Samsung UBDK8500 – Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player – A Brilliant 4K Blu-Ray player !

Great value player with outstanding quality playback of 4k discs. But also upscales standard blu rays. Remote is a bit small which makes it fiddly – especially if you are attempting to enter sign in email address or passwords. On the whole though i would definitely recommend.

Arrived the day after amazon said it would initially but i put that down to the time of year – excellent quality, using with a samsung tv with bluray wise – noticeably better colour definition, blue planet 2 looks lovely. Came with spider man 2 (reboot 2). Connects to wifi, finds my nas and streams files from it, no different quality wise to the tv connecting. Looks to have same smart hub features as the tv.

This is an excellent piece of equipment. Crisp sharp 4k pctures with immersive audio. I have also played music cds on it and reproduction is second to none. The unit is neat and compact. Some have criticised the remote control, but i find it compact with all the commands that one might need.

Very nice picture and quality. Clunky menus and small remote spoil the overall enjoyment. That said, i use a logitech harmony one remote so no problem.

Early days yet but a well made player ,easy to set up,and a fine picture quality. It only loses half a star (i cant put half on the review,only a whole one) because of the tiny remotecontrol ,witch is a bit fiddly to use. Apart from that its a good player.

Very happy with item thanks.

Amazing picture in 4k & 3dtop quality,well worth the money. Being picky: on fast forward it skips to next chapter but pressing pause first then select fast forward on screen there may be a way around this but not looked yet.

We had a couple of blu-ray players before this one, but weren’t very happy with them for various reasons. We bought it primarily for the apps, because we don’t have a smart tv, but it is also a great blu-ray disc player. It starts up quickly, loads and ejects quickly, the apps – such as youtube and netflix – work well, and the noise level is unnoticeable. All in all, very pleased with this purchase.

Great product, seller was excellent in terms of communication and speed of delivery.

Great price now and with 3d playback for dvd (which samsung have dropped from the new range) a must if you have a samsung 4k telly. Take a little to time to set it up properly so you can get the best results from it. There are a number of youtube videos that take you through each step and especially if you have a samsung 4k tv which will pair the two up nicely; this link will take you to a popular one https://www.

Nice product , very well packed , excellent seller would use again.

Good price and fast delivery, from some reviews i was worried about the quality but i am very pleased with build and performance.

Couldn’t be more pleased with it, far cheaper than anywhere else but that may be because it doesn’t come with three free uhd dvd’s?. The free dvd’s do work out cheaper if you buy separately, curry’s/pc world you are a complete rip off.

Excellent samsung quality product easy to use and set up.

Excellent picture and playback quality. The remote is small and robust, however the fast forward/back control is the same button that selects chapter points. One press will advance to a chapter, while holding the button down will change it to ff/fb. Also, the unit recognises my samsung tv so the handsets are able to control both devices. Sounds good, but in practice less than perfect. The default screen shows a selection for multimedia & samsung apps in addition to blu ray. All in all its more clever than i need to be.

A fantastic companion to the new samsung uhd tv . Watching the ‘west coast usa’ 4k blu-ray was awesome – felt like you could step inside the images. Colours are superb, clarity is out of this world and a host of other features, which are built into the kit, made it worth every penny. Just gutted that the price dropped by a tenner in less than a week from date of original purchase – and will probably do so again. However, don’t let that put you off if you want to get your hands on a top-notch device.

Very nice piece of equipment.

Excellent machine working perfectly, setup straight forward, recommended.

Great player, only 1 uhd disk provided, it looks like it is random what you get in the box.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A Brilliant 4K Blu-Ray player !
  • Great price now and with 3D playback for DVD (which
  • very nice picture and quality

Arrived promptly and the 3 free films are a bonus. Once got everything signed into netflix etc works a treat. The only let down is the tiny remote.

Arrived the very next day as stated, set it up in minutes, the picture quality of the 4k dvds supplied with it are fantastic, colour is vibrant, images are crystal clear, i would definitely recommend this item, yet another superb product from samsung.

Product arrived quickly, came with 3 films that i wasn’t expecting. As for the player it does what it says on the tin and works well. I’m not technically gifted but it looks good on my 4k tv.

Very easy to setup and use, nice and compact good picture quality happy with my purchase.