Salter EK2154 Multi-Purpose Blender Pro Smoothie and Juice Maker : This blender blends really smooth which is fab

My kenwood blender gave up after a few years of service. It was a 2 blades blender and a 800w engine. The nutri pro 1500 is brilliant. Likes- 4 blades- makes real homogenous smoothies including with vegetables, there is no separation of water and veges or fruits afterwards. – before buying this blender, i read some of other buyers reviews, who were complaining about the noise of this blender. I don’t find it particularly noisy myself. It is actually less noisy than my kenwood. Dislikes- it is a big appliance compared to usual ones,- practically of cleaning and drying all the parts. I realise now that i will never buy a 2 blades blender again and a 800w engine is not powerful enough.

I was in the market for a new blender with the ability to chop up everything i threw at it. Initially i looked to buying one of the more expensive models but decided that i couldnt justifiy the extra cost anc took a punt with the salter. Im very happy i did so as its great compared to my previous blender. It may be abit noisy when turning at full speed but i cant see how any company could dampen the noise, its chopping vegetablesid definitely recommend this blender because its well priced, strong, east to clean and gas a huge jug. I cant think of any flaws to drop to 4 stars.

Excellent service and although i was told it would take 3-5 days, it arrived within 48 hours. It is extremely easy to set up, use and clean and comes with a little book of great recipes to try.

Works great and dose what it says.

Does the job perfectly and for such a great price you can’t go wrong.

Ok does what it should, depends how long it lasts.

Use it every day and love it very powerful.

A little noisy but very effective and the quality looks good. I have just had this blender for a few days, hope it will continue to give as good a service as it does now.

  • Great product 5*
  • A little noisy but very effective and the quality looks good. I have just had this blender for a
  • Powerful blender.

Salter EK2154 Multi-Purpose Blender Pro Smoothie and Juice Maker, 1500 W

Product Description, Make delicious smoothies and soups for the whole family using this fabulous Salter blender with variable speed controls including a pulse function. It has a powerful 1500 W motor, a 2 litre thick jug made from BPA-free plastic with a full lid for pouring and cleaning and removable filler cap so you can easily add ingredients. A smart, solid blender, it will look great in your kitchen while the stainless steel blade makes light work of ice – perfect for making frozen mojitos for all your friends.

Box Contains, 1 x Salter Blender Pro 1500, 1 x Plunger, 1 x Instruction manual

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I cant even call it chopper it is crush machine. One minute is enough to get it. The only trouble you will meet is difficulties with lay out the mass when you make thick cream sup. Hence of cup and knifes are unspeakable, i have to leave some part of dish in the cup.

Great product, great price, happy with overall service – time, posting.

After buying 4 different blenders,. . I’m so happy to have found a perfect one. Really really really good items 👏🏾👏🏾.

This blender blends really smooth which is fab. The only issue is that sometimes when you need it to blend leaving bits even the 1, blends it too smooth.

This was purchased as a gift for my dad, and he was thrilled with it. I ordered it on friday at 10. 30am and it came on saturday at 13. It was far bigger then i though, when it turned up i was shocked and wondered what i had actually ordered. It is very powerful, and it’s extremely easy to use. The only down side is that it is very loud.

Wonderful tool, does exactly what it says on the box. Makes smoothies with whatever you put in it as smooth as silk – very, very, impressed. It’s not the cheapest but by no means the most expensive. Looked at a lot of different ones before we decided to get this. It is a bit bulky but that’s a small price to pay for this machine.

Amazing and so sturdy and strong motor .

. One minite maximum power, is weird.

  • Great product 5*
  • A little noisy but very effective and the quality looks good. I have just had this blender for a
  • Powerful blender.

Salter EK2154 Multi-Purpose Blender Pro Smoothie and Juice Maker, 1500 W

I wanted a vitamix so badly but i couldn’t bring myself to buy it so i did a little bit of research or should i say it took me several days of research to finally decide to by this blender. I’m glad i did because it’s amazing. I use it to make my smoothies which has berries and kale. It’s even able to blend berry seeds . Totally recommend for everyday smoothies .

Sturdy and robust, can feel the power compared to my old 600w blender.

Bit bigger than my old one, but works as an architectural piece.

