Sennheiser CX 5.00G Ear-Canal Headphones for Android – White : Brilliant headphones, fit perfectly

Overpriced for what they are. Ludicrously impractical storage box. Not supplied with a pouch which at this price is taking the mickey.

Stylish and great sounding, a great pair for travelling and on the go at an adequate pricepoint.

Not the most comfortable, but got it on the sale. Decent sound quality for jazzy music in my opinion, base not too hard, and i like it just the way it is. It looks sleek as well, the only down side is the squishy earbud piece fall off too easily :/ got it for over a year now still works just fine, note that i’m not the most careful earphone user.

Amazing headphones bass is brilliant and is amazing listening to both metal and other types of music.

Little to seperate from the cx-300 apart from twice the price. At least they haven’t followed the dr beats ridiculous bass trend that baffles me as to how anyone can listen to most modern headphones. These are balanced across the bw, but not as good value for money as the cx-300 which i will buy if these ever break.

I really don’t know what others are complaining about, i love these headphones. I use them twice a day, they live in my coat pocket, i’ve never lost an ear bud. Been using them for months, think they’re great. Good sound, volume controller works fine with my s5.

I like the fact it comes with its own case.

I’m a little surprised at some of the reviews of this product. I’ve found mine to be very robust with absolute superb quality sound right out the box. Attaching mine to iphone7 / ipad pro and no complaints. Have just returned from a holiday where my black pair were used at the beach and pool. When not in use, i do lay my ‘phones loose in an old oakley sunglasses case, a habit deployed with any in-ear’s i’ve laid out a few quid on. Sennheiser do supply a 2 year guaruntee with these, so the manufacturer seems to expect them to last at least this with reasonable handling. If i do encounter any issues though i will indeed report back. Thus far though, i’m delighted with mine.

  • Good quality and design!
  • they are not perfect but what is in this life
  • Not twice a s good as the CX-300

Sennheiser CX 5.00G Ear-Canal Headphones for Android – White

Colour Name:White  |  Style Name:Samsung Galaxy
Product Description, Optimum Sound for Music and Calls, Amazing Sound Was Never This Convenient
CX 5.00G In-Ear Canal Headphones for Galaxy Devices – Available in Black and White, The CX 5.00G embraces Sennheiser’s expertise in ear canal headphone design to ensure excellent clarity across the frequency range – carefully tuning the high frequencies for a smooth, accurate reproduction with powerful yet discrete bass that still maintain great clarity in the mids.
Learn more about the CX 5.00G, An acoustic design and driver technology allows a lightweight ultra-small design with a great fit and incredible performance. The CX 5.00G delivers impressive sound quality and superior bass response and is equipped with integrated in-line remote controls and microphone for taking calls and controlling music on Windows Phone and Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy models.


  • Optimum sound for music and calls – tuned for clarity and superior bass
  • Ergonomic, angled design – for excellent in-ear comfort
  • 4 ear adapter sizes (XS, S, M, L) – for effective noise blocking
  • Tangle-free cable – elliptical, tangle-free cable design
  • 3-button in-line remote with integrated mic – take calls and listen to music with the push of a button
  • Colour variants – available in black or white
  • Did you know?,

    This headset delivers all the functionality you need from your portable device. Featuring an in-line remote with an integrated mic, you can take calls and listen to music with the push of a button.

    Sennheiser recommends this headphone for…,

    The young and modern consumer who seeks the optimum headset for both music and calls, which is easy to use when ‘on the move’.


    The CX 2.00G is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy devices: S series, Note series, Tab series and more.

    Box Contains,

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    Have had these for a few months now, so have waited before posting a review. Pros:sound quality is awesomenoise blocking is really good, i only need to turn up volume to low on the train and i can’t hear any background noisegood fit in earworks well with android (volume etc. )cons:the ear buds are ridiculously loose, and now have to remove earbuds very carefully after use (just lost another this morning so need to buy replacement)the buds seemed to be very sensitive to position – if i adjusted my head or ears the wrong way, i wouldn’t get any sound until i re-adjusted the bud to a different anglethe microphone keeps getting caught in my collar/jacket so often rips the bud out of my ear (how i lost one of the buds) – a clip to keep this clipped on would be ideali bought the white version – the cable has now turned a very dirty shade of cream, would suggest avoiding the whiteoverall would buy something else if i had the option again, i did a lot of research before buying these and though they were pricey in comparison to others, should have gone for something cheaper. The premium price wasn’t worth it in the end. Previously had stuck with £30 sennheiser’s for many years, which were cheaper to replace when something went wrong.

    Slightly expensive but good quality reflected in the price, especially the cabling which is more robust than the cheaper models.

    My daughter was very pleased with these as a christmas gift.

    Brilliant headphones, fit perfectly, sound quality is great and the controls for use with a compatible ios device means i don’t have to have the device to head to change tracks, volume or accept telephone calls.

