also cooks anything i need if i don’t need to heat up a big oven. I just cooked a casserole using the slow cooker function and it came out perfectly. You can choose hi or low (4 or 8 hours) so i did mine on high. We use it for pies, pizza, toast, bagels, crumpets, baked potatoes, anything you fancy which will fit (i did have to remove the handle from my casserole dish, but it was fine). I reall must agree with other positive reviews, which encouraged me to bite the bullet and buy this. For once, i am in total agreement and the reviews are correct. It is expensive for me though and that’s the only issue with iti’m using this as a backup but if i was living alone, i would only use this and not need my main oven at all.

Purchased on the recommendation of a friend we are pleased with our early experience of this equipment. It is extremely easy to use and we have had excellent results. We had some difficulty inserting the crumb tray when setting up the oven before it’s first use. The instructions talked about inserting the tray into the oven, but following a quick call to the sage customer service desk we realised that the tray should be inserted into the slot at the base of the oven, and not into the oven itself.

This is a very, very good oven. If, like me, you don’t like cooking at all, you should get one of these because it does it all for you. You just make a few selections on the dials and leave it. It will beep when it needs attention. It will beep when it’s up to temperature (0 to 180 in about 3 minutes). It will beep when it’s finished. I use my main oven for frying only.

I do quite a lot of baking & cooking. As my last oven had lasted 19 years i thought it was time to upgrade. I wish i had bought this year’s ago. It’s simple to opporate too.

Ease of use, controls very easy to see and good choice of cooking modes.

So much better than a floor level oven. Toast likewise and bacon lovely. Make sure there’s a gap all around.

Solidly built with no give when you press on the outer casing and it really does make great toast. So far i have done a beef roast and a chicken and both cooked perfectly. It also looks as good as it does in the pictures so very happy with it.

This is the best toaster oven/convection oven i have ever owned. It preheats within 3minutes – cooks evenly and has so many wonderful functions. Expensive but worth every cent.

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