Sage BTA845UK the Smart Toaster 4 Slice Motorised Toaster – – How they changed their tune and now admit that this is the best toaster ever

Toast just as you want it every time i wish i had brought this years ago thank you sage.

Perfect toast at a push a button. The ‘a bit more facility is great for adjusting your toast to your personal preference.

We’ve been through a few toasters over the years, including a dualit my wife hated, and finally this is one that we both think is a fantastic machine.

Started off well and cooked 2 slices of toast perfectly 👌 on 3rd attempt the motor on left side would stop going through the lift/drop cycle. Searched online for a fix and even that didn’t work. So guess i’ll just stick with my old manual one where less things can go wrong.

This purchase caused much hilarity in our household as i was accused of going for the high spec and no real benefit. How they changed their tune and now admit that this is the best toaster ever. Much better than dualit – the toast is delicious and so easy to get it right every time.

Whilst all the bells and whistles work well, it fails in its primary function. . It cannot toast two sides of the same slice of bread equally. Having to always turn every slice at the half-way point renders this very expensive bit of kit no better than a £7. 99 budget tesco special for toasting results.

Beautiful toaster, construction wise; built like a tank. When you buy one of these you know where your money is going to .

After awhile starts toasting uneven on different side’s.

Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a quality 4 slice toaster.

Nice design,looks well built, not happy with heating elements, takes too long to toast a slice of frozen bread using the frozen setting and time setting on no4, elements only glow dim. Bread bay length in my view should be increased to take wide bread(not all bread comes as a standard single size, some wide and not as high).

We had a breville motorised toaster for years which was the best toaster we ever had. This is a breville branded as heston blumenthal. It is good but doesn’t brown evenly and one side cooks faster than the other. It is good but very expensive. We looked for ages as a motorised toaster is much better than a manual one, we waited until it was bundled with kettle which save us nearly £100.

A very good and aesthetically beautiful toaster with really useful features. Best toaster we have ever had.

It is relly good – toast are perfect.

This toaster is the nuts and produces the most uniformly coloured toast from any toaster i’ve owned over the years. Love the fact that you can press the ‘little bit more’ button so you don’t have to start a new toast cycle if it’s not done enough to your liking.

It works some time i would not buy one again.

I’m very particular about my toast and i had to try several toasters before i finally settled with this. I experienced two sage toasters that were lemons, went for a dualit which ended up being wired incorrectly, before i went back to this sage. The other reviews have stated the way this toaster functions. For bagels though, i think this toaster tops the rest of them. I ordered the 4- slice dualit newgen and even without the wiring problems, i realised that the toaster only toasts one side of the bagel and does not warm up the other side. The sage one does and this means your bagels/crumpets stay warm till you finish eating them. With the dualit, the toast is cold before you even get to the 2nd slicei noticed the uniformity of toasting was better with the sage than the dualit as well. There are definitely improvements which could be made on the sage but if you’re trying to make a decision on the best toaster out there, this one definitely is. Have used it for 3 months now. It comes with a 2 year warranty compared with the 5 years for the dualit.

Very happy with this beautifully stylish toaster. Very well made and looks the part. Toast done to perfection every time. This is the second sage product i have bought and highly satisfied with both, so much so i’m gonna restock my kitchen with sage electrical items. Saving for a sage touch coffee machine next as it looks amazing.

I am satisfied of the purchases.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Money don’t always buy quality
  • This produces lovely toast
  • Great but not the same colour as kettle

Breakfast will never be the same:); just kidding, t is a great toaster, a bit overpriced as it is in essence a breville rebranded with sage making it a lot more expensive than the same breville model.

This our second purchase of this model which we bought for our holiday home. It works well and once you get the setting just as you like them it toasts consistently well. Other toasters we have owned were a but like roulette. The “bit more” setting is useful whilst you are getting used to the toaster, but once you’ve got it sorted, you’ll probably not use it much.

My husband is disabled following a severe stroke and he has gained some independence by making his own toast safely. I like the options of various browning levels. The fruit loaf setting though, we no longer use as we found it burning due to high sugar content. But a solid, reliable toaster.

Here’s why:toasts well and consistently even. Quick look function that raises the toast to see how it’s doing without interrupting the overall timing. Little bit more function if your toast needs. An led light indicator that measures the time left. Automatic rise and drop – no more pushing down repeatedly. Fantastic brushed finish which is easy to clean and provides a cool wall. I know from reading elsewhere that this is a brand from breville and some people take umbrage with this but if a manufacturer decides to offer a premium product via another channel and it delivers then surely thats shrewd and should be applauded with the subsequent improvements filtering through to all elements of the business?the only downside is the price and this will ultimately be how the toaster is measured. I’m hoping for 5 years of use for my money – watch this space.

