Sboly Personal Blender – No lumps

The appearance of the package is particularly complete and very nice look. The product is very simple to operate ,the juice is very good, and it is a great shopping experience.

I like the size of the bottles and the fact that 2 of them comes its great. The blades however are not that sharp and there are bits left, not lumpy though so its acceptable. If whole nuts added, there are not completely blended. The problematic part is if blending goes on for over 40 secs and even with pauses, the blender lid gets stuck and its almost impossible to open and takes lots of effort to open. If there is not more liquid than the solids and even if not over the max mark, it doesnt blend properly and if more liquid then when blender is on, it splashes the liquid, not much but it does then require lower unit cleaning. As said it is not dripping though and its not that difficult to clean but annoying. Bottle is leak proof once smoothie is ready to carry in bag, which is great. In short it does let you enjoy smoothie at the end but it can be a real effort sometime.

Very nice company to deal with.

It’s as good as my nutri blend but not as loud when in use. The only downside is, it would be great to have an additional 1 or 2 small bottle(s) to go with it. Luckily i have a lot of spare bottles frommy old blenders.

This is amazing it arrived before it was due it is lovely nice enough to sit out in the kitchen on display rather than hidden away in cupboard it’s so easy to clean i just fill with soapy water and run it for a few seconds then rinse under tap really simple and fast to use getting healthier drinks in no time this really is a must in everyone’s kitchen.

It’s very convenient to use and easy to assemble.

This is one of the best products. It’s good value for money, it does it’s job perfectly and it’s just so efficient. I highly recommend don’t go spending a lot of your money on specific brands when you’ve got this one which is worth every penny.

Love this blender, not only is it great for smoothies, i’ve been using it to blend food for my 6 month old grand daughter. It is an ideal size, quick and easy to use. Really really pleased, brilliant.

This product is incredible, so easy to use and the bottle that you blend in is a life saver. I eat a lot of fruit when i go to work and this means i can have my fruit in a delicious drink. Cleaning was so simple too, just like washing any other pot. Zero regrets getting this and i’ll be using it every day.

Amazing blender, i made a banana smoothie with it and there were no bits, it was all smooth. Also it came with 2 bottles and also a cleaner to clean the inside of the bottles. I would highly recommend this to anyone out there as it’s a great price and perfect for those protein shakes.

Its very handy and plastis blender easy to use and carry out.

Fantastic blender, simple to clean,just in love with this i’ve used it few times making smoothies which was great. Solid quality blade and plastic material.

The unit is nice and compa t light weight easy to use. I am 80 years old if i can use the unit anyone can. Very pleased with the product blends smoothie excellent. Here are the specifications for the Sboly Personal Blender:

  • THE ULTIMATE PERSONAL BLENDER – Have you been looking for a quick and effortless way to make your smoothies, shakes and juices on the go? The Sboly Personal Blender is the answer! With a simple one-touch operation, you can now easily make your favorite drinks in as little as 10 seconds. Once your drink is ready pull off the portable cup and enjoy it anywhere!
  • POWERFUL & COMPACT – This one of a kind blender has a robust 350W motor, yet features a compressed and unique design. Watch your contents instantly chop into tiny pieces with the 4 stainless steel, ultra-sharp blades. Unlike other blenders that are large, bulky and hard to store, this product allows for easy storage.
  • SAFE & SECURE – All parts are BPA-free & FDA certified to ensure healthy and safe drinking with ETL certification. This blender will only work when the bottle is installed properly in the LOCK place. It comes with an overheating prevention & automatic recovery function. Rest easy knowing you and your family are safe with this product in your house.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE FOR SIMPLE CLEANING – The 20 oz Tritan portable blender cup is extremely easy to clean! We even include an additional bottle brush to make washing your portable blender cup that much more effortless. All parts except for the motor base are dishwasher safe!
  • TWO BOTTLES FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT- This is upgrade version personal blender with 2 replacement bottles, which allows you to conveniently make 2 bottles of your favorite drinks at the same time.

I had an old kenwood one which packed in so looked for a replacement and came accross this. Just the right size and can use it on the go. Bonus is it comes with 2 bottles. Also powerful 4 blade motor.

 very useful blander- very good quality- easy to use- 2 portable jars included- easily blend anything- easy to clean- value for moneyi am using this on daily bases at home for making curries and smoothies.

It is really a good and useful product for me! when it works, it is quiet. And just for several minutes i can enjoy the tasty juice!.

So much cheaper than a grand name one and works great.

Does exactly what you would want a blender to do. It quickly blends food leaving no lumps. The cups are pretty easy to clean – i just stick them in the dishwasher. The blender seems good quality considering how cheap it was.

Such a great, compact blender. Comes with two bottles with tops, that can be easily swapped from powerful blade top to normal, leakproof stopper, cleaning stick (long) and manual. Quality of this product is amazing.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Straight forward blender

  • Amazing leaves no lumps like most blenders I have had.

  • S-blendid!

Bought this sboly blender as a last attempt to make my son eat fruit and at last i’ve found a solution. Its powerful motor blends any fruit in 10 seconds and makes a smoothy he can take to school. It comes with 2 cups with flip top spouts, a spare seal and a handy bottle brush to clean out. Overall very impressed5 stars.

