Samsung 2018 49″ QE49Q6FNA QLED Ultra HD certified HDR 1000 Smart 4K TV – Nice tv

Just set up the tv absolutely brilliant. Excellent help from one of the staff.

Fantastic price and brilliant customer service.

Very pleased with my new tvgreat sound and picture quality and the colour is superb.

Really nice looking tv, but it just refuses to play 4k content. I have tried to play uhd content through built in prime app, through dedicated 4k fire stick, but regardless it just displays at 1080p (even though the source is 4k @ 60fps). One big deal breaker though was that samsung have sneakily removed dts support, and i have a huge library of tv shows and movies that now just come through without any audio. Given i upgraded from an old lg from 2010 which played all these without any audio issues i’m surprised that samsung would do this on their 2018 tv especially as its a premium model. Didn’t notice any problems with the ads like other people complain, and big thanks to the seller as they delivered it 2 days ahead of when they were meant to. The tv visuals are great, but it’s unfortunately redundant if i’m stuck only able to watch 1080p on it with no audio :(.

What a great screen was going for an lg oled but checked this out and its almost as good and cheaper.

This without doubt the best tv i have ever owned. The picture quality is superb and movies in uhd are amazing. Forget the reviews about the bar and adverts not being disabled its easy to do just google it. It is a slim tv and easy to mount on a wall. It is also incredibly light. It has a very small border which makes it look like the screen is right to the ends of the tv and the color contrast is second to none. You wont regret buying this tv at the price advertised it is a steal.

Not bad, even impressive at times, as a tv, but horrible for games.

This has a great screen but i turned down the backlit brightness a little. Watched a recent sci-fi film and the graphics were epic. I paired it with a small soundbar using bluetooth and it was like a trip to the cinemawimbledon looks very clear. I especially liked the cable tidy at the back, the android app and the easy way to edit your home menu with apps and my connected devices all labelled. Lots of nice little details. Haven’t felt the need to try voice control yet. Considering the price when this model was launched, its now a bargain for about £700. Apologies if i sound too pleased with it. It went to a house two doors away and there was no card to say where it was. The very elderly neighbour thought it was her new table when she signed for it. My name and address were hidden underneath and she couldn’t read it there.

It is a qled tv with an excellent quality. The picture needs to be customised patiently to see the best. Although samsung website says 360′ view doesn’t apply to 49′ there was no difference when i watched both 49′ and 55′ side by side on there same netflix series at the same time.

This qe49q6fna replaces a 43′ hd lg that was only a few years old but was so sluggish to use. So we got this uhd one which has the best screen quality of a 49 inch screen. It also shows up well against oled screens which are only available at 55 inches and above. Chanel changes and switching to other broadcast sources seems fast and efficient with nominal lag and is considerably faster than the lg it replaced. The only thing i have not resolved yet, is how to re order the channel list.

Despite few negative reviews,i decided to purchase this tv and give it a go. Great value £,fairly low price for qled tv. I’m more than happy with the tv, picture quality and connectivity. If you in doubt, just go ahead and try 🙂 perfect product.

Best tv i’ve ever bought, it’s fantastic. The picture quality is perfect and sound is brilliant.

Got this for a cracking price so pleased about that. It’s a low end qled but the picture quality is still superb compared to my old samsung ks7000. The q7 is obviously better but this was considerably cheaper. Here are the specifications for the Samsung 2018 49″ QE49Q6FNA QLED Ultra HD certified HDR 1000 Smart 4K TV:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Q Colour technology, so you can see full colour in the latest movies
  • Ambient Mode technology, blend your TV into your home
  • A TV you can place anywhere in the room without messy cables
  • Q Contrast technology, bold contrast for exceptional viewing night and day
  • Q HDR 1000 powered by HDR 10+, to see movies like never before, just as the creators intended

Not a single complaint, 100% recommend.

Great tv, don’t know what people are complaining about when it comes to ads. Other people complaining that the feet are difficult to install when they just slot in. . Can’t complain at all, perfect panel with no dead pixels.

Colours very clear, really happy with this television.

Sound quality is great and picture crisp. Wi-fi connectivity is solid. You would be challenged to find a better deal.

The tv is very good and picture quality however the delivery took a lot longer than the expected delivery date.

Picture quality is very good, true to life colours, samsung are a high quality product, sound is ok but i use a sound bar, had hassle trying to sign into the account with e mail. Easy to use, only paid £750 for mine, was a bargain, would recommend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice tv

  • The best UHD TV screen under 55 inches.

  • Highly recommended

It was easy enough to set up and we are very pleased with it so far. Still learning how to use it but all the basics are fine.

If you are upgrading from hd to a 4k you will be impressed but i replaced my 2017 4k ultra hd samsung 48′ with this 2018 65′ 4k qled samsung tv. Great size (got used to size really quickly). 4k picture is superb and the upscaling from hd is impressive. Voice control is greatly improved. Unfortunately samsung still have issues with upscaling of standard definition channels which is not great, plus the night time scenes on screen blacks are patchy and greyish. All in all i paid a lot more money for the qled version and as far as i can tell the picture quality is no better than my 4k ultra hd 48′. So if you are thinking of going for a samsung 4k qled over a samsung 4k uhd i wouldn’t waste your money. The qled picture and 4k uhd picture in my experience is no different. I did a lot of research before buying and wish i had invested a little extra money in the sony oled. Come on samsung live up to your reputation.

