Samsung MS23H3125AK – Solo Sensor Microwave Oven in Finish – Great value for money

Excellent product and delivery.

Looks are very stylish especially non modern kitchens and it has a lot of features however most of these are just your standard jacket potatoes types. The actual microwave heats up food quickly so is great for its intended purpose. There is an issue with it as unless you put some rubber non slip mat under it when you try to open the door, it will slide across the surface.

Wanted a larger microwave this is perfect, easy to use and clean.

Great machine at a good price.

I had this model and the one slightly above it with a grill element. Both are very similar and in different houses. Both hae worked well so far and have many more functions than i actually need but i wanted a digital screen and a 30 second pulse switch, easy to clean surface and in general a quality product that would not start to rust or become generally tatty. Both these models fit the bill and i have had them for over six months now. I came across the one with the grill first and as i do not have much use for grill in a microwave don’t use it, so in many ways it is literally a waste of space as it reduces the space in the cooking area because it comes down about an inch and looks like a conventional grill element. For me not worth the tiny extra cost. The functions are far from intuitive to the extent that there are printed instructions on the door frame. A more advanced display showing options in english instead of just numbers would have been a considerable help for anyone intending to use it fully. However for just blitzing food in 30 second increments it is pretty good. Maybe if you use it every day for one plate meals it would be good as there is a function for this as well as many other senarios.

Great product – not too loud, heats food well, compact exterior but large interior, easy to use, easy to clean.

I saw this microwave on a store and the price was 140 gbp. Searched on amazon and found this bargain. Lovely item and very easy to use.

Good allrounder,interior light not bright enough.

Pros: looks greatcons:unit is very light so when you pull the handle to open the door the whole unit moves. (it’s on a granite surface)start button is in a rather awkward place on the bottom right under the rather large dial. Button would be much better placed at the top. It’s not intuitive in it’s operational functions eithertakes longer to heat items on full power than i would have expected, but the last microwave was a 900w so maybe this is expected.

I didnt buy as got cheaper but want combi version one day love style.

Everything works fine, easy to use, well built,quality product, well pleased, great price.

Very prompt deliver and well packaged. Works very well and easy set up, love the black gloss finish. Here are the specifications for the Samsung MS23H3125AK – Solo Sensor Microwave Oven in Finish:

  • 23L capacity & compact design – ideal for smaller households
  • Easy to use button controls and LED display
  • Choose from 6 power levels
  • Make life simple with 19 Auto Cook & 5 Sensor Cook options
  • Smart Moisture Sensor ensures perfectly cooked fresh vegetables

My stomach revolves around it­čśś.

Bought to replace a small sharp microwave. This is quieter and the controls pretty simple. Seems to heat the food evenly and does a good job. Don’t notice that it is bigger than the 17l sharp.

Love this item and speedy delivery.

Very easy to use and does the job well.

Neat and compact and matched perfectly x.

This microwave was chosen not because of reviews or features, but because a close relative has one in use for about two year and no issues and is really pleased with it. It looks well in the all black livery (it also comes in black and white ). Controls are simple to understand and you are up and running in minutes. Some nice touches are the sensor heating for vegetables – very good for items like broccoli, but not so good for carrots which need a few times through the sensor cycle to cook properly. The frame inside the door along the top has a handy chart summarising the cooking and defrost settings for common items. A nice touch and very useful too. Defrosting works well at recommended settings without tilting over into cooking the item too. All microwaves vary even if the max wattage is the same. There will be a little trial and error to get things just right if you are replacing an old microwave. When new, the door is latch when opening can cause the microwave to move slightly on the worktop, but it soon loosens enough for this to stop happening while still retaining a solid door closure.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Very good, simple to use microwave which delivers in both performance and style
  • Great value for money
  • Love it.

Everything you need in a microwave.

Really pleased with the microwave, very easy to use.

Had had it for a few months now and would really recommend it. Heats food effectively and evenly. Has many auto-cook settings. Has a sensor which monitors your food humidity and adjusts cooking time and power to heat food without drying it out. Eco mode means clock is not displayed all the time and so reduces power usage when not in use. Cons:-none that i have come across yet.