Samsung UE75NU7100 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV – Charcoal : A step-up from my previous television

Bit of a faff to set up and get all the apps in the order i wanted. This is the first 4k and smart tv ive had and boy am i glad i got it. Picture quality is so much better than the old tv and so is the sound. The only flaw is too many buttons on the remote.

This is my first smart tv and i must say i am very impressed, for the price the sound quality is very good and the picturer in hd totally awesome and i also had no problem controlling this tv with my amazon alexa.

I have just had to send an lg television back as it broke after a week and it cost me £1800. I went for this 65 inch television which was a fantastic price at around £800. The reviews are hit and miss on this television so let me try and give you an honest review. The box and packaging are excellent so there is no chance it can be damaged in transit. It’s very easy to setup out of the box, the feet go on very easily with the 4 screws that are provided. I actually find the picture quality much better than the £1800 television i had previously which is amazing considering this set is half the price. I see lots of people refering to samsung adverts that pop up which are annoying but i haven’t had a single one so maybe this has been fixed with an uodate. If you want a very well made television at a great price then this television ticks all boxes.

I bought this to replace an older and smaller samsung smart tv which was getting unreliable in picking up the wifi network. Nothing worse than having your favourite netflix video interrupted by no signal. Really nice quality picture – it is ultra hd. Sound sometimes a little on the quiet side. Have to keep adjusting it depending on what channel/streaming service i am using. Disappointed that there does not seem to be a way to watch now tv on it, (except cabling it through from my laptop) but apart from that i give this tv top marks.

Bought as a srceen for the ps4, i’m very impressed with all the features of this smart tv. All the catch up services and netflix / amason video are there, as expected, but the bonus is plugging it in to the old sky dish, this has the complete freesat service which is not mentioned in the advertising on both amazon and other online retailers. Picture quality is spot on and for the price i can’t recommend it enough. Tvsandmore did take 1 week to deliver but i was in no rush so did not mind the wait. Very please with the purchase.

Not had a chance to really test thoroughly but seems to be a really great tv with fantastic picture quality. However, there is no headphone jack which is absolutely ridiculous. Completely stupid not to include one, no care at all from samsung for those who are hard of hearing. Personally means i can’t play sound through my amplifier which i have always done as tv speakers tend to be rubbish. Now i’m going to have to fork out another up to 50 quid to get an adapter from optical audio to analog. Left a bitter taste and gives the impression that samsung doesn’t really care about the hard of hearing or those who enjoy using their own speakers.

I bought the 65” tv for a bedroom, incredibly cheap for the quality. Used only for netflix but during setup had the same issue with others regarding adverts, it consistently pushes paid for content via a rakuten app, which can’t be removed. However, in settings, you can set it to automatically start and open the last previously used app. As this is exclusively used for netflix, this means we bypass all the ads. Setup was incredible easy, took all of two minutes to enter wifi details, netflix was already setup, just had to login and done. Bbc iplayer have an uhd trial program loop in their beta app settings. Watch a couple of these to really see how amazing the quality of this tv is. I have mine wall mounted, the tv does not come with the bolts required and my tv mount did not come with the bolts for this tv. M8 43-45mm are needed and it’s vesa 200. Otherwise, it was simple to install.

The questions seem to repeat a lot of the same stuff so :yes it has a freeview tuneryes it has a freesat tuneryes it is ledyes it has wifi and an rj45 ethernet socketno it does not have bluetooth yes it is a smart tvyes netflix and youtube are built-in appsyes it comes with a remoteno it does not come with a wall bracketno it does not have some weird thing that plays adverts over tv programmes (or at all)i have had this set 4 months and am very happy with it, the one downside is that it does not have bluetooth built in, which is my fault for not spotting. If it were possible i would give it 4. 25 stars – half a star removed for the hard to comprehend lack of bluetooth which even the cheapest of phones manage to have and the other quarter removed for the way that you cannot remove apps that you are not interested in. Trust me marketeers, annoying your customers is not the way to make them try stuff especially stuff that is not free.

  • This TV has Freesat
  • Fantastic at a great price.
  • Natural colours with good sound

Samsung UE75NU7100 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV – Charcoal Black (2018 Model) [Energy Class A+]

Size Name:75 Inch  |  Style Name:TV Only
Product Description, The deluxe Samsung UE75NU7100 75 inch 4K Smart TV has to be seen to be believed! with a Clean Cable solution & Smart Hub feature

Box Contains,

From the manufacturer

that looks great from any angle

Beautifully vibrant Ultra HD certified experience

With true Ultra HD 4K colour and clarity you can enjoy the latest movies in more colour and detail than ever before.

