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A very handy little machine, easy to use, and makes great yoghurt.

Really pleased, this is producing lovely yogurt. I’m using semi skimmed uht and adding two tablespoons dried skimmed milk, and getting nice thick yogurt.

Have found best yoghurt comes from heating 900mls uht milk to baby bath temp. And stirring in 2 tablespoons of dried milk. I agree with other reviews about spoon.

Will pay for itself quickly. You can use it without the inside jug if you want.

If only it had an automatic off switch, an obvious thing i would have thought. I had to have a couple of attempts before i got the yoghurt thick enough to my liking.

Works efficiently and is very dependable. Even if you put the milk in cooler than it suggests, it will still heat it up to the correct temperature, so no more airing cupboard disasters. I prefer to use the sterilised carton milk (organic in my case), which i simply warm, so i don’t have to wait for unsterilised milk to cool down from boiling. (they recommend ordinary milk be boiled first). The results are milder than bought yoghurt, but delicious.

This is the third lakeland yoghurt maker that i have had. The previous two both lasted 10 years and i make it every 2 days or so. It makes perfect yoghurt, nice and thick and creamy if you use uht wholemilk. We like it plain over fruit or on its own so i never add sugar or any flavouring. I would recommend this lakeland product.

Simple machine, no fancy electronics, turn on turn off, much less to go wrong. It is not hard to monitor the time. It is a bit thinner than what you normally buy in the shops but that doesn’t bother me. In fact it mixes well with fruit, etc. Instructions says to add powered milk if you need it thicker. Easy to use and make yoghurt.

  • Make’s great yogurt for pennies
  • Excellent – *except* for silly jar, but please read my review.
  • Great bit of kit !

SEGMINISMART Stainless Steel Whisky Stones Gift Set 7 Pcs

Overview:Whisky stones don’t chill drinks instantly as ice cubes do. Tasteful drinks will not be affected, Bring different levels of taste to enjoy.

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Grand machine, *except* for the silly 1 litre container supplied with the machine and especially the stupid spoon which allegedly locks the lid in place but which is far more style over substance. To combat these silly design faults i have simply purchased a set of easiyo spare containers (2 x 1 litre + 2 small containers, available on amazon uk) and these perfectly fit the machine, almost made to measurei now have the perfect yoghurt maker *and* the perfect yoghurt containers to fit it.

Looks stylish and turns out delishous yoghurt every time.

Now eating at least 4 ltrs of yogurt a week.

This one i bought for a friend , to give at christmas. My friend always comments how nice my yogurt is.

It took a long time to get the perfect consistency yoghurt. Now it’s perfect greek style thick yoghurt.

All you need for a never ending supply of yogurt. Two teaspoons of starter then a litre of uht milk every 4 or 5 days. Easier than separate pots i reckon.

Excellent purchase, easy to use makes fantastic yoghurt.

I’d never made yogurt before and it was super easy – switch it on and leave it for however many hours you need to ferment the yogurt for (i’m on the gaps diet so i leave it for 24-29 hours). There’s not a timer, but there is a number dial on the top to remind you what time you want to take it out. Every batch i’ve made has been delicious.

  • Make’s great yogurt for pennies
  • Excellent – *except* for silly jar, but please read my review.
  • Great bit of kit !

SEGMINISMART Stainless Steel Whisky Stones Gift Set 7 Pcs

Good product, makes excellent yoghurt very cheaply using full milk and a little fresh yoghurt,.

I’ve had one of these excellent yoghurt makers for many years and, use it on a regular basis. When a close relative tasted my home made yoghurt and, enquired where i’d bought it because it was so nice, i decided to buy them one. They are already using it and making their own delicious yoghurt.

Really easy to make yoghurt.

Really easy to use and gives great yogurt each time. The trick to not miss is to make sure your milk reaches exactly 43 degrees c (not more not less) before you pour it in and add your cultures.

Very easy to use and makes great yoghurt, however, it does have some faults. The spoon provided is a waste of space. I would also have liked the pot to have been perfectly round inside as that would have made it easier to empty and clean. The lid also could have been better made as it is too easy to displace.

Made the most fantastic yoghurt, and it was so easy. Very convenient being able to take the pot out and store it in the fridge, and the whole unit is small enough to fit on the worktop without taking it over.

Should have bought one ages ago – really saves on cost of yogurt and you know what is going into it. Very good value for money, the addition of a timer would be useful but would then increase the cost of the product. We just tend to leave ours on overnight which works well – as long as we remember in the morning.

