Samsung UE50NU7400 50-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV – Charcoal – Fantastic!

Although the tv was fairly easy to assemble it was difficult to set up. I got so far but the instructions asked me to finish the set up via my mobile phone. However when i tried this it stated that my mobile phone was not compatible so as i am nearly 83 years old and too savvy on i. I had to ask one of my young friends to set up the tv. However i am very pleased with it now.

Decent picture quality for the non-discerning viewer. I felt the contrast was lacking a bit when watching programmes from the streaming services such as netflix. Colours are fairly lively and bright. Good variety of adjustments can be made and are recommended for first time use. I think the smart services are pretty well presented but a bit awkward to navigate with the remote control provider. Watching blu-ray movies was a lot more fun and enjoyable especially if you have a 4k bluray player with a 4k disc. Audio quality could be better but is not terrible and dialogue is clear and there is some bass for a balanced sound. For the sub £400 price mark, it’s not a bad buy.

For anyone else planning to wall mount this tv, i can share my experience. First off, as mentioned by others the m8 bolts supplied with the set do not fit, they are the incorrect length for the 4 mount points. The 2 mount points at the top are 22mm from bottom of housing to flush with back of tv, the lower 2 mount points are 40mm. The closest i could get from my local hardware shop were m8 25mm and 50mm. Rather than try to cut and file the bolts to size, i just used the extra bolts and washers supplied with the tv as spacers. The top 2 bolts just needed a couple of washers, the bottom 2 needed a bolt + a few washers, depending on the width of the tv bracket being attached. Not an elegant solution, but i am confident the fixing is solid and it was a quick workaround to a problem that should not really have been there, as others have said i would have expected samsung to have supplied appropriate by bolts in the first place. I did not have studs in the correct location to fix to for the tv bracket, so i used the grip-it tv bracket plasterboard fixing kit, also available on amazon, which worked very well and feels like a very strong fixing. I used the vonhaus 32-70 tilting wall mount which was very straight forward to install. Regarding the tv itself, no real time yet to form an opinion having had it for less than a day, but so far so good, connectivity straight forward, picture looks great on netflix with ultra hd.

Item arrived 3 days early in perfect condition. Picture quality compared to my previous 4 year old samsung is unreal. Watched a 4k flick on amazon prime last night and was blown away. Also have it hooked up to an xbox one x and, once calibrated, the picture quality is stunning with hardly any input lag. Only slight niggle, which others have eluded to, is the sound quality is not on par with the picture quality. I’ll be saving up for a soundbar next. That said, so much bang for my buck here. Would highly recommend for those who are looking to upgrade and are on low-mid range budget.

My 12 year old, top of the range at the time lg tv finally gave up the ghost and was replaced by this samsung tv at less than the cost of the original lg. Crystal clear with impressive resolution, even when watching old films, which were apparently much better defined than i thought. The sound is fully adjustable with booming bass if you prefer it. The 50′ version is ideal for my 4m x 5m lounge. A great tv at a very competitive price on amazon.

Supplier :i will start by reviewing the seller. What can i say other than a very good service. I made the purchase on monday afternoon and the tv was delivered to my house on wednesday. I also received a call on tuesday to inform me the driver will arrive between 11am – 2pm. It was delivered to me using a specialist courier and the driver was very friendly and took a lot of care with handling the tv. Its a large box as you can imagine but they did well to not dent or damage the box. The tv:samsung are by far the market leaders in the tv arena. The tv was very easy to setup. The menu’s are logical and easy to follow and i was up and running in minutes. The smart features are very useful.

We ordered our new tv shortly after our (very) old one blowing up. We chose this samsung after viewing at a competitors store and ordered with amazon. Excellent picture and the smart features are awesome. We especially love having all of our app’s in one place as opposed to using various devices to watch netflix/prime etc. The only critique i have for the tv is the remote is so sensitive if you so much as breath on it, it will change the channel. It redeems itself however with the voice control on the remote which our kids especially love, along with that you can control your sky/virgin box with the one remote. Also love that you can access the tv via an app on your smart phone. We are more than happy with our purchase.

First of all, i’m not good with technology, so am no whizz kid at this sort of thing. I had to use youtube to get the stand assembled, so that’s sorted. Then i have no idea about connections into the back of my tv, i just do t understand the technical terms, all too complicated for me. So i now have a tv that i can only partially use as i don’t know how to actuall get the channels. All i can watch is i player or netflicksthis is a class tv, just wish i didn’t have to wait for a visit from my son-in-law’s visit in 4 weeks to sort me out.

