Samsung NEW CURVED CODE FREE BD-J5100 MultiZone Region CodeFree DVD 012345678 PAL/NTSC Blu Ray Zone A/B/C – Five Stars

Easy to set up and played dvds & blu-ray straight away with no fuss. Small, compact and reasonably priced. Very happy with this purchase.

Fast loading player, memory function for easy continuation after stop etc. Many pre-installed apps and good webbrowser to find your own websites. Cables and plugs for most parts of the world. Excellent in combination with my epson laser projector.

I bought this for being region free, it is a great dvd player, but if you decide to buy region fre check if there is a hack to make a region 2 region free a lot cheaper way of doing it.

Does exactly what it said on the tin and more. All dvds play fine; i’ve even played brd from regions a & b without manual configuration being needed.

Item works perfectly as described – works with all dvd and blu-ray formats from all regions. Simple to use and has the added feature of being able to play media files (pictures files, mp3 and mp4) as well, either from disk or usb stick. Can be networked via ethernet cable for upgrades, wi-fi would’ve been nice, but i suppose you can’t have everything. Overall, great little unit and great service – would definitely recommend both the unit and this seller again.

Excellent region free blu-ray player that plays dvds from anywhere and plays blu-rays from regions a, b & c, it came brand new and was delivered fast & to play blu-rays from america and canada press 1 for u. K and europe prees 2 on the remote etc.

Still the great screen with 4k uhd blu-ray movies.

Good product, price and quick delivery.

This is a great product, it is so easy to play all regions of blu ray’s, it is sleek and great quality.

I bought this in november 2015. And am well impressed by it’s sharpness and sound qualityi don’t like the idea that you do not know when you have left it on (there is no power light)also on the occasional disc it will not play comes up with mismatch of region codehas anyone else had this problem?.

The hdmi cable which came with it was a basic one and was not powerfully enough to connect with new samsung tv. As soon as i replaced this with high powered gold plated hdmi connection was excellent.

Easy to set up & plays all region dvds & blu ray zones.

Here are the specifications for the Samsung NEW CURVED CODE FREE BD-J5100 MultiZone Region CodeFree DVD 012345678 PAL/NTSC Blu Ray Zone A/B/C:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • REGION-FREE – MULTI REGION – CODE-FREE – BD Zone A, B & C  Play Any Blu-ray and DVD Region 012345678 PAL/NTSC Works on all TVs with HDMI connection
  • Play Pal and NTSC; 110-240 volts. Play any region DVD or Blu-ray from anywhere in the world!
  • REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION FOR SMART FEATURES- DOES NOT HAVE WiFi. With a wired internet connection Access streaming content including – BBC iPlayer – YouTube – Netflix – Amazon instant – Yupp TV – Opera TV
  • Plug in your USB or HDD and instantly share with friends and family.

Bit tempormental with some disks.

The machine was great however i had to return the item due to having the same make samsung tv. When i was watching tv and turned the dvd player on the tv would switch off and visa versa. The vendor was great and changed for a sony model.

I ordered this as my husband moved from the us to the uk and wanted something that would play both us and uk based dvds and bluray discs. The player does this just fine. We can pop in a uk disk (either format) and then pop in a us disk (either format) and it plays all without issues or prompts. Added my husband’s netflix account and had no issues (being his netflex account is us based). When we attempted to add my uk amazon prime account ran into major issues. The device tries to always connect to the us based amazon (. Com) and would not link up with the uk based amazon (. My husband spent over an hour in a chat and then two hours on the phone with amazon support trying to sort it all out.

Solved a huge problem for me.

Worked straight out of the box. Plays dvds and blu-ray discs from all over the world. It came with handy instructions for changing region.

Machine i got only plays usa dvd and blue ray, will not play any europe disc. Swapped multiple emails with supplier to try various codes and even a software download and nothing worked. But it lets me play usa discs i had, was a cheap price and is very small, so decided to keep it rather than send back.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Machine I got only plays USA DVD and Blue Ray
  • Great little multi region player
  • He has no complaints and said the quality of the player is excellent and it has played his imported discs without problems

Overall, i’m very pleased with this multi-region bluray player. The one drawback is that it isn’t as good at playing streamed video from my plex server as some other devices i’ve used; but as that was never anything but a secondary requirement, it’s just a bit disappointing rather than a significant fault.