. Functionality is very neat. Bought it twice and returned the first one i bought as amazon dropped the price again to £120 less 24 hours later, and no longer offer price amendments for this. Definitely wouldn’t have invested at full price so waited for it go on sale. The bad bit: it’s a different shade of silver and different finish to the kettle. Bit annoying, i bought both thinking they’d match and they really don’t. Up to you whether this will bother you. Just can’t understand why the designers would have got them matching for this money.

Very good and easy to manage.

I have never enjoyed making toast so much. You still need to get used to the time setting depending on the type of bread you use and additional slices will toast a little quicker as it is already warm but that is where the quick look feature helps. Could do with a beep option to tell you when it is finished as the mechanism is such high quality you don’t hear it ‘popping’ up. My children have taken to making their own toast now that i finally don’t mind doing it for them.

Nice feature is the progress lights. Pricey and some wag suggested it was a cut price time machine a while ago. Have yet to discover that button but in the meantime the toast is lovely.

All toasters do pretty much the same. Well they do, but not as good as this one, its pricey yes but as with most things you get what you pay for, especially if you are really into your toast and want it done perfectly. The way it automatically lowers and raises the toast is progress as far as i’m concerned given that toasters haven’t changed much since i was in short trousers, its nice to see a product that has advanced in operation and design to reflect the passage of time and technology. A small thing but sets it apart. As for what it is actually built for, my mrs was sceptical when i bought this but even she has admitted it made the best slice of toast she has ever had. Even, crispy but still moist in the centre without being under done, we find setting number four gives a nice even just right result. So to conclude, if luke skywalker had a toaster, this would be it, impressive, most impressive.

This toaster is wonderful, amazing and pretty too. Not a lurking presence on my work top but an item of beauty and with wonderful little features like a button that says ‘a bit more’ and another one saying ‘a quick look’. Easy to use, with slots that are wide enough and you can use the toaster as a 4 slice or only half of it as a two slice toaster. I love the way the toast gently elevates and most importantly is beautifully cooked. Timing is easily variable and this is such an improvement on the ugly duralit ones. Easily five star, i love it.

It looks very smart if slightly bulky and the electronic controls are very smooth – the ‘quick look’ function (raises the toast up without turning the elements off) is quite handy – but overall if you strip away the fancy outer shell it is probably no different to any other toaster out there, sometimes the bread comes out slightly underdone, sometimes slightly overdone but never quite just right.

This toaster is quite expensive but if you want perfect toast this is the one worth every penny.

Now this toaster is a piece of kit. I love the way that it is all done by a push of a button that just gently glides the toast up & down. It has really cool buttons called ‘a quick look’ and ‘a little bit more’ which means that you can just have a sneak peak to see if is to your liking & if not just press a little bit more and voila perfect toast. It has even got a defrost & crumpet setting and i just love the way that all the buttons light up and flash.It is pricy but certainly well worth it as it is an ingenious well made toaster. I am glad i choose the 4 slice in the end :-).

This is the best toaster i have owned. It actually toasts the bread evenly, and you can make it toast to differing levels of brownness – you are not restricted to uncooked and burnt, which seem to be the only choices with some other toasters. There have been some nice design thoughts too – e. , crumb trays that pull out at the front (so convenient), and a visible count-down to when the toast is going to pop up (tremendously helpful). The gadget quotien helps keep it fun too – the kids love it, and the technophobe grandparents can operate it without trouble. This is an expensive toaster, and it took me a long time to convince myself to buy it, but i am very happy. Really can’t fault it, and will definitely make me consider other sage/heston appliances in the future.

I hope it lasts as it was expensive.

Not sure why all the rave reviews on this one. I’m suffering from uneven heating elements so toast not cooked on both sides the same – perhaps just unlucky with the one i got. But the build quality feels light and flimsy too. The real reason im writing a review here is the size of bread that can be toasted. Whilst it will accept thick bread you will have to cut largish bread to size if you want it entirely toasted. Updating my review (stars 2 to 4)>>>this toaster is better than my first knee jerk reaction. I’ve come to live with cutting very large slices to size. The thickness of bread you can fit is ample – no problem with baguettes for example. The evenness of toasting also seems to have got better.