HDR amplifies your viewing experience and using the power of HDR 10+ you see the detail in every scene.

Experience great sporting moments with Auto Motion Plus with superb motion management powered by our UHD Engine.

Samsung NU7120 UHD TV

Don’t settle for less than UHD

Samsung NU7120, UHD TV

Ultra HD certified

Ultra HD certified makes the most of every pixel. Don’t settle for a TV without the Ultra HD certified picture quality logo, which guarantees the pure colours, sharp contrast and brightness you would expect from the latest 4K resolution standards.

Samsung NU 7120, UHD dimming

UHD Dimming

UHD Dimming technology independently adjusts tone, brightness and sharpness. By dividing the screen into hundreds of small zones, UHD Dimming separately controls the darkest and brightest elements of any image for exceptional picture quality.

Samsung NU7120, HDR 10

HDR powered by HDR 10+

The next advancement in HDR technology, HDR 10+ makes sure every scene is precisely optimised for colour, contrast, and the finest details.

Auto Motion Plus, Samsung NU7120

Auto Motion Plus

Auto Motion Plus offers impressive

clarity in action scenes and sport that you’ll feel as if you’re watching from the stands or onset.

Clean Cable Solution, Samsung NU7120

Clean Cable Solution

The back of the NU7120 is designed with stylish grooves that allow for the cables to be threaded through, keeping all your connections out of sight.

Samsung NU7120

360° Design

Discover impressive minimalistic design from every angle.

* Actual product may differ from image shown.

Smart features

Samsung NU7120, Universal Guide

Universal Guide

With Smart TVs, there’s just so many shows to choose from. But don’t waste time surfing through everything. Our Universal Guide recommends popular shows and content tailored just for you, meaning you can watch more of what you love. Spend less time searching, more time viewing.

SmartThings App*, Samsung NU7120

Smart View

Easily browse content and control your TV from your mobile*. Effortlessly connect your compatible mobile device with your TV to stream the latest viral sensation. You can even search for your favourite content without disturbing what you’re watching.

*Compatible phone and app required.

More Quality Content

Samsung NU7120; Content Sync & Share

Content Sync & Share

Take full advantage of the Samsung Cloud. Seamlessly connect your Samsung smart devices to sync photos. Now you can share your mobile pictures and enjoy it on the TV or refrigerator screen.

* Compatible devices only.

TV Plus; Samsung NU7120

TV Plus

Get access to a wide range of 4K UHD and HDR content. TV Plus offers latest content and movies in amazing resolution so you enjoy a cinematic experience at the comfort of your own home.

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Ok bad things first and there are only two things, firstly there are ads that others have mentioned and they are a little annoying. Secondly and more annyoying for me personally or anyone who wants to play video games. The refresh rate is a little slow. And you will need a soundbar as the sound is a little tinny. Up so i don’t know how easy or hard that was but it looked pretty straight forward. All in all for the price is a very good for the quality. Update for console gamers don’t use game mode and refresh rate seems better, but it’s not terrible either way.

When i moved appartments i wanted a new tv. I’m a big gamer so i wanted something that is compatible to the ps4 pro and this was the perfect fit. Great quality, sound and design.

. You do have to tweak the picture. I advise that you knock down the green a bit on the rgb settings. Once we did that it was brilliant. But i dont know why they send it out with this greenish tint?.

This is no exception – so far at least. It has all the smart tv apps you expect and works well / sounds good. However, i do have a complaint about the new set up process. It would not initially let me set up from the remote, but asked me to load the app on my phone first and then asked me to register with samsung, which i didn’t want to do. However, i gave in and registered to try and get the tv beyond the startup screen – it then started to do the setup through the home wi-fi. Only to crash and tell me to try again. I did and then it told me the tv was already registered to a different account (fume). . At this point it allowed me to resume set up from the remote. But again you have to input your samsung account details (why do we have to do this?.