I had the samsung nu7020 (43 inch), and despite the fact that it didn’t have dynamic crystal colour or uhd dimming, the picture was outstanding. I decided that i would spend a bit more and get the 50 inch with dynamic crystal colour and uhd dimming. Honestly, i’m not sure how much of a difference the dynamic crystal colour has made. I see no real difference between the two sets. Actually overall, the nu7020 (43 inch) might have had a better picture. Perhaps this is down to screen size, the bigger you get the more imperfections you will see. Is the dynamic crystal colour on all the time, or not?. I can’t find it in the menu settings. )the ue50nu7400 offers a good to great picture most of the time, but sometimes it can look a little washed out. While playing the durrells (itv), the picture looked overly bright and dull, and then it suddenly popped into life and looked very colourful and detailed. I can’t say i noticed this on the smaller screen. Of course, it could depend on what i’m feeding the tv – how the film / tv show was shot. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time this samsung television offers an excellent picture.

The picture quality is really superb if your are viewing the tv at 30 degrees or less angle. Anything outside that area and the picture becomes paler. Meaning i often have to adjust my seating position to watch it, as we have it in a corner position. Apparently the sideways on issue is something to do with the screen type and one reason it gives such good blacks. Ah, well the price was right though for such a good tv. Upscaling from ordinary hd is wonderful. Old programs in standard definition not quite so good. However, can’t complain too much. It is a very good tv overall, the base is also brilliant for a resting my yamaha soundbar on.

I like the nice clean back with discreet channels for the cabling and three hdmi ports and usb and optical ports, it’s got everything i need to connect to modern equipment, but i have had to connect my ageing dvd player to my old tv because there’s no scart port any more. For the first time i do not bother with broadcast tv. My first time with 4k and although disappointed that there’s not enough 4k available to watch, when there is, the pictures are stunning. Something recorded on film has the same crispness and immediacy of programmes from the 80’s shot on video. Ordinary hd is enhanced too. With sky q, and netflix and prime buttons, i’ve enough content to keep me occupied, but other channels such as appletv google and others. There’s no bleed and the enhanced dark works well. This model has no ambient feature which is fine with me as i could never see the point of it.

I read the reviews & have to say i haven’t had a problem with this tv. If you read the instructions this tv is very easy to use. Go to the settings & choose what you do or don’t want to see. 2 remotes, but i find using the voice control is easier as less buttons which can be confusing. I have adjusted the colour & the sound to my own preference with ease. The picture is really clear & fantastic if watching uhd movies.

Nice tv a++++ , very good quality, bluetooth, fast delivery i get it in few days by ups. Fantastic image, first time when i open i thought is too big for my room but now i get to use it and i feel like in cinema at home )), just waiting my 5. 1 sound speakers and i ready to go :), sorry for my english )). Here are the specifications for the Samsung UE50NU7400 50-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV – Charcoal:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Ultra HD certified for true 4K colour and clarity
  • Hidden cables for a clutter free and stylish cable management solution
  • Control all of your compatible devices and content with the One Remote Control
  • Discover easy access to all your content and connected devices from one place through Samsung’s intuitive 2018 Smart Hub.
  • Impressive brightness, shadow detail and authentic colour through the combination of Dynamic Crystal Colour and HDR 10+. Power Supply – AC220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Includes 1 year UK manufacturer warranty from date of purchase

Having upgraded my 6 year old samsung, this is impressive. Having not been use to modern tv, the picture is immense, superb quality. Easy to set up, the stand takes 2 minutes, simples, the 50inch tv is a monster, perfect for the living room. The sound is not an issue so far, however, may purchase a sound bar just to compliment the tv. Stunning tv, great price, highly recommend.

First tv arrived broken, which was frustrating, but the seller replaced it very efficiently and kept me informed all the way. I was utterly baffled setting it up and still haven’t made benefit of all the features. The controller baffled me for days (and still does a little bit). Great picture, good sound and lots of features. The seller fluctuates the price for some reason- when i returned it and re bought it i saved £28 which was a pleasant surprise.