I have waited a long time to get myself an all singing all dancing tv and i’ve not been disappointed. Went for last year’s model just for value for money as there wasn’t a massive difference between the 2 other than several hundred pounds. The picture quality is excellent, smart features work without a problem or any confusion and it looks stunning. I was a little worried about the sound as these super thin tvs have no room for good speakers. However, the sound is fine and linked to my soundbar easily just in case i need something extra. Game play is just as good as the movie and tv picture. My ps4 games always look excellent. So overall, i’d defo recommend this tv. The seller was also really good.

My old samsung 46′ tv just wouldn’t go wrong, despite being 12 years old and in daily service. I wanted a smart tv for streaming, catch-up and to interface with my video library on a ‘nas’ (network attached server) the qled picture quality is very good and i have noticed this tv copes much better with stray light from the window – i rarely have to draw the curtains. Some other reviewers have highlighted an issue with unwanted adverts associated with the smart hub function – but i have not experienced this. The only (very minor) issue i have, is that it would be good to play music whilst in ‘ambient’ mode.

Really clear picture good value for money.

Bought it for my son he loves it.

Fantastic picture, good quality sound and all for a great price. Service was fantastic and i was kept up to date with delivery times.

Picture quality superb and smart features ideal.

Would buy again and recommend.

We brought this tv over 2 weeks ago and it is great. It was a major upgrade from our old tv which was plasma but still a good picture. This tv however is a different level. The size 55inch was the right size for our room. The quality of the picture is brilliant. Take the time to get familiar with the smart remote and it really is excellent. Set with sky and wifi was also very easy. My tip is download the smartthings app first and set up your account so you are ready to go when you set up the tv. Out of the box the tv is light and easy to put together. The screen size is great you soon get used to it.

The service from reliant really stood out. I had a very helpful pre purchase chat which gave me comfort i was buying the right tv. I would have had to spend considerably more for the next step up and i don’t think i would have seen the value in this.

No complaints at all about this purchase so far. Its streamlined design looks great in the room, picture quality is exceptional for the price and it has user-friendly and easy to customise menus.

If your a console gamer this is a must buy.

The picture quality is what i expected and is really good.

The picture is amazing and so is the sound. I have read some people had issues with the sound, i have no idea why. Looks great and easily went up on the wall.

Great picture quality and speed. The specs are excellent and very useful.

The tv is excellent, has amazing picture quality and sound. Can see a huge difference when on hd channels which makes you realise if you want the best from the tv you really do need to upgrade to hd otherwise the quality is very poor on standard channels. The tv has a smart remote that works wonderfully with all our other devices (ps4, xbox one, bt tv, chromecast) which makes life easier. I have dropped a star not because of the performance of the tv but because we had a bad time with the supplier, we needed it replaced as it was scratched on arrival and taken over 2 weeks for it to get a replacement.

Amazing value for what i got. Sold as used – like new due to box por e really being damaged but tv works fine and is amazing.

No dislikes spot on delivery right price yes all good with me.

Received a call 2 days before expected delivery asking if i wanted the unit earlier (which i chose). Arrived outside of the expected delivery which can be expected, tv works fine, all in all a very satisfied customer.

Nice service from reliant direct.

Fantastic tv and a great value for money.

Build quality excellent, picture excellent, sound excellent. Smart hub can be a pita at times but only in minor ways. Game mode works weel with both amd ?& nvidea graphics solutions but superb with freesync & amd solutions. Games console (amd) & pc (amd) both display 4k @ 60hz hdmi uhd colour.

My electric shaver has a longer power lead, and it was a fraction of the price.

Picture quality and general features are impressive for the price. Sound is good although a bit bassy.

I brought this tv as an upgrade from an old non-4k tv thinking it would be great for playing the xbox one x on. Some games work fairly well, while others are very choppy and almost impossible to play due to the visual discomfort caused. I’ve tried playing with the settings and haven’t had any luck resolving the issue.

Good: i initially bought nu7400, curved va panel but only have 300 nits brightness. I was struggling to use it in a bridgt room. This q6fn has 500 nits brightness and can work majority of the time. Picture quality, i am happy enough as my normal sdr 1080p 60hz contents play very nice in this tv. Bad: despite it does support apple airplay2 and it only work occasionally, it does not have extensive apps in its store. For people like me who is geeky, i have to connect to a android tv box to enjoy playing videos in lan connected hard drive/nas, screen sharing, using apps to sing karaoke, etc. Ugly: the picture quality in menu is over saturated and not adjustable. Picture profile only applies to the main full screen content and does not apply to menu picture profile. And only this model, the default picture profile for menu is terrible.

The best tv i’ve seen for the price love it.

Its very good, all new apps installed.

We faced some problem with the order but the seller was helpful and quickly resolved the issue. Hopefully it should work fine.

The tv and the process of receiving it was great and outperformed my expectations.

Awesome high-end tv with qled technology which looks amazing in both hd and 4k with hdr+. The picture quality is amazing with great blacks which are deep and uniform, colours are excellent, and the motion technology is so smooth, something i’ve never seen in a tv. Smart features are great, and the interface is so good that i don’t need to use amazon fire stick anymore as the interface is quick and clear. Samsung has the widest collection of apps from bt sport to amazon video which is excellent. They are very fast and smooth which i think is important compared to other tv brands. The smart remote is the same as the one included in all high-end samsung tvs. It’s used for the tv’s voice control. It can control most of the tv’s settings and answer basic questions, like selecting an app or finding 4k content. The quality of the build is great, slim great edging which makes it look high end compared to the black plastic finish on lower end models. The cable management gaps at the back is convenient to thread all your hdmi cables to make a tidy finish at the back.

Great customer service by the family-owned company. The product arrived sharpish and is amazing.