SAMSON SASR950 Professional Studio Reference Closed Back Headphones : Nice reference cans

The sound quality is flat and distant so not the best for recording or mixing.

Can get a bit sweaty with extended wear. However, people in the office know you’re working with these on. Makes it much easier to ignore them and pretend they are noise-cancelling (they aren’t).

The headphones sound absolutely amazing straight out the box, with beautiful sound across all frequencies. They offer bigger soundstage than regular closed back headphones, and volume can be turned quite high if one so prefers. One thing to note is that they do leak a fair amount of sound, which i personally like, since i can just wear them on my neck when im talking to someone in person or in skype, and can still listen to music at the same time. I still need to ”burn in” those headphones, and i imagine the sound quality gets even better after the burn in period. For this money, i’d say you cannot go wrong with this purchase. If you are struggling to decide between sr850 and those, as i did for days, then i’d say go for these if you want a more ”fun” set of headphones, but for sr850 if you want a bigger sound stage. Keep in mind that those are closed back compared to sr850’s semi-open design, meaning that they leak less sound and are better for gaming, as the mic does not pic up the sound that leaks. Overall, if this is your budget range, i’d say get those, because they are probably worth double the money considering the sound quality.

I’m using these phones for home recording into garageband for commercial release, with reasonably good condenser mics. The high frequencies are alarmingly bright in comparison to my old headphones. I’ve cross checked the frequency response against a good hi-fi and my good car stereo so i am fairly confident that these samson cans are pretty faithful reproducers. I’m both pleased with them and confident in using them for pro recording.

Got these for my guitar amp. They sounded great straight out the box, no hiss or anything. I read that headphones sound better when there worn in, so i left them plugged into an ipod over night playing into a cushion. Just tried them again and they sound amazing. Easily one of my best buys i’ve ever made. Even on my old rubbish ipod there great. Might need to get another set for my phone. Only 1 issue, the cable is really long. But that’s to be expected with studio headphones.

I purchased this set of head phones to work with the blue yeti microphone, however i have used it for general music listening, film watching, voip and gaming. It stands up very well across all levels. Personally i like a headset with a little more bass so the absence of this is noticed but forgiven due to quality of sound. To summarise;pros;- comes with attachable/ detachable micropgone extender jack- sound quality is great- build quality seems very sturdy- cost is great- noise cancelling is great, so much so if you where the headset over 1 ear it still has an effect. Cons;- bass is a little low however can probably fix that through external sound manipulationwould recommend for anyone looking for and all round set of headphones that don’t have an attached microphone.

Fantastic headphones, just buy them. All frequencies are represented beautifully. Just don’t buy these if you usually use beats or similar and are expecting heavy amplified bass.

The bass is clear and punchy, without any boom or flap, and the mids and highs are detailed without being obtrusive. I bought them as monitors for my v-drums, and they do a great job of that, but they’re also easily good enough to use as mix monitors in the studio. If you need some good general purpose monitors, these will do the job better than you expect at the price.

  • fantastic recording headphones
  • They are okay, not really for vocal recording
  • To me its OK

Samson SASR950 Professional Studio Reference Closed Back Headphones

Product Description, Samson’s SR950 Professional Studio Reference Headphones offer precise monitoring performance for studio applications. Perfect for engineering, mixing and playing back audio with stunning results, the SR950s combine comfort with solid bass response, ultra-

Box Contains, 1x Pair of Headphones

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Great sound, very comfortable and even better price.

These headphone are comfortable, and provide a well balanced sound. All frequencies i’ve put through over the last few months have been reproduced beautifully, making them a pleasure to record with.

Everyones taste is different. Up untill now the best headphones i had owned or heard where bose triports having owned numerous others including sennheiser etc the old triports sounded superb to my ears but they arn’t built to last and literally fell apart. Having tried newer bose and not being impressed and doing my homework and reading a review i thought id give these a shot. I was blown away by how good they sound. I have heard very high end hifi systems including a friends arcam system with £2000 bowers and wilkins speakers. These headphones are up there and punch way above there weight and price point and are comparable to that. The soundstage is superb, base is superb. A steal at this price if they were 20 times the price and i heard them i would still think they are worth it.

