Samsung MS23K3555EK/EU Solo Microwave – Fantastic.

We had a previous model of this microwave (ms23f301eak) and what really appealed was the simplicity of the design. No mission control-style bank of complicated settings that you’ll never use (‘this button microwaves half a fish but only on a thursday’ etc) – just one dial for power and one for time. This model is sadly moving back towards the more complicated version but the basics are still very sound. A quick 30 second button and a stop button will probably be all that most of us ever need.You will be glad to know that it still does that very wellif you really want to do all the other stuff this microwave definitely offers a lot of options, plus the glass steamer ‘locks in moisture, flavour and nutrients’ and is actually a handy dish to have around. I can’t see who the ‘keep warm’ function will really appeal to (a microwave is there to heat up your food there and then surely?) but it’s there if you want it. The microwave has a nice gloss black front and refreshingly easy to keep clean both inside and out. All-in-all, i prefer the simplicity of my older model but this is definitely a decent, solid microwave which should last you a while.

This model is very sleek and attractive and definitely looks good on your kitchen side. It is a nice size, not too big but definitely not small. There aren’t a million settings to this microwave, which admittedly is a relief to me because if difficult to use i would never use it lol. The options/buttons are: auto cook, quick defrost, healthy steam, microwave, deodrorization (which is a handy option), favourite, stop/eco and start/30 seconds (this being the most used option). It is easy to wipe clean and i haven’t had any issues cleaning this. Like others have said, the downside to this microwave is you cannot see your food at all. Overall i am pretty happy with this. It is expensive but it’s samsung and the quality is excellent and i imagine this will last a good long while.

With a volume of 23 litres, a turntable diameter of 29cm (11. 25 inches) and a maximum power output of 800 watts, this medium-sized microwave cooker is big enough and powerful enough for most domestic purposes. It is also smart and generally convenient. The top and sides are a single metal panel, finished with what appears to be polypropylene. The latter doesn’t have the high shine of the exterior of most microwave cookers, but it looks fine, and is easy enough to keep clean. Use of the cooker is fairly straightforward, especially at the simple re-heating or quick cooking levels – e. Being able to press the start button for 30 seconds of action, or several times for further increments of 30 seconds, is particularly convenient, and will appeal to family members who don’t want to read the instruction book, but simply heat or re-heat something.

I had no idea that samsung made microwaves, but now i know. This is a little different from any i’ve used before. The steamer concept is a bit odd being comprised of a pyrex dish (included) and a control setting. Still, it works well and the fact that the setting allows one less appliance in the kitchen, this will probably prove to be a great idea. Why don’t all good microwaves have this setting?it also has a deodorisation feature, something i’ve never seen before. Greatthe design is very nice and simple and really easy to keep clean.

A quality brand and this a lovely looking microwave and perfect for solo or a couples use. It’s fairly compact and does the job with minimum fuss – power control, timer and start so if you just want to heat up and have fairly simple tasks including defrosting then this microwave is a good choice. Its large enough for a full size dinner plate and power control is specific and easy. I found food cooked fine and evenly and the defrost function was reasonably accurate by weight but certainly defrosted a salmon piece well and quite quickly. Overall an excellent quality microwave and is good value.

The samsung mw3500k solo microwave is contemporary and stylish, and just what we wanted. We chose this product specifically for the steamer option. In addition, it fitted into a rather cramped area, so that was a plus point too. Correspondingly happy with the keep-warm function, which is a good idea. This type of microwave oven is easy to wipe clean. The microwave has good dimensions, so if space is premium then this unit is worth considering. Only time will tell on how durable this oven is. However, the not so good; cannot see your food, when cooking through the door, due to the black tinting on the glass. When setting cooking/heating time, it can be a fiddly process, and somewhat overly complicated compared to other microwave ovens we have had in the past. Notwithstanding a few issues, this is a good product, worthy of four-stars.

I’ve always liked samsung products, be they phones or tv’s, so i was only too keen to get a microwave that they made. It’s gloriously sleek, with a lovely minimalist option setting. Setting the time to cook your meal is as easy as turning a dial to the desired time. Cleaning is easy too, as a damp cloth is pretty much all you need.

This is a great looking microwave, with some great features. Especially the steam facility with the purpose pyrex dish for steaming fish and vegetables. The fish is cooked soft and the vegetables crunchy both packed with flavour. 5mins instead of significantly longer in a purpose steamer. The overall cooking is superb as it cooks evenly and quickly so you don’t have nuke the food. Never been one for microwaving food but the quality of this one makes the food taste delicious.

Like most samsung microwaves this one is very good, don’t be taken in by the steamer though its just a pyrex dish but having said that another dish isn’t a bad thing as they have a habit of getting chipped. Its well made like all samsung products and very easy to clean and use, its a tiny bit more complex to use than other microwaves from samsung but not any real problem, once you get use to its controls its plain sailing. As for how long it will last i gave my older samsung microwave to my grandma and had that one for over a year with no problems at all and if this one lives upto that standard i’l be happy as they aren’t that expensive at around £100 compared to most other things we have to buy these days. The only downside like others have stated is its very hard to see inside, but thats a minor flaw i can easily ignore. Overall another great microwave from samsung, which should last for years without any problems, i will add to the review if this isn’t the case.

This is a great little microwave, with a poorly-considered set of controls. The important thing to grasp is that there is a small almost-invisible button to the right of the knob that you need to press to confirm any selection you make with the rest of the controls. Once you realise that you’re awayas to the listed features: the instant 30-second cook function of the start button is really useful. The programmed cooking is not great if you’re used to a sensor microwave – you have to have exactly the quantity to use the program. The steam feature is just marketing – they just supply a pyrex dish with a rubber mat to seperate the veg and the water. Overall, a good value 23l microwave. If that’s the size you need this is a good choice.

Our old samsung stopped working so we checked around for 1 that would meet our needs mainly the ceramic wipe clean interior and the ease of use and samsung is a brand we know and trust along with appliances direct who we have purchased several items from in the past, this clinched it for us so we have it now and it is in daily use with no complaints.

This was originally going to be a gift for a friend of our’s house-warming, but we had to try it. And now it sits in our kitchen (our old one only about a year old. Its great, like the ceramic walls, very easy to clean. Like the 30 sec option, good for the kids when they want to warm stuff safely but most of all, the ‘beeping reminder’, for those of us who forget we’ve actually put something in the microwave. (i will not mention anyone in my house. So, looks great, lovely finish, really easy to set up and a welcome member of the kitchen.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • fits our christmas dinner plates inside
  • Good microwave but with added complications
  • Very good Microwave at a good price.