My first samsung tv and also my first smart tv so far so good. Pleased with the additional features that go with owning a smart tv and still navigating my way thru these at present. Easy to set up and use,only quibble is the sound which is ok but as with any slim line tv which is practically all of them these days would probably benefit from the purchasing of a sound bar but other than that happy enough with this set.

Tv arrived earlier than expected. Easy to fit the stand, but definitely needs two people to lift it safely. The picture is quite outstanding, and i am well pleased with it. It’s easy to set up, and when connected to a 4k source, the picture is excellent. Black is deep, and color’s are rich.

Like most, i spent a lot of time reviewing and researching this and other 4k tvs. My budget was £500 and wasn’t expecting to get amazing quality from a tv at this price. Yes i would like to have gone for a qled, but i have to say i have been impressed with the picture quality from this 43′ marvel. Hd looks very good and as for standard tv. Even my old dvds look a bit better. There is a lot packed into this tv and i’m still finding my way around it. I’ll do another add-on review in a months time. If excellent picture quality with blu-ray is what you are after and you are on a budget.

Absolute love the software loaded on to the tv – very responsive and easy to use. Has apps for everything i wanted and i also downloaded the plex app from the app store on the tv with ease. Hope this tv lasts for a long time.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Best Value Mid-Size TV

  • If you can’t afford the 8000 series or other higher end models, don’t think about it, just get it!

  • Fantastic Value – Upscales brilliantly

I bought this from another site as at the time it was slightly cheaper and i trusted the seller more over the current amazon seller ‘tvsandmore’. I advise doing your own research on any third-party sellers on amazon. Design – it’s minimal and sleek, with a matt black finish. The screen sits a bit higher than my previous tv and leaves a larger gap between the base and the bottom of the tv. The stand comes out quite a bit which is a bit annoying as it means any sound bar you may use won’t be tucked neatly up against the tv, though not a huge problem. Picture – by far the best i’ve seen on any tv around this price. Featuring the new hdr10+ by samsung which certainly future proofs this tv. You will need to play around with the image settings to get it looking perfect and i advise turning off the motion plus feature to avoid the ‘soap opera effect’ all tvs can display. The image can get a little darker around the bottom and top edge but it doesn’t matter because the image quality will still blow you away with rich colours, super bright whites and deeps blacks. I had the 2015 samsung 6400 which had much better sound but admittedly, that did have the best sound amongst tvs at the time. The sound is clear and is good enough for viewing tv shows but those wanting great sound for gaming or movies will have to invest in a sound bar. The nu7400 doesn’t feature an audio jack but does have an optical port, so you may need to buy an adapter. Smart features – a slight upgrade from previous versions. Very intuitive and easy to use.

After 10 years with my old panasonic tv i thought i would catch up wth the tech and ugrade to a new one. I bought a new panasonic tv but it had faults, they replaced it but this also had the same fault so i went for this samsung tv. It has taken me a while to navigate around the menu as i am not use to it but the tv is excellent. Picture is great, the sound is excellent from such small speakers. Picture is great if you are facing straight at the tv but when you move to either side of the tv the picture quickly fades away.

Default settings were too bright. Some guidance on how to best calibrate the screen would be useful. Played with the options to get something looking good. Works great with sky, bluray, xbox on hdmi, and a samsung soundbar on optical. The minimal looking remote is great. In built apps for amazon etc are good.

Read a few disgruntled and mixed reports about some samsung models but so glad i chose this. Picture quality superb, smart features work very well and especially impressed that i can easily link to and mirror my samsung smartphone to project photos on the screen. Very easy to install and set up (the tv does all the work). My old samsung lcd tv is still going strong and still very good quality picture/sound after 10 years and is the main reason i decided to go samsung again. Of course, flat panel tvs compromise on sound and this is no exception but, even so, the sound is pretty good for most purposes and better than others i have heard. I bought a slightly more expensive but comparable lg tv prior to this for another room and it is inferior in every respect. I doubt i would stray from samsung again.

Just upgraded my older 1080p to this tv and i’m pretty impressed so far. I’ve always had samsungs and have generally never been disappointed. I primarily use my tv for gaming, one suggestion i would have for others seeking to game on it would be to make sure the native ‘motion smoothing’ off – this destroys the frame delivery in faster-paced games, and for reasons i can’t explain, had some pretty dire consequences in my competitive gaming. The hdr is cool, but needs some tuning for games which have a lot of dark areas. Seems a no brainer but make sure ‘game mode’ is on if you’re running a console (this isn’t set as auto by default), without this, the picture is way too dark. This kind of tinkering around i would expect with a new tv so it hasn’t affected my rating.

