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Knowing that sennheiser is a great make as it has good sound quality i orderd these headphones. They arrived quickly whcih was good, but once i unboxed them i relised that they looked quite small. So i put them on and i was right they are too small for my head whcih means every time i put them on they have to be adjusted to my size which i can’t do due to the size. The headphones are comfortable and the sound quality is great but the only downside is the size, i should have went for another sennheiser make such as the sennheiser hd 228. I would recommend these headphones to someone with a small head.

Although a little plasticky in appearance the sennheiser hd218 headphones look smart. They also seem to be well made and are comfortable even when worn for longer periods. The fact that the connecting lead only goes to the left side can means that there’s one less wire to catch things in as you wear them, making them easier to use too. They have been designed to emphasise the bass that is often lacking when listening to the compressed music of mp3 etc, and for this the headphones do a decent job. The bass isn’t the clearest that i have heard, but on a set of this sort of price they sound very good and deliver rich tones to all sorts of music and speech. I tried them in both quiet and noisy background areas and they work well in both, though they certainly don’t block out very much of the background noise when it gets louder – in future i’ll be reverting to noise reduction headphones or better still a good pair of ear buds for that kind of use. However, for normal listening to all sorts of music and speech these headphones do a very credible job at this price level.

I have tried these out with a couple of different mp3 players and they sound great, after a little tweaking. I normally listen with earbuds which need the ‘bass boost’ turned on, but i had to turn it off for the sennheisers because they boost it enough for me. My music is mostly ripped at quite low bitrates, but still sounds fine on a variety of different styles including heavy metal, folk, electronic and reggae – even with spoken word podcasts. I also tried these headphones on the pc, listening to mp3 files and music streamed through spotify. Although the bass is very strong, i found that the high-end detail is still there. In fact i was hearing details in some songs that i had never heard before. Although these seem to be marketed for loud, bass-heavy types of music they had no problem with more subtle acoustic tracks like angelique kidjo’s malaika. I probably wouldn’t use these for commuting purely because i like to be able to shove everything into a pocket, but i will be using them on the computer and when gardening.

As these are inexpensive headphones i wasn’t expecting too much from them but didn’t get any surprises. They are lightweight and reasonably put together. The fit was fine for me but obviously would vary from person to person maybe not for someone with larger ears. I was disappointed with the sound quality, bass definately not dynamic and sound in general was a little quite and muffled. Overall reasonable for price but feel i should have invested more cash in a better product.

I bought a pair of these in early january and while the sound is good they don’t go very loud and there’s alot of sound leak so you will annoy people around you at a mid level volume. These headphones after about a month of use started to deteriorate, the sound went in one of the ears quickly followed by the other. After sending them back and getting a new pair the exact same thing happened 3 weeks later. These headphones are good but they will break pretty quickly, for casual use i’d suggest the sennheiser cx300’s which are much better in every respect and cheaper. Sennheiser cx 300-ii precision noise-isolating ear-canal phones – black (eco packaging).

I have a pair of these in white and have recently bought these in black. The sound is good and the build quality is reasonable. The pads are beginning to flake badly on the white ones (2 years) – looks like dandruff. – however they still sound great.

These are really good value headphones. I’ve used them to listen to everything from bass rock music through to bird song to check the sound range. In particular, the rock from my mp3 player sounds better than through any set of in-ear buds that i have tried (and i have tried quite a few). The headphones are reasonably comfortable – it may be that i am just more used to in-ear buds, but i find these phones press slightly more than is ideal, but not badly so – my right ear just ends up a bit numb. I will be using these headphones for commuting, so will comment on how well they survive use on-the-go at a later date. The lack of a case, and the nature of the packaging (getting into it involves destroying it) means that the headphones have to survive without any other protection. For home use these are definitely good value. For commuting, it will depend on how long they last – i will let you know at a later date.

These lightweight headphones are comfortable and stay on whilst i am exercising in the gym. They are far better in both respects than the previous earpiece unit that i had. The new headphones are robust. I have dropped them on the floor a few times without incident. The sound quality is fine, but i never listen to music. The only disadvantage is that my ears get very hot after 10 minutes hard exercise on an exercise machine.

  • Not bad at all
  • Good Headphones
  • not great for travel.

Sennheiser HD 218 Closed Back On-Ear Stereo Headphones – Black

Manufacturer’s Description,
Sennheiser HD 218 closed supra-aural headphones, With the look you want and the sound quality you crave for, the Sennheiser HD 218 are the headphones you’ll be listening to – day in and day out. These versatile closed-back, on-ear headphones provide you with a powerful bass and fit all the ways you work and play.