It comes with 2 bottles that are what you make the smoothie in. The blade section screws onto the top of the bottle, acting as a lid. Has some white arrows to line up before locking into place on the machine. Machine won’t turn on until locked in, great safety feature. Once done, which isn’t long, swap the blades lid for a normal lid and take it with you. Bottle have a stopper in it to stop the flap part falling back into your face. Bottle brush provided and is really easy to clean. This is a great item to have, and doesn’t take up much room.

This blender is great for smoothies and milkshakes. Great for workout comes with two bottles yo u can use it for protein shakes during workout.

I mainly use it for making quick smoothies for breakfast and this thing does the job perfectly. It is easy to clean and the extra bottle does make things much more convenient. Would recommend this to anyone.

I found the blender to be of very good quality. Able to use the jars as take away bottle was a plus. There are two jars so good for me and my wife as we tried different smoothies same time. So far we tried smoothies based on fruits and yogurt and it blended well.

Even when you hesitate to make a smoothie, you’re tempted by the ease of use and great results.

This blender is such good value for money. You get two drinks cups that are super easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. The blender unit itself is very sturdy and feels strong. It also looks very stylish and i keep it on the kitchen counter. It makes smoothies with ease, even crushing ice.

I made a strawberry and cherries smoothie. Easy to use and lastly easy to clean. Why spend money on more expensive names when this is great and just as good.

Small but convenient, and easy to clean. I can use it to make milkshake.

This blender is absolutely perfect for smoothies. Firstly the design is great, it has a premium look to it. For a single serving smoothie this is spot on, even with a variety of hard and soft fruits and veg. I am a fan of the system where it locks on and then you press he button to blend. It is very easy to clean too with its simple design. I would certainly recommend this.

It is a straight forward blender with no complex stuff. I put a banana, nuts, honey and milk in the blending bottle, screwed the blade cap and blended it for just 7 seconds and my drink was ready. The base unit has only one big button that will turn the blender on as long as you are pressing it. The base unit looks and feels well made. My drink was perfectly blended and i plan to add some oats and berries to make a “liquid” breakfast which i can have while commuting.

It appears to be very sturdily built and looks very shiny and polished. I was especially impressed with the fast moving blades and the quickness with which it created my very first smoothie. Finally i would like to say that they provided us with an extra bottle, two gaskets and a lot of cleaning stuff plus a 2-year warranty and a chance to join them to get further discounts in future. Buy this with full confidence.

Nice and easy blender to use, good value for money. Makes excellent smoothies really easy and the handy drinks container you mix it in means to can blend and go. Just as good as the leading brand.

The product includes: instruction manual, 2 blender bottles, a cleaning brush. Perfect for what it does and competes with similar products that are priced higher in the market. -bottles are bpa free-easy to clean-easy to setup.

My family is a heavy smoothie drinkers and we rely heavily on our blenders. We loved our old blender but it broke and the company didn’t sell anymore. So we found this which was in our budget and we were pleasantly impressed by its quality and value for money. It’s easy to use and clean, does a great job and looks great as well. I don’t have any negatives to be honest and i highly recommend this blender.

This works great and allows me to blend fruits in the morning when in a rush, to consume in the car for my commute.

Powerful and compact personal blender. Effortless way to make smoothies, shakes and juices on-the-go.

Item arrived quick and in good shape. Blender came well packed with all accessories needed. Blender works very well and creates some tasty smoothies. Everything can be washed after use except the part that has the motor of course. You put that in water and you no longer have a blender. Overall great quality and nice lookin blender. Value for money is also very high.

Very easy to use and nice and size.

I love this product, easy to use, and perfect design.

It comes with two bpa free bottles. Good thing is that you can use bottle as a blender by putting the blade part on the bottle. Once you made smoothie or milkshake, you can take it out. Just change the top part of the bottle and carry the bottle. Easy to grind fruit and vegetable. Motor is powerful and good product.

I love this smoothie blender, and since i bought it have been using it almost every day. In 5 minutes of prep time and about 20 seconds of blending, it gives me a healthy, nutrient and fibre-packed breakfast that i can easily take to work with me or enjoy at any point of the morning. As i see it, the product is simply a cheaper version of a number of more well-known brands, and there is no loss of quality that i have noticed. I’ve been using it 2-3 weeks, so will have to see how long it lasts or whether any issues emerge, but so far it’s been great. The only small problem is that as the container is quite long and tall, and as the blades are quite small, sometimes the food items get stuck at the top of the blender and you have to remove the top, shake it, and re-blend. This is somewhat avoided by putting heavier items on top and leafy greens at the bottom where they get blended first, but it can be very slightly frustrating when you’re in a rush or desperate to have your smoothie.

Very good blender, had lots of blenders in the past and this one is just right to meet a persons needs. It’s quick easy and doesn’t leave lumpy unblended bits like most blenders do. Love the bottles no more pouring from the blender into another container to drink from.

I like that the 2 plastic bottles and the motor compartment all have handles to hold them by. The push on button is handy for someone who has dexterity issues. It would have been a bonus if the 2 bottles were made of glass to minimise the after smell of food. It blended my berries very quickly and smoothly just like a smoothie should be.

Absolutely great little blender is this for me he price. Really easy to use and clean. I find if you put a bit if raw ginger and line in with your more ‘green leafy’ blends you can make healthy smoothies with less earthy taste. Had this a while now and really impressed with this little machine. Super sharp blades, highly recommended.

 very good quality product and easy to use. Makes life so much easier as it’s already in a bottle. So good for everyday’s use, only takes few min to make anything.