Pros:very good response over the whole frequency rangevery comfortablecons:your ears tend to get very warm over long periods of listening.

To start with i’m not a recording studio sound engineer and i don’t now much about high tones or low tones. However i have very good hearing. I bought this set to replace casio headphones from my old digital piano. This casio headphones set the standard so high that when they broke i just can’t find good enough headphones in my price range (digital piano is about gbp 200 so its headphones shoud not be expensive) to me this is second set (last one i returned) and i will keep it but it is not as good as old casio digi piano set ( and i used both for everything; mp3, skype, youtube, games )i hope my review helps.

No they are not professional, but they are good for the money. Quite comfortable & sound ok.

I’m very pleased with the sound quality from these as i was a bit dubious,but even straight out of the box i can tell they’re going to be great,every instrument can be placed and heard clearly,the sound staging is very very good,the bass is tight and well defined without any bleed into the mids,sometimes the treble can be a bit too ‘there ‘ but that can be down to the mix and is easily sorted,very comfortable with the velour pads,all in all a very engaging set of headphones,and at the price a no brainer buy,i would have said without knowing the price,they could easily keep up with cans at 3-4 times what they cost,i would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a set of headphones for either mixing and general listening. After approximately 50 hours of continual burning with various pink,white,radio frequency noise and all types of music,the sound has vastly improved,even though i thought they sounded good at first listening,everything has settled into a very engaging listening experience,on heavy bass tracks they thunder without getting mushy or bleeding into mix,on classicle music everything is where it should be,you almost feel as though you are in the middle off any track you listen to,no matter what type of music,at the end of the day though,everyone’s ears are different, and all i can say is that for me, i can’t see me wanting to upgrade any time soon.

I am a bit of an audio snob and wanted some closed ear cans for a transatlantic flight. What i didnt want was anything that colored the music in anyway. I find many modern low end cans tend to artificially emphasize the low end of the audio spectrum.

  • fantastic recording headphones
  • They are okay, not really for vocal recording
  • To me its OK

Samson SASR950 Professional Studio Reference Closed Back Headphones

I would recommend these for any home studio. Comfortable fit, even for my big head. Really good bass tone and excellent separation. I was considering the sr850 but decided to go for these due to the isolation afforded by the closed back. Sounds like i made the right choice.

These headphones have great quality sound i will give this product that, they also feel comfortable. But if your seeking a soundproof headphones that will keep what ever your listening to from other ears then this is not really what your looking for. I wanted to record mostly singing while listening music, yet my mic could easily pick up the music coming from the headphones unless you keep it at a low volume.

I use these with a digital piano and they’re very good.

I got this today for home recording and have to say i am really impressed already. Decent but not perfect sound isolation, but a really decent and neutral sound for my kind of use. Also very comfortable for prolonged use. At the price i am very happy. Definitely not the best on the market, but spot on for someone on a budget.

Fantastic sound from these, deep bass and crisp high tones. I have many pairs of headphones but these are by far my favourites. Excellent build and sound quality for the price. I would expect to pay more for headphones that sound this good.

Great value for money for high quality headphones.

Good flat response, don’t leak – i can use them in my office and colleagues don’t complain at all. Good isolation with them too – sometimes i don’t hear the phone, or colleagues calling me. Good for getting on with my work, embarassing if it’s your boss calling you. The flex is long and good thickness, and the adaptor to 1/4′ screws on which is a nice touch and makes it much easier when using standard recording kit. Flex attaches to the left ear only – much less intrusive than a double-flex y cord. Only thing i would tweak is the elasticated head band which adjusts to your head shape but can make prolonged wearing a bit less comfortable than one you can manually set and lock in position – but then you’d pay soo much more. For the price these really cannot be beaten on sound or build quality. Use these for recording – and then get the open backed sar850s for editing, where you’ll get a truer picture of the sound and dynamic. The price of both of those is less than most competitor offerings to rival the 950s alone.

Features and Spesification

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  • Closed ear design for maximum isolation
  • 50mm drivers for exceptional reproduction and wide dynamic range
  • 10Hz-30kHz frequency response, 32ohm impedance
  • Self-adjusting headband for a secure, comfortable fit
  • 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch gold plated adapter included