This replaced a very much loved samsung led tv bought almost 10 years ago. It was starting to show signs of ageing, so i reluctantly searched for a replacement. My gosh, this market is saturatedi am incredibly pleased that i finally settled upon this tv. It’s got everything i could need, and the picture quality is a great upgrade from my previous model. The delivery was prompt, with 2 guys carrying the tv to anywhere i specified within the house. Unpacking and setting up was very straightforward too. There were instructions for those people that require them. I was pleased to have 2 remote controls included too. I prefer the touch pad and swipe functions, whilst my family all prefer the traditional rubber buttons. So we’ve all got somethingi opted for the 55′ inch model, and it fills the chimney breast very well.

The dynamic crystal colour brings out the best picture on this television, after watching avengers: infinity war i was blown away with how good it looked on this. Added with hdr10+ this 4ktv is probably the best in it’s price range. Only downside was mounting it on the wall as the screws were a bit of a mismatch, so would recommend buying more screws to fit the wall mount for this tv. Excellent purchace, thoroughly satisfied.

I ordered this tv from amazon, because of the convenience i thought i was getting. I ordered the tv plus hdmi cable option. I live on the second floor and the tv was dropped off at the concierge in the next building even though i made sure that i was waiting at home for the delivery. Obviously the delivery team chose the easiest option for them. So i had to go and lug the tv from the next building and get it to my place. Next i open the box and there’s no hdmi cable. I call amazon and i’m told by their technical support team that i can place the order again on amazon and it’ll get delivered in a couple of days. When i said that this was not the deal, the person proceeded to tell me how cheap an hdmi cable is. Obviously the concept of convenience means nothing to a brand that prides itself on convenience.

I have already reviewed this tv a while ago (i think) but bad reviews made me do it again. I do not understand people ratings at all. For example 1 star because tv does not have scart connection?. Why don’t check specs before buying?.3 stars for lack of headphone jack (which i miss ass well but i knew when i bought it) people give it 3 stars because they try to put sondbar in front of it and it’s blocking the ir sensor (really?) 3 stars because not having the wanted exterior colour?4 stars because the sound is not perfect?. (what would you expect from a thin tv?. Where the big speakers for incredible sound should be mounted?)and the list can go on. I had this tv for about 4 months and i really enjoying it. It cannot be hdr as stated because it’s peak luminosity it’s just not high enough for that. I do not like the blotware apps and the fact that on tizen they are not too many useful apps that can be installed and the internal storage capacity won’t allow it anyway. Alot of things are not perfect with this tv but even so. I’m not expecting perfection from 50′ £500 tv. For that you’ll have to get a series 8 samsung tv.

This tv for the price is quite amazing. Colours are rich, the picture quality is really good. This isn’t oled quality, but you get a budget priced tv with uhd, 4k and smart. The remote you get is also voice activated, but netflix isn’t compatible with this option, but this isn’t a problem. The remote is very simple to use and you will find it so easy to navigate the apps. Sound is ok, but nothing spectacular, but sufficient for a small to medium sized room. Overall this tv is worth every penny, it took me quite a while before i found this one, you wont be disappointed, for the money its a cracking tv. I wasn’t prepared to pay £600 plus for an oled tv, but for the price it has so many positive features for your money. You get 2 remotes; one for voice activation and easy navigation and the second is a standard remote. I tend to use the voice activated remote because the smart features enable you to switch easily without the 2nd remote.

Carefully and well delivered by ao, even the outer packaging was in perfect condition. Tv itself is great, better than a recently purchased lg, better picture and far better sound (possibly due to the curved back?). I honestly dont think you need a sound bar at all but thats just my opinion. Apparently its a nightmare if you want to wall mount it but that wasnt an issue for me, happy with the sturdy and wide centre stand. More than enough connections on the back. Not tried out the additional voice activated remote so cannot comment on that, it might be a bit too high tech for the main users of the tv. Quite impressive for what is supposed to be a lower end (but fairly recent) samsung led model.

