Sennheiser HD 206 Headphone : Excellent headphones

Good headphones for the price, nice long lead which i needed.

A fairly decent headphone i bought from currys a while ago for £20. One of sennheiser’s very cheapest headphones and sound quality is satisfactory for the low price paid but is nothing more than this. Build quality is fairly flimsy but should be okay if used carefully. Not the most efficient headphones so they do require more power to reach decent volume levels. These headphones are not a patch on the more expensive ones in my collection such as sennheiser’s hd598sr, philips fidelio l1 and x2 and yamaha’s hph mt5. For around the £20 mark they are a good buy.

Very good value and arrived quickly. Good sound quality and comfortable to wear.

For the price they are absolutely great. Comfygreat for long plane journeyssound quality is good for price however if you crank up the volume it slightly deteriorates but one must remember they are budget headphones. (wouldn’t recommend for djing as they have cable going into each side of the housing, however they are not made for dj use).

These are really good headphones but only if you’re walking around. They’re no good if you like to listen to meditations and lie down which i do. They’re very often found in editing suites so they are known for their quality and for sound, they have exceptional quality. They don’t leak sound which is a bonus for those around you.

Been using these headphones for awhile the sound is good, not great, and the cable is very long which is not ideal to use it on the go. It’s more of a headphone for pc than phones so i give this 5/10.

As expected from sennheiser, first class. Extremely comfortable, excellent tone.

I had the older version 205 model until left speaker stopped working. This newer model sounds better, richer and keeps the good features too.

  • Good ‘phones and clean sound.
  • Great sound, but slightly bulky
  • Super quality

Sennheiser HD 206 Headphone

Product Description, Sennheiser HD-206 Closed Back Over-Ear Headphones – Great sound doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These comfortable, lightweight, supra-aural headphones provide dynamic audio with crisp bass and good external noise attenuation without breaking the bank. The ideal entry into the world of powerful stereo sound: The HD 206 has good attenuation of ambient noise with outstanding wearing comfort at an affordable price. – Features: Sealed earcup design prevents bleed into adjacent microphones when home recording – Rich, crisp bass response and faithful dynamic audio reproduction – Lightweight construction designed specifically for long studio or DJ sessions – Optimum impedance for audio interfaces or portable audio players/recorders – Rugged materials take a beating on the road or in transport – Hypo-allergenic earpads are comfortable all day – 1/8″ plug (3.5mm) with 1/4″ (6.3mm) adapter included – Built-tough with a 2 YEAR warranty! – Compatible (listen only) with latest generation of tablets – Specifications: Frequency response (Headphones): 21 – 18000 Hz – Sound pressure level (SPL): 108 dB (SPL) – THD, total harmonic distortion:

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On comparing them with my old sennheiser eh150’s which were in the same price range, i found the hd206’s sound to be cleaner and crisper, but were definitely less sensitive. The hd 206’s did not have the boom in the mid to upper bass that the other headphones did, which is a good thing. Nice clean styling, and they come with a gold – flashed 3. Good phones and comfortable, but 4 stars because the sensitivity is not great. I prefer over – ear ‘phones as they reduce external noise and tend to be more comfortable than other types. The upper frequencies in my left ear are not very good, and i experimented with wearing my standard nhs hearing aid. Even though the cups on the ‘phones are large, i needed to experiment with a bit of padding between the aid and the ear and side of head for comfort. I used an audio signal generator app on my tablet to see how effective the hearing aid would be.

Love these, the sound quality is amazing.

  • Good ‘phones and clean sound.
  • Great sound, but slightly bulky
  • Super quality

Sennheiser HD 206 Headphone

Features and Spesification

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  • Closed-back design provides passive noise isolation and prevents sound from bleeding into adjacent microphones when home recording.Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Lightweight and comfortable designed ideal for long listening, studio or DJ sessions
  • 24-ohm impedance provides compatibility with cell phones, tablets, computers, portable audio players and studio recorders
  • 1/8″ plug (3.5mm) with 1/4″ (6.3mm) adapter included
  • Two-year when purchased from an authorized dealer