Samsung HWMS650 Sound – Great Soundbar

Great performance-love the bluetooth aspect.

Choosing a soundbar is very tricky, i had a nice onkyo lb-50 (or something like that) with seperate sub woofer. I decided with my new 65′ sony tv to upgrade. I did not want the hassle of a full blow surround system but still wanted great sound. As i have sky i bought the sky soundbar, sound quality not great and compatability with anything other than sky was poor, sent it back. Bought this samsung and not looked back. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s very easy to set up, it sounds great and it just works. Lovely remote, also easy to configure and set up existing sky remotes to turn volume up and down on it. I recommend the surround mode. Even though i believe it has 9 forward facing speakers and no side or rear speakers?.The surround effect is pretty good.

Having undertaken a great deal of on-line and in shop research i finally took the plunge and bought this to go with my samsung ultra hd tv. One of the best tech decisions i have ever made. I have looked at numerous other options including those at far higher prices but have found nothing to compare to this sounder. It is extremely simple to set up. I have mine set up via wifi connection and control it via my sky q remote. The sound quality is exceptional and with the smart function turned on it adapts extremely effectively to the programme being shown. As a single soundbar you might think it would lack bass depth but it does not. For those who like extreme heavy base a matching sub base is available but unless you want to aggravate your neighbours i do not think it is needed. The bar is quite big at over 1metre in length but the pay off is worth it. At £475 at amazon, as opposed to £600 in the shops this is great value.

Definitely for the bigger tv though.

Lovely sounds great, looks good a little bulky but nice.

Fantastic soundbar, huge volume range that could fill a village hall, great to have spare volume for those quiet recordings though (check the buttons on the side after installation if it seems quiet). Hdmi arc works perfectly meaning your tv remote will control the volume (turn tv volume right down). Solid and heavy piece of kit, if mounting under tv make sure you have a chunky bracket, cheap brackets bend. Included wall mounts are excellent. Superb sound and great base, no need for a subwoofer unless you want floor rumbling base. Pre sets are great for clear voice, music, film etc. Bluetooth connection very easy, wifi set up easy using the samsung app. Alexa set up bit more involved but use the samsung app to link your account and remember to rename the device to an alexa friendly one – i used the unimaginative ‘soundbar’. Overall, pricey but it’s a top quality product – it’s worth the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great sound bar
  • Excellent sound bar
  • Top quality as you’d expect from Samsung.