The tv is just pure joy to have and to watch. With a few tweaks on the settings you can easily adjust it to your preferences. I’ve seen a lot of reviews here that just seem like people are just too fussy about every single micro detail, but the tv is awesome and for this price it is very difficult to match with. Ps4 games look amazing, movies, apps respond well and quick (also depending on your internet speed as it connects through wi fi\cable whichever you prefer) and the set up and pairing with other devices is easy and straightforward. Smart remote is easy to use and responds well to voice commands (which are too many to mention). Happy to have it and will keep it until one of us turns to dust (but we all know who goes first in that equation lol).

Purchased from tvsandmore originally purchased the 55” version but sent back as too big for us then reordered the 43” version which is a nice sizetvsandmore were fantastic very helpful use a fantastic courier company and was delivered quickly for both tvs thankyou to them thought i would be stuck with the 55” so grateful for their assistancebrilliant tv so simple to use great picture and sound is really good too (not listened to any music through it yet)like the menu can connect to amazon video amazon music netflix my synology nas allowing me to access my pictures videos and music if i wished too can also connect to bluetooth speakers but i guess that’s standard across tv’s due to sound bars and other stuff that i’m not sure what it isone draw back is, there is no headphone phono socket meaning i need to buy some blue tooth headphones. But i’m seeing that as a positive as i now have a good excuse to get some nice wireless headphones.

Love the improvement from my (2008) 1080p tele. Also love the tiny remote haven’t had a need to use the big one yet. 6 buttons seems to be enoughconnects nicely with my samsung s7 too, can stream the tele if i go to make a cuppa. Don’t have the bandwidth for 4k but i am looking forward to getting a ps pro for 4k gaming. The picture seems a lot clearer even playing 1080p videos. The in built dlna player is nice (doesn’t play avi files), remembers where you are in a file. Which is a nice perk most don’t do.

The controller uses some rather unconventional approaches that take getting used to but once those are mastered (which, to be fair, didn’t take too long) i found it better than other standard or so-called magic controllers. Nevertheless, a senior with any learning limitations might have trouble with it. I needed both satellite and terrestrial antennas (e. For freeview & freesat or saorview & saorsat, depending on location) and this facility seems to be getting increasingly uncommon, so that was my main reason for selecting this tv. Nevertheless, i am delighted by the tv itself, in all respects and it has exceeded my expectations.

From delivery to value for money this tv is brilliant. Easy to set up, no ads running on it like some reviews are suggesting, the screen is astonishingly good, the sound is fantastic, it took me from start to finish maybe 30 mins to get all my amazon prime, bbc, c4, itv hub, netflik etc. It picks up all the terrestrial tv you could want and the smart remote is perfectly easy to use. Overall i could not recommend this tv higher. For the money its an absolute no brainer.

The colour and sharpness is great, the functionality fabulous. I would have given this a 5-star rating, however, if they hadn’t made the setup try and make you use some stupid software requires that you have to install the samsung browser and make it your default browser on your phone in order to use the tv. I bypassed that and ignore the notifications about doing so and use the remote only.

The picture is great, very clear and good colour. The set up was simple to follow. The hand set took some getting used too but now i think it is much better than the normal large sky one. The only small gripe is the sound, it is not the best and you have to have it turned up to follow some programmes but this may also be an issue with the program makers. All in all i am very pleased and think it is excellent value for money.

Tv is just brilliant good colours, sound for me is perfectly good as one would expect for 20 watt speakers. Its bluetooth is simple to set up and so far no drop out or distortion clear as a bell. The smart hub functions work well especially with the smart remote easy to nip around menus with its disc and button design. Cant say i care much for voice activated tech i always find it faster typed or clicked but this seems to work ok. Playing files from blu ray or usb also easy to use and then theres the picture quality. Its really impressive especially for the price my older tv is an old series 7 and still works well, but the picture quality especially with hdr is stunning and that goes for the ps4 and normal hd telly looks great. I also have to say fair play to amazon as i purchased direct from them. My tv turned up next day as promised and i set it up. Unfortunately there were some small dead pixels in the centre of the screen. Although no obvious signs of damage there was a dent in the box.