Previous reviews have said it all. Solid, quality build, easy to clean and use, powerful – pulse does most things in seconds, loud, good size jug – well suitable for 4 or more people without overflowing.

Its very powerful and basically liquifies everything. It is really loud but thats just because its so powerful.

It is definitely several steps above a normal blender. Well made, sturdy, and simple to use. I’d definitely buy it again. Pros:- very powerful- multi-purpose: smoothies with whole ingredients like carrots and beetroot, chop nuts, puree stuff (hummus, soups, etc). All a breeze to turn into liquid or cream- super easy to clean, the blades don’t detach from the jug. And it sits easily on its base so no awkward screwing/clicking into the base. – looks goodcons:- very big. I’m 5 foot tall and when the jug is on this blender on the counter, it’s taller than me. So i just take the jug down to the counter when filling it. – so powerful that it jumps slightly when you pulse, so make sure it’s steady on a good surface and keep your hand lightly on the lid.

Really powerful blender, but after reading reviews no one mentioned how huge it isnot a bad thing in my case but please reference this image to the size of the kettle behind the blenderoverall great product would reccomend.

Was a bit dubious about getting this due to the lack of reviews but i can honestly say i was i would have bought this sooner. Having been using a cheap smoothy maker i was always having to sieve out larger chunks etc and it would often overheat due to hard frozen lumps of veg/fruits, but this thing will give you a lovely smooth consistency right out of the jug. I tend to use a lot of frozen fruit and veg some of which is really frozen hard and the blender cuts through with ease. Its a little noisy at the maximum speed but what can you expect at 1500 watts.Cuts through everything brilliantly and its super sturdy. Don’t expect a lot of gimmick accessories with this unit, but in all honesty they are simply not needed. It may not have the ‘cool’ looks of its cheaper competitors but if your serious about smoothies this is certainly the blender to get (even better if you get one while its on offer). The jug capacity is great too (2 litres).

This is proving to be a great purchase even after just a week of use. I am very happy with the power and ability of this blender.

Best blender i’ve ever owned. Makes great smoothies, everything is cut through without smallest bits left. You can grind coffee beans or even rice/grains for flouri’m amazed. Always wanted to buy a blender which could grind gluten free grains for me (already grinded flours are so expensive) and finally i got it.

It arrived today ahead of schedule. I have only used it once so far to make a smoothie. It performed the task every bit as well as the one i had previously, while costing less than one third of the price. Only downside i have noticed so far is the noise. It is, in my opinion, quite noisy, although i understand it is relative to what “one” has experienced before. Placing my hand on top while it runs quieted it considerably and since the instructions say to run it for a max 1 minute at a time this would be easy to do. All in all i can live with it as everything else seems spot on.

Greta blender originally brought or smoothie making. This blend hard vegetables like carrots without any problem. It is a little noisy but it’s what you would expect from something as powerful as this. The jug is large so you can make more.

Did everything it said it would.

Very big, very powerful and fairly quiet to it’s smaller 1000w brother (purchased earlier in the year for my parents). If you plan to make smoothies for 4 or more people at the time, this machine is for you. If only for one or two people, i would recommend getting the smaller one. Reason being that smaller ones are easier to clean, b/c the blade is build into the lid. On this one, the best way to clean/wash it, is fill it with water twice (half way) and turn it on. Otherwise, blades are sharp and awkward to stick your hands in. We have a family of 4, and we have smoothies daily. This machine has been used for about a month and a half and works exactly as on day one. Quality built, so do believe it will last quite sometime.

Very strong and professional.

My wife is very pleased with the product, strong easy to use.

Great multi-purpose blender pro smoothie and juice maker.

Features and Spesification

  • Get creative in the kitchen and prepare homemade soup, healthy smoothies and delicious juices in this brilliant Salter blender.
  • Included is a plunger which can be used to release ingredients from the sides of the jug and unclog the multipurpose cross blade.
  • The super charged 1500 W motor with 25,000 RPM and unique multipurpose cross blade design enables maximum vitamin and nutrient release.
  • It has variable speed control and a pulse function so you can perfectly juice, blend or purée your ingredients and even crush ice.
  • The jug is made from strong BPA-free plastic and has a full lid as well as a handy removable filler cap to add extra ingredients.