Sennheiser CX 3.00 Ear-Canal Headphones – Red : Solid sound from one of the top brands with a 2 year warrantyvery happy

Had these for about a year and they give a great all-round frequency response. In terms of accuracy these are superior to extra bass sony earphones that are sold at a similar price point. I even use these (in part) for mixing music. However, the plastic has started to degrade near each headphone leaving a thinner plastic coated wire exposed. I don’t expect these to last much longer, but i will probably get another pair once they break as i haven’t found any earphones that match the sound at this price.

My cx300ii broke when i stepped on it and i thought this would be a good replacement. Now granted, the sound quality is pretty good with a nice bass, but it’s just not loud enough on smart phones or tablets. Works fine on a proper amplifier or the soundcard of my pc, but i have my trusty hd 25 for that, i need a proper headphone for commuting, light and small. Too bad this is not what i need.

The audio quality is as great as you would expect from sennheiser, however, i don’t really like the change of cable style from my previous ‘cx 300 ii’ earphones. The cable doesn’t loop around the back of the neck anymore so even light use has the cables tugging and pulling at the ear which is really uncomfortable. Unless you’re sat at desk or something similar i’d advise buying the ‘cx 300 ii’ model instead.

Had the previous model a few years ago and solid headphones. After my beats(avoid btw, shocking build quality) broke after a year i came back to sennheisers and after 2 weeks of comparing with other brands purchased these. Ensure first you choose your earbud size as it will affect the sound massively. Very comfy fit, no sound leaked at all at high volume and the sound quality is very solid, nice mid top and bass but not too bassy. Comes with multiple sized buds and a 2 year warranty. Only reason it looses a star is because the carry case isnt exactly ideal, need to wrap them up perfectly for it to fit where a nice pouch would be better.

Good earphones had them for a few months listing to music one night they worked fine, put them on my bed side table and woke up the next moring to find the left earphone had just stopped, they hadn’t been near any liquids so im not sure what happened.

Ahh, sennheiser a name you like to hear when it comes to sound. I’ve had a few of these sets and they lasted around 6 months each. But in that time they sounded great with a nice bass and treble. Bass is not too overpowering but it’s at a good level. Not the best earphones out there due to not lasting too long but they do the job while sounded great.

Sound quality is excellent for the price, especially after some burning in. The storage case is a liability. When you pop in the earbuds they are retained by rubber clips. To get them out you need to pull hard on the lead or lever them out with a toothpick. Using this case is a recipe for damaging the wire and i shall just simply use the plastic box without the fancy insert.

Good earphones for the money, no complaints except the fact that the cable got twisted in one section and can’t be untwisted, which isn’t that aesthetically pleasing and may result in long term damage, 3 months later no such damage but this could’ve been fixed by simply adding a space between the 2 cables in the cable constrictor manager bit so the cables may rotate freely. If you’re the type of person to constantly adjust and move the cable constrictor and use it in 2 or more positions at separate periods of the day, i would not recommend these headphones. Personal tip: i would slide the cable constrictor all the way down and not use it, just in case.

  • cx300’s are much better at this price range in my opinion
  • Worthy successor to the CX300ii
  • Good pair of earphones

Sennheiser CX 3.00 Ear-Canal Headphones – Red

Product Description, Keep The Music Going, Optimised for Perfect Fit, A Simple Way to Enjoy your Music
CX 3.00 In-Ear Canal Headphone – Available in Black, Red or White, The CX 3.00 embraces Sennheiser’s expertise in-ear canal headphone design to ensure excellent clarity across the frequency range – carefully tuning the high frequencies for a smooth, accurate reproduction with powerful yet discrete bass that still maintain great clarity in the mids.
Learn more about the CX 3.00, An acoustic design and driver technology allows a lightweight ultra-small design that offers a great fit, with incredible performance. Enjoy amazingly detailed sound reproduction and an enhanced bass response in an incredibly small package. Easy simplicity, it’s ready to use with all devices.


  • Intensify your music – keep the music going! – detailed sound and enhanced bass
  • Outstanding comfort – optimised shape and size for perfect fit
  • 4 ear adapter sizes (XS, S, M, L) – for effective noise blocking
  • Tangle-free cable – elliptical, tangle-free cable
  • Colour variants – available in black, white or red
  • Did you know?,

    The ultra small design guarantees excellent comfort while the included set of ear adapters in four different sizes (XS, S, M, L), ensures effective noise blocking that will really let you feel the beat.

