Salter EK3131 Espressimo Barista Style Coffee Machine : Wobbly pot.

Great little coffee maker ideal for work.

So easy in the mornings when your still half asleep. Add water, add coffee, press button, go an shower. Pick up travel cup, leave house. Like all these things not so easy to clean out water container.

Very good works properly only fault cannot pre time it as no clock also outside needs a handle.

Like it, ease to use, value for money.

This is a nice little coffee maker which is easy to use and takes up only a small space on your worktop. It has a permanent filter so you don’t need to worry about paper coffee filters. You can use it with the supplied travel mug or with any other mug, though for a shorter mug it is best to stand it on something so that there isn’t too much splashing. You need to experiment a bit with how much coffee suits you but once you’ve sorted that this makes a great mug of coffee. I also own a russell hobbs personal coffee maker and they are very similar – all this one lacks is a timer so that you can wake up to coffee. This has been used most days for several months now and is still going strong.

I find the pot very unstable so care is necessary to avoid spillage.

Makes coffee in a few minutes, i have mine in my room for in a morning as it’s been too cold to go downstairs first thing. It’s small and compact and looks quite sleek. I use coffee pods to minimise mess so can’t comment on the permanent filter but i don’t think it would be a problem with grounds, it’s just easier with pods. It shuts itself off as soon as it’s finished brewing and you can’t really fit the cup in with the lid on so not much chance of making a mess by accident. The cup is easy to grip and keeps the drink hot. I wouldn’t put it in a bag or anything in case it tipped over but it hasn’t leaked while being upright so as long as you’re careful with it i don’t see it being an issue.

  • Excellent purchase
  • Wobbly pot.
  • Excellent

Salter EK3131 Espressimo Barista Style Coffee Machine, Black

Style Name:Espressimo
Product Description, Make wonderful espresso, cappuccino, latte and macchiato in minutes with this superb Espressimo coffee machine from Salter which allows you to make your coffee shop favourites at home. Made with strong and durable stainless steel it is designed to last and it has a sleek black exterior which looks superb in any setting. Producing amazing tasting coffee in rapid speed it is easy to use minimising hassle, a removable drip tray, tempered glass cup and a measuring scoop are also included.

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A well made product but the coffee is too hot. Not sure why this is so it is not safe to use in my opinion.

This makes a mug of fresh, filtered coffee in minutes. Very simple to use, keeps drink warm on the go.

Can wake up, set it going and it brews perfect coffee in the time it takes to get a shower.

This coffee machine is so simple to use. Slimline and excellent vale for money.

Coffee tastes okay not wonderful and it takes a while to froth the milk which unless it is allowed to approach boiling point will become part of a tepid drink.

What i like is a decent cup of coffee no granules in the mouth and easy to dispose of in the recycling bin for food. . Easy to clean this little machine is amazing.

The only thing i can gripe about is the fact i can’t switch off the machine by pressing the button on the side and so have purchased an extension lead with individual switches next to the sockets and switch it off that way as i don’t want the full amount of water in my cup every time. I use it to make tea as well as coffee and have to say i am really pleased with it. It is almost instant in producing hot water and makes a drink in very little time. Happy to recommend but be aware you need to have switch by the wall plug to stop the water flow.

A neat compact machine,i use coffe bags,in less than no time,i have hot coffe,and no messy coffee grounds to dispose of. Simple to use,hot coffee with no fuss.

  • Excellent purchase
  • Wobbly pot.
  • Excellent

Salter EK3131 Espressimo Barista Style Coffee Machine, Black

Really nice little coffee maker. Compact size, makes consistently good coffee and feels well made. The mug is an added bonus, it keeps black coffee hot for 30-45mins and is watertight enough to stop accidental spills when carrying it, but don’t expect it not to leak if you hold it upside downpreviously purchased a similar item made by breville which after three days of light use made coffee that tasted strongly of plastic. So it went back and i bought this one.