This is replacing a 32” akura 1080p hd tv mainly because i wanted a tv with hdmi arc. I have the 40” version of this product and it is excellent for picture quality and even the internal speakers are decent and good enough to use on their own without having to use an external speaker. After calibrating the picture (i like to get the best i can out of a tv and follow calibration advice on the web – i go for a natural look and as close to ‘real life’ as possible rather than the zing of dynamic) it is even better with very natural colours and outstanding clarity and definition. It also supports dolby digital and digital plus and allows you to send either to a compatible soundbar or audio receiver in either bitstream of lpcm modes. My main gripe is with the wifi which only supports 2. 4ghz (for a 2018 tv i would expect dual frequency and include 5ghz) and i live in an area with about 10 – 12 other 2. 4ghz wifi signals all bouncing around and overlapping – fine for normal web browsing but not so good for video streaming. The smart hub feature is pretty much useless to me as there is just too much buffering when watching either the iplayer or amazon prime videos. Luckily i have a fire stick which i prefer to use for streaming. I have removed all the apps from being shown in the smart hub and made sure the it doesn’t keep popping up every time i turn the tv on.

My last tv was one of the first 32′ smart hd 3d, this one is 5 times faster, i had to check online how to fix the intro pop up asking for the zone, and i didn’t register to samsung account to have interactive apps, but amazon prime works strait. The sound is good enough for me, and with that size i can see more details, still, some channels were a bit blury, and i order a 4k hd indoors antena. That did maked the whole diference, i’m amazed. I had an issue with the delivery due xmas period and the seller was extremely suportive, so i can’t fault anything.

This is a great tv from a great seller, the smart features are amazing and really easy to use, the picture is crisp and clear even improving old dvd’s a massive amount. The usual samsung quality you would expect.

The seller even got in contact to discuss delivery as they knew it would be later than expected due to my location. The picture and sound quality of the tv is great. Slightly annoyed with the fact that movie adverts come up every time the tv is turned on but that’s not the worst thing.Also, if you plan on attaching it to a wall you will need to buy separate fixings – this is the first tv that i’ve come across that doesn’t have that. In the manual it says to buy a samsung wall bracket but we just used our existing bracket and went to the local shop and bought screws (£1.

  • This TV has Freesat
  • Fantastic at a great price.
  • Natural colours with good sound

Samsung UE75NU7100 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV – Charcoal Black (2018 Model) [Energy Class A+]

Smart tv simple to setup and use. If you want to do something simply select it from the menu and that’s it. No hassle trying to get things done. Great picture quality and sound. Not much bass ( as i’ve read people mentioning it ), but well, it’s only a tv not a subwooferi’ve only installed it yesterday but so far so good.

I was initially disappointed with the picture, but i think that’s more a problem with some sky hd channels not being very good quality. Once i checked out the 4k features, i was impressed. Netflix 4k streaming is great and that’s where you really see the difference in quality. I must admit, the non 4k picture quality could be better, and the old samsung tv downstairs (probably 5 years old or more) has a better image quality on normal hd channels, which was a little disappointing but, for the price, you are unlikely to get a better tv. If you want undisputed tv quality and image clarity, then you will have to spend more on a higher spec tv, but for general purposes this is a good option and the 4k is very nice. I would recommend this tv, but if you are expecting miracles (like i admittedly was) then you’ll have to push the boat out and get an oled or qled.

The tv is very good picture and sound good the only problem was there were no screws to fix it to the stand i had the go to my local diy and get long screws you would have thought with a 400 pound tv that the screws would be provided and the manual was mostly in foreign just the first 5 pages in english whitch didnt tell you anything as to setting the tv up.

Don’t want to damn this with faint praise as it i a step-up from my previous samsung television in terms of picture quality/sharpness/focus. It was very easy to install and looks great in the room but there are a couple of ‘niggles’. As i think a previous reviewer has mentioned, the viewing position for optimum quality needs to be pretty much end on, the more you move to the side, the less-sharp the picture becomes. The sound from the tv is fine but i have a samsung soundbar from my previous television which i cannot get to connect to the new television which is a real disappointment as i use it when watching movies, particularly. If anybody knows how this might be connected. . ?apart from that, for the price, very good value.

This tv was purchased for use in a small living room and like other samsungs the picture quality is excellent, the sound is pretty good for small flatscreen and samsung’s smart tv environment works well. The only quibbles are that this particular tv does not have a ‘nowtv’ app – a weird omission as the app appears on virtually every other samsung smart tv – and that very occasionally there have been problems with smart tv content not loading (the apps remain blank, there’s a black screen etc. Restarting everything seems to fix this latter problem and it’s quite possibly a router issue not a tv issue.

Features and Spesification

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  • Ultra HD certified for true 4K colour and clarity
  • Hidden cables for a clutter free and stylish cable management solution
  • Discover easy access to all your content and connected devices from one place through Samsung’s intuitive 2018 Smart Hub.