Ways to Save Money in 2017

I know, I know, we’re in February now (say what!), but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start saving money throughout the year of 2017. I can be extremely frugal when I want to be, which is mentioned in my money saving tips post, but today I want to share other ways you can save money which revolve around our lifestyle choices. Don’t worry, you’re not required to give up your lifestyle, but instead just make some sensible decisions as to what you’re paying out for.Ingenuity Digital

Food shop
Buy only what you need. Sure, when browsing the aisles and offers we can get a little carried away, but half the time you’ll get home and realise you’re never going to eat said item and then that’s just money being thrown in the bin. Plan your meals, buy only what you need and stop buying things just for the fact they are on offer!

Bad habits
We all have a bad habit or two that makes us spend money, but for some, that bad habit is smoking. I have close friends who made the switch to go from smoking to vaping and financially it has saved them a fortune! From smoking 20+ a day, costing them roughly £15, to now spending a mere £3-4 on a e-liquid, this is huuuge. The upfront cost to the switch is obviously the likes of the e-cig itself, an aerotank mow, then a couple e-liquids to get you started, but after that you will see the money rolling in from savings.

Simply cut-back
This is one I’ve put my foot down on this New Year and all for good reason. I have a thing with my boyfriend called Sushi Sundays where practically every Sunday we’d head to YoSushi for lunch. Sure, it’s a nice treat, but after several months in a row, I think it then becomes an addiction…In general we love to eat out on weekends at other places too, so for me this New Year I’ve decided to stop this completely and only go for meals or order takeouts when it’s special occasions – birthdays, new job, anniversary etc.

Use cashback sites
For the times you do need to buy things online, use cashback sites to get money back on the things you buy. I’ve been using the likes of TopCashBack since the last year of university and wish I had signed up sooner! When setting up utility bills and contents insurance, I got so much cash back just for signing up. But then the likes of online food shops and so on, you can get up to 10% back on your orders.


How do you plan to save money this year?


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