  • Enjoy your music anywhere you like with the closed supra-aural design
  • Just keep them on – adjustable earcups ensure a secure and comfortable fit
  • Be amazed time and again by the precise bass-driven sound
  • Learn more about the HD 218,

    No matter where and when, you’ll always be pleased to have your HD 218 earphones along for company. Optimized for use with portable devices, their full sound and dynamic bass reproduction will keep your spirits up especially when you’re on the move. The closed earcups screen out non-musical sounds – the clatter of the underground train, the chatter of the people sitting next to you or street noise outside. But the HD 218 earphones don’t just sound good: they look great, too – with their stylish and elegant black design.


    • Powerful neodymium magnets for amazing bass-driven stereo sound
    • Closed supra-aural design blocks outside noise and creates a controlled environment for better sound
    • Individually adjustable earcups for a secure and comfortable fit
    • Optimized for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and CD players
    • Stylish and elegant black design
    • 2-year warranty
    • Did you know?,

      The Sennheiser HD 218 headphones were designed with over 60 years of experience in sound and state-of-the-art technology – giving you a clear and crisp musical performance with a powerful bass.

      Sennheiser recommends this headphone for…,

      …all mobile music lovers. The Sennheiser HD 218 headphones give you superior pleasure when listening to your library anywhere you are.


      Optimized for MP3, iPod, iPhone (iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries) and portable media players.


      The Sennheiser HD 218 is covered by a warranty of 24 months. Sennheiser‘s worldwide service network will provide swift and smooth handling of any case of warranty that might occur.

      Box Contains,

    • HD 218 headphones
    • HD 218 headphones

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      Sennheiser spoiling the consumer with great sound. Good bass very comfortable and light and perfect size for a slightly larger head. Still when compared to my px100’s i fnd these are neither fish nor fowl. To small to be home hifi phones and too large to truly be pocketsized for my pockets anyway. Some of the kids are wearing head sized phones these days.

      I’ve been looking for a good quality pair of headphones for quite a while, without having to spend heaps of money. I am really impressed with these headphones, they cancel out a lot of the noise around you (not noise cancelling headphones), and the quality of the sound is fantastic. They are very comfy and fit perfectly on the ear. I highly recommend if you are looking for a good quality headphone at a reasonable price.

      First off, these are extremely comfortable to wear and they do block out a lot of external noise. As with a set of sennheiser earphones i reviewed recently, i tested these by playing a variety of my favourite tracks from a variety of musical genres and compared to any other headphones i’ve ever used, with the exception of the earphones i’ve just mentioned, the sound quality was immeasurably enhanced. The sound was sparkling like a cleaned and polished wine glass, and the bass was like a full bodied red wine. If you’ve guessed i lack technical knowledge, you’re quite correct. The box boasts neodymium magnets, whatever they are, but are apparently responsible for the terrific bass so they must be a good thing. The headphones ‘are optimised for portable audio’ so that’s good. I had hoped to use them when watching a dvd on my pc but while the sound was good, i couldn’t alter the volume which came over a little on the quiet side, but then the headphones weren’t designed with that in mind. Most people listen to mp3 players on earphones but if you like the closed back on ear kind, then i seriously doubt if you could get better for the price. Me, i’ll wear them in the house and keep the earphones for outside. As i now own sennheiser ear and head phones and been so pleased by the quality of both, i won’t consider another manufacturer when it comes to replacing them.

      Great sound, and i would have loved them if i hadn’t recently been converted in in canal earphones. I found that they kept slipping off my ears but that may be just me. I don’t know if it is co-incidence but the firt time i put them in my ipod it froze and i had to reset it.

      The design is good (plastic but it was expected), but i really don’t like the sound for being sennheiser. I almost can not hear the bass.

      These headphones, are light , and fit nicely on the ears , and are well built – the sort of thing you’d expect from the sennheiser stable. They sound great ,and you’ll find them comfortable , for even long periods of wear. I’m sure these headphones will give reliable service for years to come – whether you’re listening at home , or on the move outdoors , these headphones are a great choice , and the price is affordable , so why not treat yourself to a pair?.

      Superb build and comfort complete the all-round package that is the hd 218. As for sound performance that tends to go without saying. If anything bass is a little dominant, but that is a tiny criticism. Brilliant bit of kit for under £50 and are great for commuting if you value your fellow passengers as they have very little sound leakage.

      Wanted inexpensive headphones for i-pod that provided a reasonably good sound. These fit the bill perfectly. They are relatively light and comfortable and not bulky. The sound quality whilst not being exceptional is excellent and they provide excellent value for money.

      • Not bad at all
      • Good Headphones
      • not great for travel.

      Sennheiser HD 218 Closed Back On-Ear Stereo Headphones – Black

      I purchased this type of headphone for my ipod, as i did not like sticking thesmaller-type earphones inside mny ears. This setup seems to work extremely well and were great at the price.