    Good bass, crisp treble, these are very good headphones for the money. Considering they are tiny ear canal ones you get a surprisingly good sound. Very good at blocking out traffic / public transport noise and comfortable to wear for long periods. This will be my third pair of sennheiser earbuds as i love them a lot. You do tend to wear out the cable on these putting them in your pocket and rolling them up etc, but that’s life.

    I have now had 3 pairs in just under a year and a half. All of them have the same problem. The rubber protecting the cables splits by the headphone jack and by the ear buds after a short time. It’s a real shame as i just love the sound and fit. Sennheiser you can do better than that.

    These earphones have the appealing trademark sound of sennheiser – a balanced (flat) sound with a pronounced yet not overbearing bass. My review is based on the design (styling), in particular the elongated metal face plate which draws unnecessary attention to itself. With their angled plugs the most comfortable way of fitting these earphones resulted, for me, in the face plate sticking out horizontally (i. At 3 o’clock) as opposed to pointing down (at 5 o’clock). This may be due to the shape of my ear canals – if others don’t notice this then there is every reason to be delighted with these phones. The angled plugs do allow for a very comfortable fit. I returned these for the more discrete yet similar acoustically cx 3. 00’s, with which i am happy. But unfortunately they do not have the inline mic/volume control which drew me to the cx 5.

    First, i have to say, this pair of earphones is not as great as advertise, but fair enough, it’s cheap and the sound is not bad at all. Second, i don’t know what people complained about, they should have tried the earphone themselves in store before they purchase it. If you buy something online and didn’t test it before on your real hand, that’s your problem. Third, the earbuds are not as loosen as people said here, mine is firm and comfortable, i suspect people push the earbuds too deep into their ear canals, so when they plug it out, it kind of stuck and loosen the earbuds. If this is the case, you guys are wearing in-ear earphone in a wrong way.

    • Good quality and design!
    • they are not perfect but what is in this life
    • Not twice a s good as the CX-300

    Sennheiser CX 5.00G Ear-Canal Headphones for Android – White

    Fantastic sound, satisfyingly deep bass for electro but also sounds good for live recorded too. But the ear buds started to fall off after only two months use and today i’ve lost one.

    The audiio quality and price of sennheiser is unbeatable, the big issue about the cx5 is that the rubber ear buds tend to detach and fall easily, i keep losing them every time i take them off my pocket. It’s not acceptable for a product of that range. Never happened with the mm70i. I wonder if they hired a group of monkey for the quality and design test.

    Amazing headphones, the earbud fitments could be better, but would definitely buy these again :).

    Yes, they are not perfect but what is in this life. After a few months the tips loosen and you will need new ones which can be bought for a small price. Sound quality is exceptional for the cost. I also use the flagship sennheiser ie800 and these have a very similar signature. You won’t find a better sounding pair of earphones for £50 and i am truly critical. Just make sure you coil them and treat them with respect and put them in a small dedicated case and they will last.

    Very comfortable, the included multiple sets of ear buds is a great idea. Works well with my nexus 5 and nexus 5xhave ordered the iphone version as a gift for someone based on these.

    Well made, high quality with a rich, but not too bass-heavy sound. The inline remote is very good; big enough to ensure you don’t accidentally raise the volume when you want to pause. Unlike the several other pairs of sennheiser in-ear headphones i’ve owned, these are quite uncomfortable. Swapping to a different size of ear bud doesn’t help.

    Great except the earbuds keep falling out so just watch out for that lost 2 so far.

    Really good headset but can be a bit funny with htc phones as they can skip songs, turn volume up and down and pause songs. This is because of the plug doesn’t have a band at the bottom of the plug. Easily solved with a bit of plastic. Also the silicone buds fall of easily.

    Decent enough sound quality. The ear buds have a tendancy to fall out and are not as comfortable to wear as previous ear phones i’ve owned.

    Great just what i needed for my phone.

    Normally buy the cx 300’s as i love them. Thought i would upgrade to the newer model but they have changed the rubber ear buds and they just don’t fit in my ears like the old ones used to so had to send them back.

    Excellent rich sound and a very high quality feel. Definitely a step up from my old mm30i set which these are replacing, the 30i was very long lasting and lasted years, i hope these do just as well but the early signs are promising. The usual excellent service from amazon too.

    If only the cable was 50cm longer.

    Great sound quality, but the wire ended up fraying and splitting open after only a couple of month’s worth of use.

    Features and Spesification

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    • Wired (Android) version with three button in-line remote and integrated mic to control music and take calls
    • Optimum sound for music and calls – tuned for clarity and bass
    • Three-button in-line remote with integrated mic – take calls and listen to music with the push of a button
    • Tangle-free cable – elliptical
    • Four ear adapter sizes (XS, S, M, L) for effective noise blocking