Update: i have experienced continuous issues with the youtube app which is not being fixed with updates, also as the tv has so little available memory i can no longer update it using the update tool, but rather i have to use the usb technique, thankfully i am able to do it that way but still, they made a tv that cannot update itself on its own, very bad product design, i removed a star because of it. I love the look and feel of this product. It has excellent features and good enough picture quality. However, i do not like the geo-locking feature that samsung forces onto the users, essentially reducing the value of the tv if not used in the us. Also, i would like the option to secure the tv by removing the feature to access the tv over the bluetooth or wifi so other devices cannot ask the tv for connection. Rejecting and blocking other phones is not secure enough feature. Also, i would have liked if they could have included better networking tools so i could add vpn service to the tv. But for the price, it is good enough, and as for the features samsung has lead in that department.

There are lots of interesting videos on youtube in uhd, which i can view with brilliant quality. This is a fast, smart tv on which hd broadcasts are stunning, like sports and films. On a 50′ screen, however, standard def’ tv looks poor, but that was expected. The menu system is very easy to use, with ‘expert’ options if you wish to use advanced settings. Tv stations were found automatically while i set-up during first use – very helpfull. One annoying thing, however, is a region-dialog box that appears when the tv is turned on. I have to cancel it as it requires no further input. But i have no regrets about owning this tv, which is far better than my last lg smart webos tv.

I should start off by saying at less than £500 this tv is an absolute steal. The picture quality is excellent and it has some well thought out features whilst mostly trying not to be overly complicated. Watching content in 4k hdr is stunning, what’s equally as impressive is how 1080p and even standard definition content is upscaled to look on this display. I have sky q (non uhd), the hd channels really look fantastic and that’s coming from a solid 1080p lg display that this replaced. Of course you’re not going to be getting oled/qled type blacks and colours, but this isn’t far off, and at a fraction of the cost. The smart remote is surprisingly useful and user friendly. There are of course some quirks where it’s trying to be a bit clever, the voice recognition for example is pretty woeful – the remote integrates with sky and my soundbar so you don’t have to have any other remotes lying around, but then the voice control doesn’t bring up anything on sky. The smart features of the tv get the job done – netflix, prime video etc are there and in 4k (albeit i had to log in several times for the uhd content to show on prime). For some reason every time i remove ‘tv plus’ from my menu it comes back which is a minor annoyance but it’s not exactly hurting. I decided not to pay the extra for an android os tv mostly because my experience of them is pretty terrible and the snappiness of the samsung os has justified this decision.

I bought this tv so i could get the full potential from my xbox one x and in that respect this tv doesn’t fail. However annoying things like having to re-enter my geographic region in to this tv every 24 hours is becoming a pain. Also, when turning my tv on in the mornings it doesn’t resume on the input that i left it on when i turned it off last. And perhaps most annoying of all is that this tv keeps losing its connection to my wifi and the only way to remedy this is to unplug the tv from the outlet and then plug it back in. Then, i have to re-enter my wifi details because this tv doesn’t remember them after it’s been unplugged. This would be a 5 star tv for its price bracket if it wasn’t for its numerous issuesedit: all issues have been resolved other than the wifi issue. The wifi issue is a big deal so because of that my rating remains at 4 stars.

Great picture quality although the hdr takes getting used to as some skin tones look slightly different when the background is bright. This is a tiny concession though as i was astounded watching a regular sd dvd played though a samsung bluray player, its brilliant. The remote suppled with this is not great. Everything needs to be done with a menu and a button wheel like a first generation ipod. . However the old model samsung tv’s remote worked and all the buttons keep their functions making it super easy to upgrade. The old remote also interfaced with the dvd/bluray player so i can keep that functionality too. Wall mounting isn’t flush with the wall like the model owned previously, but actually works great with a cheap ikea tv mount.

I will start with what you need to know about wall mounting the tv. The mounting holes are vesa 200 x200 which seems to be fairly standard on samsung tvs. However the mounting bolts (not supplied) needed are m8, which is ridiculously big. Also they need to be quite long. I ended up getting m8 by 50mm long and some m8 washers. There are 4 plastic tubular spacers supplied that fit in the tvs mounting holes. These are needed because the back is curved. Once i had it fixed to the wall and turned it on, the set up procedure was simple and fairly quick. The picture is very good once a few tweeks are made. The backlight and contrast are set to maximum as supplied.

