Sage the Dual Boiler Coffee Machine : Amazing coffee

Very easy to use and produces consistently excellent results. The white glove service was very useful, allowing us to learn how to get the best from the machine. The machine is really well thought out, easy to keep clean, has a quality appearance and feels as if it should last a long time.

If you need coffee this machine is the one you to make it with.

I am really happy with this machine. While it is early days and i have a lot of experimenting to do, i already feel i am able to make successful espressos, macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos. The guy josh who came and did the ‘white glove’ service for me was excellent. As well as explaining how to use and look after the machine, he dialed in my grinder and showed me good techniques for filling the filter basket depending on the coffee i’m using (and getting feedback afterwards by looking at the puck), tamping, and steaming milk for both lattes and cappuccinos, even explaining a little of the science behind it. Everyday now i look forward to using my machine and i know i’m just at the beginning of a learning curve. On my experience so far, i would definitely recommend this machine. I am, of course, also very pleased to have got a good price on amazon.

I’m a real coffee snob, but with good reason. I drink about 8-10 shots a day. This machine makes really great coffee. I only drink illy dark roast and this machine makes it smooth and rich tasting with no bitterness.

The dual boiler allows you to experiment with the various settings on the machine as well as the firmness of tamp and grind. Making the process of making an espresso a real pleasure. If you avoid buying over roasted beans from a supermarket and go to an independent roaster i’m sure you will have good results. And, if necessary, you will get good after sales service from sage.

Finally bit the bullet and upgraded from my old duo temp machine. It’s expensive but it produces consistently great espresso – and after the initial setting up is very easy to use and so much quicker doing extraction on the built-in timer whilst at the same time texturing the milk. Of course it’s also very beautiful and incredibly well engineered.

Programmed in to make a coffee just how i like it. Just a press of a button now.

‘i’ve now had the sage dual boiler for almost 2 years and i’m absolutely delighted with it. I’m a huge coffee fan and with this i’m consistently producing coffee that certainly rivals that of the major coffee chains and at times comes close to emulating the great coffee from my local specialist (read ‘hipster’) coffee shop – and they are huge coffee nerds. I’ve paired this with the sage grinder – with which i’m not quite so happy – there’s not quite the level of micro-adjustment on the grind that really enables you to fine tune the recipe, and it’s not as consistent as i’d like with the dosing – but then, i’m quite a perfectionist. I’ve recently had a days barista training at the marvellous prufrocks in london, and they were very complimentary about the machine as a home espresso maker. Following this, a little fine-tuning to the coffee recipe and a great improvement to the latte art, and i’m producing some stunning flat whites. (for those of you who are interested – generally looking at around 16. 5g of coffee in the basket for a 34g extraction over around 30 seconds. ) being able to change between time and volume for extraction on the machine is amazing – it’s really made a difference in consistency. Getting a mini-scale to go with this to enable calibration has really helped. This machine will encourage you to experiment with all kinds of freshly roasted specialist coffee, as it’s possible to distinguish much more difference in the espresso produced and highlight more subtle flavours.

  • Great coffee at last
  • I can’t believe the taste
  • I just love this machine.

Sage the Dual Boiler Coffee Machine, 2200 W – Black

Colour:Black  |  Style Name:Coffee Machine Only
Product Description, Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Dual Boiler Coffee Machine, 2200 W – Black.

Box Contains, Both single & dual wall, single & double cup filters (4 baskets), 480ml stainless steel jug, cleaning tools, cleaning disc and tablets, water filters

From the manufacturer

The Dual Boiler espresso machine by Sage, BES920UK

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Sage Brand Logo

Award winning kitchen appliances designed to inspire people to produce perfect food and beverage results in their own homes with ease. From espresso machines to food processors, the innovation in each appliance delights. Sage makes the process a pleasure and the end result perfect, every time.

The Dual Boiler espresso machine by Sage, BES920UK

Be your own barista and create great tasting coffee to rival the best café.

The Dual Boiler is for the coffee connoisseur who prefers to control every step in the espresso process. You can extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously, allowing you to capture the delicate aromatics of the espresso in your coffee by having the espresso and milk ready at the same time.

The 4 key elements of café quality coffee:

  • Dose Amount
  • Precise Water Temperature
  • Optimal Water Pressure
  • Sufficient Steam Pressure

4 key elements of café quality coffee

1. Dose - 19-22g dose for full flavour.

2. Temperature - Precise PID temperature control.

3. Pressure - Low pressure pre-infusion & 9 bar extraction pressure.

4. Steam - Automatically steaming milk to a silky micro-foam texture.

1. Dose – 19-22g dose for full flavour.

Have you ever wondered why your home-made coffee never seems to taste as great as a café bought one? That’s because most other automatic machines only dose 11-13g of ground coffee, below what’s needed to create that rich, full-bodied taste you get out of bed for.