    Sennheiser recommends this headphone for…,

    The young and stylish consumer who seeks a great sounding headphone, which is easy to use when they are ‘on the move’. The CX series is also well-suited for existing Sennheiser customers who are familiar with the predecessor models – this model supersedes the popular CX 300-II.


    The CX 3.00 is fully compatible with all devices that have a 3.5mm headphone socket.

    Box Contains,

    CX 3.00 headsetEar adapter set (XS, S, M, L)Carry Case

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    I’m very reliant on my headphones. These came recommended by someone who was passionate about quality listening experiences and, after using these headphones, i appreciate why they insisted that i go for these. I’ve heard music and vocals that i have never heard before in tracks i have been listening to for years, it’s incredible how much difference great quality headphones make. Have since bought these as a gift for a recepient who now loves his like i love mine.

    Very good quality headphones. Good amount of bass to drown out the outside noise. Only one niggle i personally dislike is that the cable is rubberised material, which can lead to tangles. Good thing it has the headphone tidy piece so that tangling does not happen.

    The sennheiser earbuds replaced an old pair of sennheiser earbuds i had used for many years with my ipod and later with my ipad and iphone. The previous pair were good value and offered excellent performance, particularly the base. However the new model is a big improvement and an excellent upgrade which i highly recommend, offering good value for money. The noise cancelling is superior and they appear to be even better made than my old pair and others i have tried in a similar price range.

    So far i’ve been really impressed with these , sound quality is terrific. I have had a previous history of dodgy headphones and i bought these because i heard they have 2 year warranty and should last for at least a year. Paying £40 was the most i’ve paid but hopefully the durability will show better than cheap £15 ones. I keep them wrapped up in the case it came in, its relatively easy to do so and i suppose that’ll will ensure they dont tangle and the cord dosen’t get damaged which is the main cause for one for headphones to break. Ive had these for around 3weeks now and so far so good. Will post 5 full stars after 3-4months or so. Its 5/5 for sound quality just waiting for it to last so i can give it 5/5 for durability.

    After having a pair of cx300 iis for 2 years, they had finally served their time (after having being cut by accident by a certain family member). I looked around for a successor to my loyal and reliable headphones, and decided it prudent to stay within the lineage of sennheiser products. Obviously, there would only be 1 product to do the job, the sennheiser cx 3. The first thing to notice is the product arrives inside a very small, conservative box which once opened contains only the carry case and some user information. The carry case is poor, if held upside down and shaken enough the lid will fall off. I was rather disappointed with this. The second disappointment would be the design of the product, which although looks heaps better than it’s predecessor, lacks an element of premium feel, perhaps with the cheap cabling being the factor that ruins this. Now with the bad stuff out of the way, the good thing is that the cx3. 00 still sound great, the mids are stronger than in the cx300s and the base albeit weaker is still punchy.

    The sound quality is exceptional and is amazing for listening to music. The bass level is not as desirable as i would have liked but it was what i expected at this price. Noise cancellation was not very good. You can always drown out the music with a higher volume but the product itself does not cancel noise very effectively. Good pair of earphones nevertheless. Would recommend for everyday use but for audiophiles, i would recommend a higher quality pair of earphones (not beats) if you are willing to dish out a bit more. For the price though, this earphone is stunning.

    Great sound, i can’t speak to their durability but they come with a 2 year warranty so i hope they’ll last.

    Cons:wires are made out of rubber so any time they rub against something, which is all the time, you hear the rubbing noise and occasionally a sharp squeeking noise depending on what they’re rubbing against (wooden desk). Overall they’re good quality earphones but for the price you pay there are many better alternatives. Had the wires not been made out of rubber these would be great.

    • cx300’s are much better at this price range in my opinion
    • Worthy successor to the CX300ii
    • Good pair of earphones

    Sennheiser CX 3.00 Ear-Canal Headphones – Red

    Bought these after being thoroughly disappointed with the sony xba-h1 earphones i got for my new walkman. Very pleased with the clarity / sound reproduction. Would have liked better bass response, but its decent enough. These are also the most comfortable earphones i’ve ever owned. All the ones i’ve had previously have begun to make my ears sore after a couple of hours. These fit so snugly and are so lightweight i hardly know i’m wearing them. As an added bonus these were around £35 cheaper than the sonys.