This tv is great first of all, there’s no issues with picture or image quality; in fact it’s probably the best tv for the price. My issue with this tv is samsung themselves and how they’ve set it up, for many people i imagine the stock stand will be fine but for me i wanted to wall mount this. Not only does it come with no bolts which id expected; the bolts required are insane. It needs m8 bolts but they won’t fit and they require 42-45 mm ones, most hardware stores don’t sell those sizes. Also the tv has a curved back so some of the main bolts housings are shorter and some are longer meaning you would have to mess around with trial and error. To try and get more information i contacted samsung, not only were they unable to help me but kept putting me onto 3rd party companies who didn’t sell anything suitable in regards to mounting kits: despite these being mentioned in the manual as official mounting kits. After wasting my time with rude and poorly trained support employees i decided to ring amazon. Again amazon couldn’t help me other than to advise on items bought together. So i bought a kit which said “frequently bought together” again the bolts were not suitable and i had to waste my time sending them back. Eventually i got a tradesman to come fit the tv and he did a wonderful job and he also commented on my issues as being correct and he was shocked to see such a big manufacturer make such a poor design for mounting.

Very hard to criticise this tv – am struggling to say anything remotely bad about it. I’m a bit fussy about sound, and it’s great from the tv itself, plus (via the arc hdmi 3 port) it talks to and controls my soundbar. It supports the amazon video app, netflix and iplayer (plus a plethora of others) and if you can’t lay hands on your specs you can talk to the remote instead of trying to prod buttons.

Super set with lots of features great picture and very easy to set up but. It has not got a charcoal black bezel as in the description. It is at best a dark silver stainless steel type finish. I sent it back straight away. Thanks to the seller tvsandmore for making it an easy painless process. It’s a pity because apart from the colour of the tv, i would have hapily kept it.

It is a nice looking tv, any colour that isn’t black looks great on it. However, be aware that you may either get this tv with a va or ips panel. I got ips panel and damn, it is horrible. Viewing angles are great but black looks grey on this tv and it also suffers from screen bleeding, which distorts dark colours. Screen bleeding is the reason i am returning this item. However, if you don’t mind screen bleeding and poor black colors, this is a phenomental tv.

Only just got this 43′ tv and it’s a great start. Easy to put stand together, lighter weight than my previous smaller toshiba set. Will need to ‘fiddle’ with some settings like picture quality. I’m running on wifi as we have an excellent mbps where we live. The limited hd in our area is a revelation comapred to the previous set. I got help from our local smart engineer to complete the full set up on the channels such as iplayer, you tube etc but once that was completed, the whole thing is so simple to use even a (nearly) 70 year old can use it. I suppose it’s so thatthe main one sets the tv up and the smart one is supposed to be a quick fix. Personally, i can’t see me using it but it’s there. Overall, the tv sits nicely in a corner where all the tv’s have lived and it looks good.

Brilliant tv which i have set up with sky q. One thing i would recommend though is switching off the motion plus in the expert picture settings as this gives a really strange ghosting to normal tv programmes.

Great picture and sound quality. Good luck trying to setup 2 headphones. Hate the forced ads and the native apps that you cannot remove. This is why it gets 3 stars.

I ordered this tv to replace my mother-in-law’s old samsung that was taking 15 mins to load the guide. The tv arrived the next day in perfect condition and, after assembling the stand, it took about 10 mins to setup. It connected to the internet quickly and formatted the external hard drive i bought separately to use live pause and record. All the hd freeview channels were instantly available and a host of apps including bbc iplayer, ch4 hub, itv, netflix, amazon prime and youtube. Very happy with the picture quality and functionality and particularly like the sky q style vocal search. The mini remote is a great alternative to the main remote and the interface is simple and intuitive to use. Very pleased with this purchase and highly recommended.

So happy with this purchase. One of the best 4k tvs in this price range, if not the best. 4k videos look amazing, and tizen is very user-friendly, as you would expect from samsung 4k tvs. I was thinking of buying the nu7100 earlier, but i’m glad i bought this instead, well worth it; you get a smart remote and bluetooth unlike the nu7100, i think it has better uhd dimming as well. Tested hdr on amazon prime and netflix and the picture looks crisp, i’m really happy with it. This tv is especially great for gamers since the input lag is only 15ms in game mode. The stand is the least impressive part about the tv, wish it wouldn’t stick so far out in the front, but even that’s a nitpick, i’m not really bothered about it. If you’re mounting it on the wall, then this isn’t even a problem for you. Overall, you just cannot go wrong with this tv, especially for this price. You cannot compare it to the quintessential qleds and oleds, this is a budget 4k tv, and it still exceeded my expectations.