Samsung UE43NU7400 43-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV – Charcoal – Fantastic

Having upgraded my 6 year old samsung, this is impressive. Having not been use to modern tv, the picture is immense, superb quality. Easy to set up, the stand takes 2 minutes, simples, the 50inch tv is a monster, perfect for the living room. The sound is not an issue so far, however, may purchase a sound bar just to compliment the tv. Stunning tv, great price, highly recommend.

Default settings were too bright. Some guidance on how to best calibrate the screen would be useful. Played with the options to get something looking good. Works great with sky, bluray, xbox on hdmi, and a samsung soundbar on optical. The minimal looking remote is great. In built apps for amazon etc are good.

Love the improvement from my (2008) 1080p tele. Also love the tiny remote haven’t had a need to use the big one yet. 6 buttons seems to be enoughconnects nicely with my samsung s7 too, can stream the tele if i go to make a cuppa. Don’t have the bandwidth for 4k but i am looking forward to getting a ps pro for 4k gaming. The picture seems a lot clearer even playing 1080p videos. The in built dlna player is nice (doesn’t play avi files), remembers where you are in a file. Which is a nice perk most don’t do.

I ordered this tv from amazon, because of the convenience i thought i was getting. I ordered the tv plus hdmi cable option. I live on the second floor and the tv was dropped off at the concierge in the next building even though i made sure that i was waiting at home for the delivery. Obviously the delivery team chose the easiest option for them. So i had to go and lug the tv from the next building and get it to my place. Next i open the box and there’s no hdmi cable. I call amazon and i’m told by their technical support team that i can place the order again on amazon and it’ll get delivered in a couple of days. When i said that this was not the deal, the person proceeded to tell me how cheap an hdmi cable is. Obviously the concept of convenience means nothing to a brand that prides itself on convenience.

My 12 year old, top of the range at the time lg tv finally gave up the ghost and was replaced by this samsung tv at less than the cost of the original lg. Crystal clear with impressive resolution, even when watching old films, which were apparently much better defined than i thought. The sound is fully adjustable with booming bass if you prefer it. The 50′ version is ideal for my 4m x 5m lounge. A great tv at a very competitive price on amazon.

First of all, i’m not good with technology, so am no whizz kid at this sort of thing. I had to use youtube to get the stand assembled, so that’s sorted. Then i have no idea about connections into the back of my tv, i just do t understand the technical terms, all too complicated for me. So i now have a tv that i can only partially use as i don’t know how to actuall get the channels. All i can watch is i player or netflicksthis is a class tv, just wish i didn’t have to wait for a visit from my son-in-law’s visit in 4 weeks to sort me out.

Brilliant tv which i have set up with sky q. One thing i would recommend though is switching off the motion plus in the expert picture settings as this gives a really strange ghosting to normal tv programmes.

Absolute love the software loaded on to the tv – very responsive and easy to use. Has apps for everything i wanted and i also downloaded the plex app from the app store on the tv with ease. Hope this tv lasts for a long time.

Very hard to criticise this tv – am struggling to say anything remotely bad about it. I’m a bit fussy about sound, and it’s great from the tv itself, plus (via the arc hdmi 3 port) it talks to and controls my soundbar. It supports the amazon video app, netflix and iplayer (plus a plethora of others) and if you can’t lay hands on your specs you can talk to the remote instead of trying to prod buttons.

Here are the specifications for the Samsung UE43NU7400 43-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV – Charcoal:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Ultra HD certified for true 4K colour and clarity
  • Hidden cables for a clutter free and stylish cable management solution
  • Control all of your compatible devices and content with the One Remote Control
  • Discover easy access to all your content and connected devices from one place through Samsung’s intuitive 2018 Smart Hub.
  • Impressive brightness, shadow detail and authentic colour through the combination of Dynamic Crystal Colour and HDR 10+.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great TV, but turn off motion plus.
  • Amazon does not know how to sell electronics
  • Super TV at a great price