Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Solo Microwave : Stylish on the worktop

Great wee microwave so simple to use.

A reliable make of microwave and samsung have resisted the temptation to make this over-complicated. It does exactly what you want of a microwave. At first glance the instruction book looks unbelievably involved but it really isn’t: you can stick to the basic functions and ignore the extras if you choose to. There are symbols on the 2 main buttons indicating whether you want to cook or defrost and then you just turn the dial to the amount of time you want, then push the start button. You can stop it at any time and open the door or you can add more time by pressing the +30s button once or more for each extra 30 seconds you want. There is also a “healthy cooking” feature with 16 pre-programmed times for various specified foods. Useful if you are not sure how long something should be cooked for, and saves having to set the time and the power level. Other extras include a “my plate” auto-reheat programme and an auto power defrost programme which calculates the time needed to defrost based on the weight you enter for each item. Otherwise just defrost manually. There are lots of helpful charts with suggested times for cooking, defrosting and reheating and a few hints about things like melting chocolate.

This samsung 23l microwave is great value at £80. Designed to fit on your worktop it looks stylish in black with silver handle and does not take up too much space. It arrived very well packaged and it was beautifully simple to open it up, plug in and get started. There is a very comprehensive booklet to go with it that has helpful tables for cooking and defrosting times, but these are the features we have used most so far and liked:there is a child safety lockthe door handle is so easy for opening and closing, no button to pushit takes a large size dinner plate easily, and you can stack dishes using separator rings (not included)the microwave is quiet in operationinside is ceramic lined and incredibly easy to clean off splashes and spillssetting the heat level and the time is simplethere is a useful reheat for 30 second bursts feature on the on the start buttondeodorise function eliminates smells e. After cooking fishthe auto defrost seems to work better and more evenly than others we have triedit just cooks/steams/reheats/defrosts – it is not a combination microwave with grill/oven functions. This keeps it nice and simple, invaluable in any kitchen.

Absolutely first rate microwave – easy to control and stylish to look at. It doesn’t come with a huge number of extras but for the price-point it’s perfectly well featured and compares well with other microwaves in at this approximate cost. If you use your microwave for all kinds of fancy cooking it probably won’t have the options you might expect. Really it’s just the standard set you’ll get on anything.

The three sources of microwaves make it very efficient. Cooks through every time very pleased with it.

This gleaming black samsung ms23f301tak/eu solo is a smart-looking little beast that meets our needs. There are no temperature probes or other fancy stuff, it’s just a basic microwave that does all you really need. I like:* it’s big enough to accommodate our largest dinner plates. * the ceramic interior makes the oven very easy to keep clean. * using the control knob makes it possible to adjust cooking time precisely, ie not in 10 second steps as with our previous microwave. I dislike:there is not a door release button, you have to grab the handle and heave. This gives me some concern i’ll pull the appliance off the worktop, which hasn’t happened yet but still troubles me.

Good microwave – good all rounder at a good price.

Its a fairly small microwave and has all the key features you need for basic + microwave use. Firstly it’s good quality, looks great and is easy to use. The pull door handle is straightforward and effective and meals were cooked evenly with little fuss. The time is easy to use, set up and adjust and i found the power defrost easily defrosted 4 chicken breasts effectively and safely. Easy to clean and maintain – a basic enough oven from a reputable brand.

  • Impressed!
  • Big enough for a dinner plate.
  • Great tasting microwaved food.

Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Solo Microwave, 23 liters, Black

Product Description, Black 23 Litre Solo Microwave with Healthy Cooking function and Power Defrost. Its Triple Distribution System cooks food thoroughly and evenly while it’s Ceramic Enamel interior is easy to clean, durable and scratch resistant. This Microwave  comes with a 2 Year Warranty (registration required within 90 days of purchase from

Box Contains, Samsung Solo Microwave, Turntable, User Manual.

From the manufacturer

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK, Enjoy perfectly cooked food with Samsung’s innovative Triple Distrib

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK

Enjoy perfectly cooked food with Samsung’s innovative Triple Distribution System.

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK, Samsung’s innovative Triple Distribution system

Triple Distribution System

There is nothing like a perfectly cooked dish. Our innovative Triple Distribution System achieves this by emitting microwaves from three points, delivering a more effective, evenly spread heat to any dish.