You see, samsung is a korean company and buying it from the us is kind of rediculous since i am buying from korea. Since korea cannot crack the bluray code there is no option but to pay around 100$ and some for the shipping. But since the main office was in uk, the shipping was a bit cheaper then buying directly from the us amazon which made me possible to buy this product. The look was really cute and so small. It was even smaller then my samsung dvd player. Through the monitor i can see every detail fom running time to setting options. Also by just pressing one button i can change the bluray region code. You don’t have to worry anything about how to do this since it has a manual paper included. The dvd, you don’t have to do anything. It automatically read different regional change. Since it unconversion with hdmi cable, the dvd quality into hd closed image, the look seems way better with this player too. I cannot think of purchasing sony after buying this product at all.

I bought this as a gift for my son as he enjoys anime cartoons and has bought some imported discs. He has no complaints and said the quality of the player is excellent and it has played his imported discs without problems.

A much better picture than my older sony. However, the amazon video app is linked to the u. If you have a ‘prime membership’ with the u. I could find no way to choose which amazon site i wanted, so was stuck with the u. Videos on the amazon site are only available as a ‘prime member’ joining the u. Site as a ‘prime member (i doubt) will give you free postage for items bought there.

Item arrived on time and as advertised.

Excellent, does everything it says on the tin. You have to select blu ray region every time you play a different region, but that’s not a problem.

Great little machine, works as described, liked it so much bought another two, one for each of the bedrooms.

First i had to find out all the special possibilitues but now i got them i cn only say good.

Ive converted a few dvd and br players myself over the years. This is a us model (states r1/a on the rear). It comes with a 3 pin plug adaptor (us 2 pin plug still on it). After some searching this adaptor seems to conform to uk safety standards and has what appears to be relevant safety marks and numbers on it. Mine came with a 10 amp fuse included which seems quite high considering most uk players have either 3 or 5 amp fuses fitted. Maybe this is to compensate for the voltage change(?) (110 upto 240v). As for the region free, i have to assume these are brought over as locked american players and converted using a code to the hidden installer menu or a software ‘hack’. This is normal practise when it comes to converting players, and it’s how i’ve had to do it in the past. The region free dvd automatically selects relevant region depending on the dvds coding. The br selection has to be done manually.

I would have given 5 stars but for a couple of niggles. No power on/off light, so you cannot tell if its on or off, also if i swap regions the player does not automaticmaly detect, i have to press remote number to select the region i require. I cannot comment on the internet side as i am still waiting to be connected. I will update in the future.

Small unit, low noise and plays any disc i’ve put into it.

It’s in very , and in good working order. I am very happy with my item.

This does the job of playing dvd and blu-ray from any part of the world. A major nag is there are no lights to tell you when it is turned on so you don’t know if you are wasting electricity. Otherwise it’s perfect for the task.

Works perfectly all that it should do it does.

I expected the blu-ray to be much bigger and am surprised at the size for what this machine can do. I have tested this machine with different regions and am more than happy with the performance and highly recommend it for people who buy overseas dvd’s/blu-ray disc’s. Already the support from the seller has been good but have had no need to contact them yet as my machine is working ok. I would buy from this company again.

Having purchased this unit i can endorse the favourable reviews but wish to warn potential purchasers of a ‘problem’the unit is sourced in the usa and has been tinkered with to make it play in the uk (one excellent review describes the process) that is fine until you need to access samsung customer support. Samsung support will not assist a uk customer with a usa coded machine unless you are asking them from the usa. In my case the unit played perfectly but would not respond to a remote instruction to change region for a region a or region c blu ray normally a very straightforward process. I tried everything at my level stripping the unit back to factory defaults rebooting the remote nothing worked. Amazon support were as usual helpful but had no fix so sadly i had to return my unit for a refund. To their credit amazon obliged without a quibble although apart from the regional switch glitch the unit performed perfectly. Picture quality look and build are first class the purpose of this review is simply to sound a warning.

Arrived two days early, looks smart, decent price and can play every region. Very happy with my purchase.

Good design, fast loading, excellent picture and sound quality, overall very capable blu ray player.

Excellent picture quality on a 75′ 4k samsung tv.

It is excellent but it dose not light up when swiched on a++++.

Very nice peace of technology. Plays practically all codes of blu-ray. Very happy with the purchase.