This is a good, small/compact, surprisingly light filter coffee machine for making small amounts of coffee, the size of the supplied/accompanying coffee flask/cup. I could see this being ideal for a broad group of people, it takes up not a lot of room in a kitchen, or any space you choose to use it in, but as a result i see it as being particularly good for anyone sharing accomodation, students or anyone travelling and taking it with them to use in a hotel/b&b or apartment accomodation. It could be easily set up in a bedroom, prepped the night before and simply switched on when you get up and a cup of coffee will be ready to go when you have made ready for the day or showered. The activation button can be depressed so when it is switched on at the mains it will operate at once, as another reviewer said this could work with a blue tooth timer or remote activation such as alexa or some other sort of timer switch. The reservoir only holds about as much as water as is required to make the single serving and it is not visible from the exterior (the “kettle” is black plastic) and does not permit a good look to tell if it is full or not unless you open the lever fixed lid. There is a reusable filter but it is possible to remove this (it sits within the filter receiving basket and kind of hinge like character, you can press a thumb down to raise it but it detracts too without damage) if you would prefer simply to use filter papers (the ones required are smaller than the average coffee filter machine, unless you simply fold these a little) or the big large filter coffee “tea bags” (these are not always easy to find but they are a great job too). The cup itself has a good top which fits securely, it has a small drinking slot with a cover which slides forward or back to open and close access for drinking or pouring the coffee. The cup itself is metal and plastic. It holds the heat of any beverage you put into it without it going cold too quickly and without it scalding the hand of anyone lifting or carrying it. I have only used this supplied cup with this machine (since i got it at christmas) but i think that other cups of roughly the same dimensions would work just as well with this filter machine.

Excellent little coffee maker. Designed with a higher wattage compared to similar alternatives so its quicker making the coffee too. I’m going to buy another one for the officeupdate: i’ve got two of these now – absolutely no regrets. Filter on the first one now leaks coffee grounds but the addition of a trimmed-down paper filter does the trick. A bit a annoying but shouldn’t be regarded as a deal breaker.

I am in the unusual position of agreeing with the other reviewer whether they have given this 1 star or 5 stars. Everyone, however, can make using this coffee machine a five star experience with a few workarounds (i’ve only rated as four stars overall because i shouldn’t have to workaround like this but it is definitely worth it for me). I don’t normally write reviews but i have written this one so that you can decide whether this will be a 1 star or a 5 star machine for you. It makes terrible coffee by default. It is so weak because it just pours through quickly and there is no option to adjust strength. By removing the re-usable filter though and replacing with filter paper (i’ve found the hario vcf-02-100w dripper filter to be best although you do have to fold the top centimetre or two over), i think the coffee tastes even better than from my favourite tassimo. My old tassimo machine had broken and i did not want to keep on using so many pods that are difficult to recycle but i was wrongly expecting to have to compromise on taste as i do not have the room for a bean-to-cup option. The icing on the cake for me though is that the power button is mechanical with a satisfying click to confirm it is engaged. This is important because it means you can switch the machine to ‘on’ even when there is not actually any power to the machine (being switched off at the wall or, more usefully, because your alexa-enabled smart plug is set to off). By using a smart-plug, i can now ask alexa to turn the coffee machine off at night, load up the coffee plus water and switch the button on the side of the machine to ‘on’.

Perfect if you’re looking for a basic espresso maker with milk steamer. Might have benefited from a water level indicator though as sometimes hard to tell if there’s any water remaining until you top up. Great size with a fairly small footprint on the countertop.

This was a gift and the recipient loves it. Easy to use and makes great coffee.

This coffee maker makes a great cappuccino but it can leave quite a mess.

It was a present, so i can only advise that it is a solid product from a reputable name.

Features and Spesification

  • Make your favourite coffees at home with this brilliant Espressimo machine from Salter which is incredibly simple to use.
  • Ideal for any coffee lover, the machine has five bar pump pressure to create wonderfully smooth espresso with intense flavour.
  • Incredibly versatile for any occasion this machine can make latte, espresso, cappuccino and more in a matter of minutes.
  • With a high quality stainless steel finish and a black exterior the machine is designed to look great on any kitchen work top.
  • With over 250 years of British design and innovation, Salter continue to make great products to enhance your everyday lifestyle.