A replacement for an identical one i purchased years ago. Ilike the fact that the yoghurt is in one large container and that spares are available so you van make a new batch while still having some in the fridge.

I’m getting a lot of use from this handy yoghurt maker. It’s tidy and space efficient, cleans up well and makes lovely yoghurt.

Somebody explained me how to make ‘greek yogurt’ and i tried to make it without the electric yoghurt maker. Sometimes it’s ok but sometimes it was very runny. I have made (contents is almost 1 liter) the yogurt about 8 times, i started with some danone yoghurt and since then i keep a bit of the greek yogurt and start with some fresh milk. I heat up the milk (unskimmed/full fat whatever you like) to 185 f, then let it cool down to 95f. Add some of the yogurt (about 1/4-1/3 cup) switch the lakeland on and you’ll have yogurt in about 8 hours. I then strain the warm yogurt to get nice thick greek yogurt for 2-3 hours. Super easy and deliciousthe plastic container is washed with warm soapy water nothing to it. If you want to have nice creamy home-made yogurt, this is a must. Highly recommended and not expensive at all.

This yorghurt maker replaced one i was given as a gift four years ago it was constantly in use i missed it so much i just had to replace it the yoghurt it makes is superb so creamy you can use it in cooking no problem delicious.

I love my yoghurt maker – have made yoghurt with totally skimmed milk – very healthy. Always sieve it though and leave it ‘cookiing’ for exactly 9 1/2 hrs and not the recommended 8. Bought it on recommendation of several friends who have one and very pleased with theirs, bought one for my granddaughter’s birthday too.

I am very happy with this little yoghurt maker. It is compact and easy to use and works perfectly. It arrived well within time stated and i hope to have it for a long time as there doesn’t seem that there is much to go wrong. Onlu one small niggle is that the electric cable is a tad short but it is just a very small niggle. Thank you lakeland for a simple, easy to use incubator which does exactly what it is supposed to.

I bought this as a christmas present for my husband. Every four days since christmas, we have freshly made 800-900ml yogurt from it. It makes slightly runny yogurt, not like the thick greek style one but we only use the yogurt with our cereal and sometimes for cooking so it suits as well.

Lovely yogurt, so much nicer than shop bought. Really glad i purchased it and will continue to use it.

I have used it for the last few weeks and so far so good. The first batch was a bit strange but when i checked i found the skimmed milk powder was near use-by date so i bought a new tin. I am a bit concerned what it will be like in the winter when the weather, and therefore my kitchen, is colder and might make a ‘cosy’ for it to keep it warm. The yoghurt is a bit ‘gloopy’ but tastes fine. I have found tetra pack semi-skimmed milk for 54p a litre at the discounters.

Makes good yogurt and easy too use. It would be better design if inner bowl was made of glass rather then plastic but other than this it works fine.

Bought to replace original which had failed after five years of service. This is a great machine and highly recommended to anyone who eats a lot of yoghurt. I use a one tablespoon of spoon of greek yoghurt, a carton of whole long life milk and three heaped spoons of milk powder mixed together and leave on overnight. This makes a pot of thick ‘greek’ style yoghurt. You can use a spoon of this to start the next batch. Buy new starter after about four batches to keep it thick.

Features and Spesification

  • High Quality: The Whiskey Ice cubes are made of high quality 304 grade stainless steel. It is safe and non-toxic, and does not affect the composition, smell or taste of your drinks. You can use it with confidence.They are durable and never rust, corrode or wear! Cold stones are suitable for almost any drink that should be served chilled.
  • Reusable Ice Cubes: The Ice stones are reusable and safe for any beverage such as whiskey, scotch, rum, vodka, and water! Whisky stones will never ruin the real taste like ice cubes.
  • Easy to Use: Simply place the cubes in your case and freeze for about 2-3 hours. For most alcohol, add 2 cubes or more to the glass. When finished, rinse the cubes with clean water, leave them to dry and store in the freezer and always ready for your next drink.
  • Perfect Gift: The whisky stones are popular among drink lovers. These elegant stainless steel whiskey cubes will make your gift absolutely unforgettable! Ideal gift for husband, wife, partner, friends, parents, etc. Give him a special gift that’s easy to use and above all unforgettable!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: You will receive 8* Ice cubes , 1 *storage box, 1* Ice Tongs. We have a commitment to each buyer 100% satisfaction.If you are not satisfied with it. Contact us, 100% refund, no risk.