Key Features

  • Solo 23L, LED, 800W
  • Triple Distribution System
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Power Defrost
  • Memory Function
  • Deodorisation
  • Child Lock
  • LED Display

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK, Samsung’s innovative Triple Distribution system

Ceramic Enamel Interior

Its exceptionally smooth anibacterial surface makes it easy to clean. It is also highly rust and scratch resistant so it won’t discolour over time.

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK, Samsung’s innovative Triple Distribution system

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK, Samsung’s innovative Triple Distribution system

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK, Samsung’s innovative Triple Distribution system

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK, Samsung’s innovative Triple Distribution system

Healthy Cooking

Choose from a variety of healthy pre-set ‘Cook with Ease’ menus.

Power Defrost

The Power Defrost feature lets you defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly so they’re ready to be cooked.

Energy saving

Reduce the use of your standby power with ECO Mode to help save money on your energy bills.

Memory Function

The Memory Function allows you store the cooking time and power necessary to perfectly cook your favourite foods.

23L Solo Microwave MS23F301TAK, Samsung’s innovative Triple Distribution system


Eliminates the lingering odour of strong smelling ingredients as you cook them and leaves the interior smelling fresh.

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My old russell hobbs microwave had packed up. I was lazy looking after it (cleaning it etc) and so i knew that my replacement microwave was going to be a samsung one. The ceramic interior sold me straight away, plus there is the added bonus of no odours. It’s easy to wipe down, looks very smart and expensive. Super simple to use although i haven’t taken advantage of all the buttons, i generally just use the timer and defrost settingso far so good, very happy with my purchase. The only thing i would say is despite there being protective film over all the buttons and shiny bits, when peeled off i noticed a couple of scratches by the dial and buttons. Not a major issue as it doesn’t affect the use and they’re not too noticeable but i like my brand new purchases to look pristine.

Great works well like the reminder if you leave food in after heating has finished.

At under £80 the samsung ms23f301tak/eu solo microwave is exceptionally good value for money; not only does it look good but it also does the job. The exterior body is a nice matt black (less likely to show smears or dust) finished with a black glass door and almost full height brushed stainless steel handle which has a streamlined appearance and one that is likely to suit most kitchen styles. It has a darkly-coloured ceramic enamel interior which is very quickly wiped clean and that is advertised as being rust resistant which is good to hear as i’ve encountered several problems with the appearance of rust in past microwave ovens. The control panel looks very neat and is very easy to use; the instructions are simple to follow in the manual which is written in a clear style. Food is heated evenly, which could be down to the triple heat distribution system of the oven. The oven, overall, is well-built and robust and is an appliance i suspect will last a long time. A good quality, stylish, basic oven at a reasonable price, which, to me justifies a five-star rating.

Ticks all the boxes pleased with this microwave oven.

The samsung ms23f301tak is a posh looking, easy to use small microwave oven. It arrived very well packed and was super easy to setup – take it out of the box, remove coverings, put turn-plate in, plug in – that’s it. There are a few buttons, but the basic operation is super simple – one button to run 30s and increases of 30s on each press. Any other time is a button and the turn-wheel. Opening is simple too – just pull the handle, no buttons to press. Automatic defrosting is very good too – it genuinely tries to defrost the meat instead of cooking bits of it and having the middle still frozen – we have tried it – it’s not perfect but it’s much better than our previous microwaves. It’s relatively small but fits a large dinner plate (i mean the large posh size). The inside is ceramic thus non-stick thus very easy to clean. And it looks really good in our kitchen.

The microwave looks good and is working well but for some reason the internal light doesn’t come on when i am heating something up. Not great as i cannot see what is going on inside. Now need to follow up with samsung customer service to try to sort which is a hassle.

Works perfectly, no issues and for the price i really couldn’t have asked for more.

Pros:1: 80% less condensation than my previous microwave. 2: fits a large 28cm wide dinner plate with ease. . Its very roomy inside with no lumps or bumps to worry about. 3: very big & stable glass turntable. 4: ceramic enamel interior ( should last longer & be tougher than a spray painted surface that flakes & rusts over time. Like my old microwave did )5: smooth performance in startup & while cooking. No loud bangs during startup like the microwave it replaces. 6: very quiet in my opinion. . Once again it beats the microwave it replaces in this department with ease. 7: even though it feels cheap, the door closes a lot nicer & quieter than my old one.