    Cannot be beaten for sound quality at this price except by jaw with the (arguably better) alfa venus v2. However, the latter is only available in black, and so i decided that despite my previous concerns over cheaper sennheiser reliability (after owning several pairs beginning around 10 years ago), i was happy to purchase them on offer, allowing me to add amazon’s 3 year cover for the same overall cost as the rrp.

    Distortion volume=25%+sound clarity is good up to 25% volume. Durability=below average bass=good. Distortion volume= 90%+sound clarity is 10% worse than cx 3. 00 but you can listen to these much louder without distortion. Distortion volume= 50%+sound quality is about 5% better than cx 3. Clarity is about the same as cx 3. 00 but can be at higher volume without distortion. Durability=average bass=good.

    I know these are not expensive ear bud however i’m a bit disappointed by the noise quality. The insulation is good, i’m coming from a audio technica noise canceling and use it mainly in the london underground which is very loud sometimes and i have to say for a non noise canceling ear phone it does the job pretty well. I’m however not impressed by the sound quality, it’s very bassy (ok for some music) and not really well balanced. It can be hard sometimes to hear some instruments or beats that i use to hear with my previous headphones. Really not impressed, maybe not a waste of money but i regret not having bought their competitors the soundmagic e10.

    After my pair of sennheiser cx 300 ii finally gave up the ghost after 4 years of use and abuse i got these. Ergonomically they are a leap ahead with them sitting in my ear a great deal more snugly than the cx300s. I’m no audiophile so i can’t give any great in-depth answer except to say that i love them. Audio is slightly quieter but beyond that i can’t fault them in the slightest.

    Compared to the extra bass sony earphone, i found it to have a cleaner sound at the cost of less lower freq response (ie bass) in comparison. Swings and roundabouts, it depends what sort of music you like. I tried out sennheiser over the sony to give it a try and wasn’t a bad sound experience. The build quality ‘looks’ better with the audio jack having a rigid cover which is protecting the weakest part of the earphones. However the earphone failed on me within 4 months which isnt good (not that sony earphones are that much better breaking down around the 1 year point). However the redeeming feature is 2yrs warranty instead of the 1yr offered by sony.

    The headphones are decent at best. The durability is a bit poor, considering how the rubber on the wires gets stretched due to the “zip” feature, which the tangling. When it gets stretched, it becomes almost impossible for the zip feature to work and trying to force it will just break the earphones completely, as you will most likely cause the wires inside to disconnect. The sound quality is also a sligh problem for me. The highs get disrupted a lot and when i’m listening to rap, the earphones often produce a war-piercing sound when the rapper says a word such as, sick, where the high pitches noice from the “s” causes the sound. This is my second pair of the exact same earphones and, for some reason, i remember the first ones to not have the sound problem.

    I am writing this review 2 years after purchasing these headphones. Let me say before starting these are good sounding headphones and have fared well in my time having them. However recently the protective casing has started to disintegrate and runs the whole way down the separator. I would recommend them to someone looking to change from apple pods or stock headphones, but dont expect them to be buy it for life.

    Bought these after yet another pair of the cx300ii gave up the ghost (lost sound in one side). The sturdier cabling on these should ensure they have a bit more longevity although cable noise is increased (but still within acceptable levels). A series of different size buds are supplied to ensure a snug fit. The plastic case doesn’t seem very sturdy and is a bit of a pain to use compared to the cx300ii’s leather pouch. Sound quality has improved and delivers great value for money; in this price class you’re unlikely to find better. Sennheiser do tend towards the slightly bassy-er end but these seem a little better than previous models without sacrificing punch. No real qualms here, so long as they last longer than the older model.

    People that complain about breaking them must be pretty rough with them. I’ve worn them in the gym everyday for 2 years and they still work perfectly. The only thing i would say is that the earbud caps come off too easily. I have almost lost one on numerous occasions and did eventually lose one and had to get replacements.

    Features and Spesification

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      by entering your model number.
    • Earphones with detailed sound and enhanced bass
    • Suitable fit in the ear canals and high attenuation of ambient noise
    • Four ear adaptor sizes (XS, S, M, L) for effective noise blocking
    • Tangle-free cable – Elliptical , Cable length – 1.2 m