2. Temperature – Precise PID temperature control.

The difference between an ashy or balanced tasting espresso can be as little as 1°C. the Dual Boiler uses digital temperature control (PID) technology which detects and minimises any fluctuation during extraction, ensuring the temperature is kept at its optimum range, every time.

3. Pressure – Low pressure pre-infusion & 9 bar extraction pressure.

Creating a golden honey crema in your coffee relies on the right pressure at the right time. the Dual Boiler uses low pressure, pre-infusion to evenly soak and expand the ground coffee, delivering a sweet and creamy extraction.

4. Steam – Automatically steaming milk to a silky micro-foam texture.

To get that velvety texture in your milk you need the right steam pressure to draw in the air and create thousands of tiny bubbles. That’s why we created the automatic steam wand for the Dual Boiler, that turns your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam, essential for Latte art.

Special features of the Dual Boiler

Smart grinder pro

White Glove Service

Barista’s Choice

Wide range of accessories included

Smart grinder pro

A good Coffee Machine deserves a good Grinder! Marry your Dual Boiler with the Smart Grinder Pro to complete the 4 Key Elements to a Perfect cup of Coffee.

White glove service

With the White Glove Service, Sage will send one of their coffee experts to your home and set you on the path to extraordinary coffee. Set-up: Installation of the The Dual Boiler. Tune: The machine and your Grinder are tuned to ensure the right grind size and dose volumes for your chosen beans. Talk: Guide you through the cleaning process and tools. Make: Make a few cappuccinos and share a coffee with you.

Barista’s choice

The Dual Boiler is the professional Barista’s choice for their home machine. “24.5 out of 25. Ridiculously good.” Craig Simon. Australian Barista Champion.

Wide range of accessories included

  • 58mm Razor Dosing tool
  • 58mm Stainless Steel Portafilter
  • 1cup & 2cup Single and Dual wall Filter Baskets
  • Integrated Tamper
  • 480ml Stainless Steel Milk Jug
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Water hardness test strip
  • Water filter holder and water filter

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Making nice latte more than coffee shop and good quality and you well never go to coffee shop again.

I have had several high end coffee machines to try and simulate proper coffee shop coffee, but never succeeded until now. This machine is so easy to use, but you have control over just how you want your coffee, the pressure gauge might seem like a sales gimmick but it certainly is not, it tells you if you have ground your beans too fine or too course also if you have tamped it down enough. If you buy freshly roasted beans (mail order) you will have your coffee just like your favourite coffee shop. Ps i would also recommend the sage bean grinder, it makes a great companion to it.

It’s lived up to expectations does a great coffee.

I could not resist this machine once the price dropped and there was a free grinder on offer. It has been a revelation-so much easier to,use than my traditional italian single head machine. The little touches like water filling from the front of the machine, in-built clock to switch on the machine in the morning, 5min warm-up time. . I could go on but suffice it to say this machine is a leap forward, using electronic controls to really enhance the coffee making experience. Perhaps the italians could learn a thing or two from these aussie upstarts?.

Great coffee straight out of the box, bonus free grinder too.

After using a ‘rancilio sylvia’ espresso machine for a number of years i upgraded to this fantastic double boiler espresso machine,and i have no regrets. Delighted that i made the change. I can steam milk fantastically well at the same time as pulling a great shot of espresso. I could occasionally pull a good espresso with my first machine but due to my limitations and the physical limitations of the rancillio it was difficult to do it repeatedly. With the sage (breville) machine i can do a manuel pull of coffee or i can set up my personal preferences and at the press of a button can repeat pull shot after shot. This machine can be adjusted for precision time, length of shot and temperature shot is pulled at. I changed the present pre infusion time from8 seconds to 10 seconds and saw an improvement in the espresso produced with the coffee neanderthal i was using. I paired this machine with a ‘vario ‘ grinder from ‘ mahlkonig’ and find it a very easily adjustable and capable machine,a little expensive but in my opinion well wort it. Sage machine bought from bellabarrista. Uk before it was stocked by amazon. For what it is worth i have found that ‘ponticelli’ brand of fresh roast coffee,type ‘cafe superiore’ is great in this machine. Roasted in waterford city,ireland.

The best machine i have had. Been running 4 years and still prefect. Never go to starbucks as mine is better. This has more than paid for the machine twice overnb: even in a flask things are better.

Produces excellent espresso and textured milk every time, easy to tweak for different beans and so far very reliable , recommended.

  • Great coffee at last
  • I can’t believe the taste
  • I just love this machine.

Sage the Dual Boiler Coffee Machine, 2200 W – Black

Had this for about a year now and quite honestly, although it cost a lot of money, i would not be without it. People now come and visit me to have a coffee now it’s costing me a fortune in beans. It is a serious bit of kit that can make coffee just like you get in an in town coffee shop.