  • Impressed!
  • Big enough for a dinner plate.
  • Great tasting microwaved food.

Samsung MS23F301TAK/EU Solo Microwave, 23 liters, Black

This has been in use for about two weeks and i am very pleased with it. I like the controls as they are easy to use and fairly intuitive. The oven is mostly used for heating rather than cooking so the 30 second button is very useful (push twice for a minute etc. ), the manual is easy enough to follow. It heats food evenly and is very quiet in use. I rather like the deodorisation feature which will get rid of curry smells etc. And i like the big handle making it easy to open the door; better for me than using a hard-to-press mechanical push button. Well the light is not very bright and it’s not really possible to see the food whilst it’s heating (if that’s your thing?), and i wish manufacturer would include a battery backup for the clock (we get short power cuts here a few times a month) and whilst it’s not a big issue, it would be great if the clock kept its settinghope it lasts for a while.

I like to warm up smallpastries, sausage rolls and pies. The timing dial allows me to be precise to the second so over-cooking pastry can be avoided. I also cook rice, bulgur wheat and quinoa in a bag and this is great for reducing cooking times. I have tried some asda sweet dishes, such as sticky toffee pudding and this produced a perfectly cooked sponge.

Another excellent samsung oven in terms of build quality and looks. I have a slightly more expensive samsung microwave which has a few more functions (only occasionally used), so at this price point this oven covers all that you really need from a day-to-day microwave. Very easy and intuitive to use after just a quick scan of the instruction manual as well, and it’s quiet in use with intuitive button selections.

I’m very impressed with this very sleek, shiny looking microwave. It looks perfect in our kitchen as all of our other appliances are also black. The microwave is easy to operate, all we ever use a microwave for is heating up ready meals, you can press the 30 second button or choose to turn the wheel for a more accurate and precise time. The main thing for us is that it fits our plates in ok and it does, it doesn’t fit our square plates that we have but our last microwave didn’t either. It does however fit our full sized dinner plates so it’s perfect for re-heating meals. To open you pull the handle and the door opens, our last microwave was this type and this microwave seems heavier than our last one so it doesn’t pull forward when you pull the handle which is much betterall in all highly recommended, there’s many other settings too such as defrosting and eco-mode which may to appeal to some people. The microwave is also easy to wipe clean after food explosions too. Great product, very impressed.

Had and old 800w microwave before this one and i’m pleasantly suprised how different it cooks. On the old one a burger placed in the middle would leave this white centre starch on the top middle but with this microwave it cooks evenly throughout so it looks like a fresh burger. Maybe that was a sign the old one was on its way out or this one has a much better way of cooking i like to think. The clock display is a really nice blue colour which you can hide in eco mode if you don’t like flicking a plug switch and it has numerous other functions i’ll never use since i only want to heat food up in it, but it’s large, quiet, cooks evenly and it very stylish. Best microwave we’ve ever had.

. It’s like a microwave that isn’t s**t. It works great and doesn’t over cook. The biggest test is that it cooks popcorn perfectly without burning.

I really like this microwave. Well built and the ceramic interior is easy to clean. Its very neat and compact without unnecessary bulky plastic covers and fits into a kitchen very well. There are plenty of power settings and programmes to get you started quickly and i like the manual time diali found it heated most things evenly and on the whole is very pleasant to use.

A good sized turntable that goes right to the edge of the unit enabling me to place bigger items in it than my last microwave. Does the job, has heated my ready meals and made scrambled egg and a sponge pudding all with no problem. Only tiny down thing about it is i would say visibility inside is poor. Once the door is closed and you are cooking something like scrambled eggs in a glass bowl which i normally do a bit by sight as well as by time, you cannot see what is happening inside despite the light. The mesh makes it too unclear compared to my last microwave. That is the only down thing about it though, otherwise delighted with it.

Features and Spesification

  • Triple Distribution System – Enjoy consistently even, thorough cooking thanks to three heat distribution points to ensure there are no cold spots.
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior – It’s exceptionally smooth antibacterial surface makes it easy to clean. It is also highly rust and scratch resistant so it won’t discolour over time.
  • Healthy Cooking – Choose from a variety of healthy pre-set ‘Cook with Ease’ menus.
  • Power Defrost – The Power Defrost feature lets you defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly so they’re ready to be cooked.
  • ECO Mode – Reduce the use of your standby power with ECO Mode to help save money on your energy bills.