Samsung UE55NU7400 55-Inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV – Charcoal – Brilliant TV

Great picture quality although the hdr takes getting used to as some skin tones look slightly different when the background is bright. This is a tiny concession though as i was astounded watching a regular sd dvd played though a samsung bluray player, its brilliant. The remote suppled with this is not great. Everything needs to be done with a menu and a button wheel like a first generation ipod. . However the old model samsung tv’s remote worked and all the buttons keep their functions making it super easy to upgrade. The old remote also interfaced with the dvd/bluray player so i can keep that functionality too. Wall mounting isn’t flush with the wall like the model owned previously, but actually works great with a cheap ikea tv mount.

The controller uses some rather unconventional approaches that take getting used to but once those are mastered (which, to be fair, didn’t take too long) i found it better than other standard or so-called magic controllers. Nevertheless, a senior with any learning limitations might have trouble with it. I needed both satellite and terrestrial antennas (e. For freeview & freesat or saorview & saorsat, depending on location) and this facility seems to be getting increasingly uncommon, so that was my main reason for selecting this tv. Nevertheless, i am delighted by the tv itself, in all respects and it has exceeded my expectations.

The price, look, feel, function are all perfect. I could not be happier and i have had quite a few tv’s in my time as i like features etc. Great tv and for the money it is an amazing tv. Set up was a breeze, i have virgin media in the uk and it found it, connected right away, also netflix and prime all connected and work seemlessly.

The blacks are black with no real breakdown in the pixelation. Now got it setup with a sony atmos theatre system and they work great together.

Great up grade from my last samsung tv which is still in use. Let’s hope this one lasts as long. Connects to all my other samsung kit easy.

It is a nice looking tv, any colour that isn’t black looks great on it. However, be aware that you may either get this tv with a va or ips panel. I got ips panel and damn, it is horrible. Viewing angles are great but black looks grey on this tv and it also suffers from screen bleeding, which distorts dark colours. Screen bleeding is the reason i am returning this item. However, if you don’t mind screen bleeding and poor black colors, this is a phenomental tv.

Arrived on time very good for the price. Set up all my additional equipment almost without my input. Really pleased with picture quality. Reviews said there was a problem with the viewing angle i didn’t find that at all. It is in the corner of my lounge and no matter where i am i can see the picture clearly.

Only just got this 43′ tv and it’s a great start. Easy to put stand together, lighter weight than my previous smaller toshiba set. Will need to ‘fiddle’ with some settings like picture quality. I’m running on wifi as we have an excellent mbps where we live. The limited hd in our area is a revelation comapred to the previous set. I got help from our local smart engineer to complete the full set up on the channels such as iplayer, you tube etc but once that was completed, the whole thing is so simple to use even a (nearly) 70 year old can use it. I suppose it’s so thatthe main one sets the tv up and the smart one is supposed to be a quick fix. Personally, i can’t see me using it but it’s there. Overall, the tv sits nicely in a corner where all the tv’s have lived and it looks good.

Great tv for the price, i’ve only marked it down on the sound front because you really need a sound bar for watching films. Very happy with the picture and the smart features. I’d recommend this tv to anyone. I don’t particularly like the stand but that is a very minor thing.

This tv for the price is quite amazing. Colours are rich, the picture quality is really good. This isn’t oled quality, but you get a budget priced tv with uhd, 4k and smart. The remote you get is also voice activated, but netflix isn’t compatible with this option, but this isn’t a problem. The remote is very simple to use and you will find it so easy to navigate the apps. Sound is ok, but nothing spectacular, but sufficient for a small to medium sized room. Overall this tv is worth every penny, it took me quite a while before i found this one, you wont be disappointed, for the money its a cracking tv. I wasn’t prepared to pay £600 plus for an oled tv, but for the price it has so many positive features for your money. You get 2 remotes; one for voice activation and easy navigation and the second is a standard remote. I tend to use the voice activated remote because the smart features enable you to switch easily without the 2nd remote.

This is my first really big tv. I was so impressed by the picture quality. The price of these uhd tv’s has really come down recently. I would recommend you get a soundbar as well as the set is so thin that the tv speakers are a little ‘weedy’ good tv would recommend.

Most dissapointed that this tvdoes not have freeview which means that there is no catchup option from the on screen tv guide however it does have some very good aps pre installed such as amazone prime which allows access to films and tv programs (provided you have amazon prime) without the need for a fire stick. The lack of a scart socket can be overcome by the puschase of a hdmi to scart adaptor which costs around £15.

The tv is just pure joy to have and to watch. With a few tweaks on the settings you can easily adjust it to your preferences. I’ve seen a lot of reviews here that just seem like people are just too fussy about every single micro detail, but the tv is awesome and for this price it is very difficult to match with. Ps4 games look amazing, movies, apps respond well and quick (also depending on your internet speed as it connects through wi fi\cable whichever you prefer) and the set up and pairing with other devices is easy and straightforward. Smart remote is easy to use and responds well to voice commands (which are too many to mention). Happy to have it and will keep it until one of us turns to dust (but we all know who goes first in that equation lol).

My first samsung tv and also my first smart tv so far so good. Pleased with the additional features that go with owning a smart tv and still navigating my way thru these at present. Easy to set up and use,only quibble is the sound which is ok but as with any slim line tv which is practically all of them these days would probably benefit from the purchasing of a sound bar but other than that happy enough with this set.

Not much more to add to the other reviews. The picture of the tv advertised is misleading, the stand is much larger, it’s massive and looks ridiculous. My 55” lg oled tv stand has a much smaller footprint.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I love this TV. The controller is unusual but good once used to it
  • Great colours, very bad screen bleeding and blacks
  • Cracking TV

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