Samsung BD-J5900 NEW CURVED DESIGN – 2D/3D – Built-in WI-FI – Multi Zone A/B/C & Region Code Free DVD 012345678 PAL/NTSC Blu Ray Player – Great Blu Ray Multi Regional player

Purchased this as a replacement blu-ray player for my playstation 3 after the optical drive on it failed (i never played games anyway and only used it as a blu-ray player. As i have a host of multiple region dvd’s i decided on this as it would compliment my other multi-region dvd player, and include multi-region blu-ray too. Having a samsung tv also swayed my decision on the bd-j5900 as i wanted the anynet+ functionality and i am perhaps childishly excited when i turn the player on and my tv switches itself on too and goes to the right hdmi input straight away.I also noted that if i pause a disc, then eventually the player turns off, and soon after the tv switches itself off too. (i received a phone call half way through watching something). Never saw this behaviour before. The image quality of this player is superb, and i’m sure the picture is even clearer than my ps3 was. Audio too, seems a little crisper and centre channel a tad louder than the ps3, though that could be my imagination. Whatever the reason, it sounds great.

Does exactly what it says on the box, very happy with it.

Just received this july 16, works perfectly out of the box on multi region dvd’s also plays blue ray no issues, same controller as smart tv, one less to worry about .

Up to now this product has lived up to what was said about it thank you.

Very easy to setup and to use when playing bds or dvds for other regions. Arguably one of my favourite purchases this year. I also enjoy the screen mirroring feature using my mobile. My only gripe is that it has no indicator on the front to show when it is on or not. Other than that recommended.

What a remarkable piece of engineering, style and performance. Although i haven’t had time to fully put this beauty through it’s paces, i am sure that i won’t be disappointed. Marrying this multi – region player up to my recently acquired 50 inch samsung h6400 television, the audio and video on blu ray can only be described as staggeringingly ‘stunning.

Couldn’t get wireless to work other than that a good machine.

Just great looks great and does all what it said so easy to set up and use.

I was recently given one of these for my birthday. The dvds play well, but i am disappointed that iplayer is not available as yet, because on the samsung site it states that this machine should have the app.

Great blu ray multi regional player, very easy to set up great value for money, dispatched to me very quickly.

Here are the specifications for the Samsung BD-J5900 NEW CURVED DESIGN – 2D/3D – Built-in WI-FI – Multi Zone A/B/C & Region Code Free DVD 012345678 PAL/NTSC Blu Ray Player:

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  • BD Zone A/B/C DVD Region 012345678 PAL/NTSC
  • 100-240V 50/60Hz – Built-in Wi-FI – 2D/3D – Plays CDs, DVDs & Blu Ray Discs
  • MPEG-2, MPEG-4, JPEG, DivX HD, AVCHD, MKV, WMV DivX XviD AVi MKV all the codecs and ultra fast loading
  • Built in Wi-Fi and LAN Access streaming content like Amazon Video, Youtube, Hulu and more with the Samsung BD-J5900 Blu-ray Disc Player.
  • Plays 2D/3D Blu-ray Regions: A, B and C Plays All-Region DVDs: Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. 0 PAL/NTSC Plays PAL and NTSC Region DVDs, BDs and Music CDs.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Blu Ray Multi Regional player
  • great bit of kit
  • Five Stars