Samsung Level U Pro Wireless Headphone : Good quality but a bit large with neck band

Needed a bluetooth headset to compliment my new smartphone, and after using bose for the past 6 years, plumped for these after reading the reviews. Easy to use and although the neckband can feel bulky at first, you soon get used to it and the trade off for the extended battery life is well worth it. If your using this with a samsung phone, the app is great as it allows you to tune each earbud to your own hearing levels, ensuring the correct balance.

Have mine for 2 years, non anc version, no issues at all, just wish they worked with google assistant – our only option in settings is s voice. Edit: ok i’m changing from 4 stars to 5 as i figured out how to make them work with google assistant and can confirm from a few days of testing that google assistant works 100% of the time now with my level u pro’s.

The sound quality on these headphones are ok. The mic quality is poor for people on the other end of the call. Battery life is no way near what’s advertised. The collar can be a little annoying at times. On the plus side connectivity with my s6 edge was effortless, as is the control of volume and music from the buttons on the side of the collar.

Great for the price, i wanted them for cycling which are great, my only issue is there a bit cumberson the size of bacon and to put away. I think i preferred my bluetooth ones that were only £20 without a neck band.

Overall product was good, my main gripe was the incompatibility with android, sounds weird cause samsung phones are android, but samsung always seems to add some kind of algorithm to make their products function better with their phones. I could not not get this to activate google now, and i tried with my google pixel xl and motorola z. Even the cheapest headphones work properly. And to be fair i tried 2 different level u’s before giving up and becoming a nuisance to amazon by constantly returning the same product. Everything else about it i liked.

Just the best in sound and so light you won’t know you have it on. Was a gift for hubby who is really pleased with it.

I had some sony sbh-80 which i loved, however the cable eventually wore out. Deliberated over neckbands matching the sbh-80, on-ear headphone, and bluetooth ear buds (not apple airpods which look like electric toothbrush ends shoved in your ears ;0) ). Mostly used on a plane with consideration of how to store them, the ear buds mean i need the charge box taking up more pocket space, the on-ears need more luggage space for storage and read they can get uncomfortable after long periods, so stayed with a neckband. Was interested in how well the anc worked since they weren’t +£150 with some more serious noise cancelling solution, and was really please and surprised how good they are. Definitly an improvement on the sony sbh. The level u have a really good sound quality and are a really nice fit, plus don’t easily fall out. The volume level is really good, usually the volume is limited to the phone volume max level, but these are able to go louder via the side controls or phone app which seperates phone and neckband volumes. The samsung level u app was really good for adjusting the base, volume etc. And liked its ability to read out messages when you set the notification to ‘detail’.

Build quality and sound is amazinglevel app for samsung phones is great for notifications read to you. Since i already own the level u pro i thought these would be great with the addition of the anc. Unfortunately as i’ve owned sony and bose noise cancelling headphones these don’t get close (of course these are cheaper). I couldn’t tell if it was on or off. My main complaint was due to the actual microphones holes causing whistling in wind which causes more noise than it cancels. Sadly returned and will carry on using my non-anc pair.

  • Love it apart from the ANC
  • Brilliant!!!
  • Excellent headphones and sound quality

Samsung Level U Pro Wireless Headphone with ANC – Black

Product Description, UHQ Audio (96 kHz/24 bit) provides better sound quality than CD quality audio (44.1 kHz/16 bit). With UHQ-BT technology, minimise audio loss to enjoy your contents rich sound.
Enjoy clearer sound across a spectrum of low, mid and high ranges with two powerful speakers – 13 mm dynamic and 13 mm piezo units.
Designed for comfort, the neck-band design and urethane material joints mean users can put on or take off their level U Pro with ease. Hybrid canal type ear tips provide sound insulation as well as a comfortable fit.
Enjoy your music with a friend. Sound with Me lets you share your favourite tunes in real time through a Bluetooth connection.
The Level U Pro supports NR (Noise Reduction) and EC (Echo Cancellation) technology that distinguishes a human voice from external noise, providing crystal-clear call quality.
Thanks to the raised design of the buttons on the neck band for accessibility you can control your headset with ease. Adjust volume settings, play/pause and skip tracks, all without having to take out your paired device.
Features magnetic clasps that keep your earbuds out of the way when you are not using them. Detach the clasps to instantly answer voice calls or play audio tracks or attach the clasps to end your call or pause the audio track you are listening to.

Box Contains, Samsung LEVEL U Pro with ANC Headphones – Black

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Fantastic sound, great sound noise cancelation and ear fitting. And it recharges the battery suprisingly fast.

Works ok when listening to music, but if you talking to someone, they have problem hearing you do there is a problem with microphone.

I first bought the level u pro for £69. But then thought i would change them and buy the pro anc for £99. This one was supposed to have better sound call quality since it has anc (active noise cancellation). I found that this was totally not the case. I don’t like sending things back. Plus i lost the packaging anyway. Why can’t items just do what they say.

The sound quality of these earphones is so smooth and listenable, that i have decided to stop using my bluetooth sennheiser headphones, which i never thought i would do when i bought these. Plus the noise cancelling works really well when i am riding my motorcycle, cutting out all the low frequency noise from the wind and engine, and the volume and pause controls are easy to use, even with motorcycle gloves on. These earphones have a well thought out design and lack nothing in the sound quality department.

  • Love it apart from the ANC
  • Brilliant!!!
  • Excellent headphones and sound quality

Samsung Level U Pro Wireless Headphone with ANC – Black

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