It arrived quickly, and looks beautiful. I have still to manage to produce of decent espresso, with a thick crema – i’m trying everything from ascertaining the provenance and roasting date of the beans, to tweaking the grind. I suppose practice makes perfect. It certainly produces nice coffee, especially with the milk frothing wand. It has developed a niggle, though, which i have reported to customer service – the default preset temperature of 93 degrees is never reached – the temperature read out displays a flashing 91 degrees, and goes no further, thus making it impossible to produce coffee, as all the controls are unavailable. The only way around this, seems to be to reduce the temperature setting to 91 degrees, or increase it to 94 degrees which rather defeats the object. I’ve tried a machine reset, but it makes no difference could it be a faulty display, temperature transmitter, or does the water really just not get hot enough?. Customer service were pretty quick with an initial response, though, so i give them their due.

You get what you pay for and delicious coffee at that. Waiting for white glove service now, looking forward to seeing what this machine is fully capable of.

My husband and i have wanted this machine since we first saw it being demonstrated in the oxford street branch of john lewis. We finally decided to buy the dual boiler as an early christmas present to ourselves. It is amazing, the coffee tastes so much better than anything else we have tasted. We have had 3 nespresso machines, 2 tassimo machines and a gaggia machine before but none of them come close to this one. We always used to have sugar in our coffee but no longer need it because the dual boiler is designed to ensure you never get a bitter tasting cup of coffee. I would not hesitate in recommending this machine, it heats up very quickly and is incredibly easy to keep clean. As part of the deal you also a ‘white glove service’, you simply call sage and they arrange for someone to come out and show you how to use the machine and how to get the most out of it.

Cannot fault it, i use with the baratza forte grinder for consistent quality coffee every time. (get beans from local roasters).

The best home coffe machine i have purchased i have have purchased 5 intotal over the last 20 years. ) it produces an excellemt, proefessional cup of coffee time after time.

Everything you need to get the best out of coffee.

This is a very good machine for a home user like me who understands and aspires towards the functionality and coffee quality that comes with high end machines like the rocket r60v. That said i only drink a few cups per day usually in the morning so i appreciate the quick heat up times and good looks. I have paired with a baratza forte grinder, my advice is to invest in a top quality grinder if you can afford to as it makes all the difference to the coffee and consistency of extraction. I found using fresh beans i couldn’t get the grind fine enough without choking up the sage grinder (which i claimed free). The pre-infusion function is good and can be used creatively to alter the extraction profile if you don’t want pre infusion; i found that the pressure was around 10/11 bar so i have used the pre-infusion to achieve 9 bar fixed and this declines through the shot to around 7 this is similar to the pressure profiling functions on high end professional machines. The measured cup doesn’t work and i have tried on three different machines you can only time shots which is fine for me but may be something other users want. I find it incredibly bizarre that sage include this but it doesn’t work??. The milk streamer is excellent a good length wand similar to what you get on the professional machines. The porta filter is solid and 58mm size again like the professional machines, it also has a preheat function to get the thing hot before loading up with coffee something usually achieved by pulling some water through.

I’ve had this coffee machine in my wish list for two years now and i’ve been very happy with my old coffee machine that always made a delightful coffee for the first cup but if you made two you could never be sure about the second cups taste. Well i bit the bullet and bought this one and can’t believe the flavours i can taste with the same bean and sage grinder i already had. I was so astounded that i made three coffees just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Having the pressure gauge is very handy to make sure you have your grinder set correctly. If you want a coffee that you have never tasted so good then buy this machine. (i’ve never been to a proper coffee shop though only costa and starbucks and this wipes the floor with them).

I have now owned this machine for 2 years. It has performed admirably producing good espresso and reasonable frothed milk. The design is pleasing to the eye and thus far reliable. This is more than can be said if heston’s variable temperature sage kettle which no longer switches off when boiling. The lid (which now has a number of cracks) when opened drips water down the handle. Poor design and poor reliability at much cost.

Its a good quality machine with a very good price and it gives a very tasty coffee.

I have had my machine for just over a week and am still waiting for my grinder to arrive, so as yet i have only been able to use pre-ground coffee, which is far from ideal. That said, i have produced delicious, rich crema espresso’s and i am sure this will only improve over time. What i really want to say is how well designed this machine is. Everything has its place, from the magnet to neatly hold your tamper in place, to the little ’empty me’.Sign that pops up from the waste water tray when it gets full. Here is my short list of things i have found irritating in previous machines that this one has nailed:1. Solidly built, feels sturdy and reassuringly heavy. Really does look inviting on your work surface. It has little wheels that you can extend to move the whole thing effortlessly when you need to clean underneath.

Features and Spesification

  • Features dedicated stainless steel boilers for steam and espresso, allowing simultaneous milk texturing and extraction consistently at 93 degrees Celsius
  • The brew temperature, pre-infusion pressure and duration are all programmable to set to your taste at the press of a button
  • An over pressure valve prevents bitter flavours in the shot and a low pressure pre-infusion allows for an even extraction and a smoother taste
  • Extraction is driven from a 15 bar Italian made pump
  • Comes with 480 ml stainless steel jug and cleaning tools