      I had some sennheisers cheaper than this and they packed up nicely and had a bag for safety, these are difficult to travel with and can easily break because of this, my last pair broke at the cable end and instead of getting them covered i thought i’d go for the dynamic bass which is okay but the headphones are too cushioned and actually don’t have a good hold on the ear.

      I’m not normally a fan of headphones/earphones as i never normally find that they combine sound quality and comfort but these really surprised me. They have a padded head piece and really comfortable ear pieces, i also liked the fact that the ear pieces swivel so that you can angle them the way you want. The sound quality was really good (plugged into my laptop they sounded better than the laptop alone) and the sound levels were good as i like to play my music loudly. They also cut out enough ambient noise for me to be able to ignore my brother when he was talking to me. They weren’t so good at stopping my brother from hearing what i was listening to when i had the volume on my music at max but i guess i can live with that. My only problem is that the cable could have been a little longer for my taste as i would have liked to be able to plug into my tv but the cable won’t reach my bed. Length is fine for using with my laptop but my brother didn’t like the actual connector (it connects in a straight line he would have preferred the connector/cable to have been a right angle so as not to get in the way of his hands when using his laptop. )i know some reviewers haven’t loved these but as a casual user of headphones i found these really really good (the lost star is for cable length) and i would definitely recommend them.

      Bought them a few months ago to replace some skullcandys, great sound, comfy and brilliant value. They are still working since i use them a lot listening to music and i have so far had no problems with them whatsoever. Overall, they are a pair of really good headphones would recommend to anyone that will use them frequently.

      These headphones are a bargain for the price. The sound quality is excellent, although i think the vocals and high sounds tend to stand out a bit too much for my liking. They are not the ‘dynamic bass’ producers that are advertised. The sound is generally flat but this satisfies my needs. My only moan is the build quality. They feel really flimsy, and it definitely wouldn’t take much to break them. The connection at the jack is flimsy and after 1. 5 years, the wire has broken. Not too bad for a £20 pair of headphones.

      Hi there everyone, i bought these headphones a few weeks ago for my kids who both have ipods, the headphones were my treat as i wanted them to be able to really appreciate there music and enjoy the quality that a good pair of headphones would provide,i also bought a pair of the sennheiser hd 228 at the same time as i wanted to compare. First of all i’d like you to know that when it comes to making a purchase like these i am always quite picky and wanted the best for the amount i was spending so i had also checked a good amount of reviews before handi received the hd 218 first and was very impressed,they have a realy good all round sound and i was honetly loving listening to my music from the the word go -most of all i thought the bass was excellent. As these were being used with the ipod cable lenth was perfect, another thing that stood out to me and my family was how comfortable these headphones are, you can wear these for hours and hours and still they feel comfortable. I have not got anything to complain about with the hd 218s as i love these headphonesi also received the hd 228 not long after and although very comfortable and stylish these in my opinion we’re not as good as the hd 218. The hd 228 seemed for some reason to be lacking in bass and did’nt have the warmth that the others provided, on asking my wife if i was being too picky(told you) she also noticed the difference. So to cut a long story short i sold the hd 228 on ebay and bought myself another set of the hd 218-hope this little review helps.

      Sennheiser headphones have always been known for two things – a very neutral sound, and tough-as-old-boots build quality. The hd 218 lives up to this at least in part. These are an on-ear headphone – the pads press directly onto your ears, much like the very first walkman headphones. The clamping pressure isn’t excessive, so they feel comfortable in use, albeit making your ears warm after a while. The earpads are quite soft, and covered in vinyl – so easy to clean, but probably not too breathable. The sound quality is typical sennheiser – a very neutral presentation, with very smooth (almost dull) treble. If you are looking for an exciting vibrant sound, don’t bother with them – they are probably more suited to classical than to rock. The bass is fairly strong, if a bit poorly-defined – notes from a bass guitar, for example, are more vague thudding noises than anything distinct. The bass and lower midrange do tend to slightly swamp everything else, and there is no really deep bass. My one concern is with the build quality.

      These ‘on-ear’ headphones are compact and come with a 1. The design itself is good; cushioned headband and earpieces for comfort and the earpieces swivel so that the headphones are easily stored away when not in use. Whilst comfortable to wear i did find that the earpieces kept slipping off my ears when i moved my head – no other reviews mention this so it must be a problem with my ears as opposed to the earphones ;o)the sound quality is excellent and equally so playing music, video and spoken voice, whilst these are optimised for use with portable players and did sound good with my ipod, they were better with my home audio system. For sound quality and comfort these tick all the boxes. However, whilst compact, they’re too bulky to slip into my handbag so will be used more in the home.

      Forget the technical jargon – i’m afraid that means little to me. All i know is that i am pleased to finally find a pair of headphones that i am happy with. I have tried various headphones in an attempt to get a good sound from my ipod. Sennheiser has a good reputation for quality headphones and now i know why. The design is very comfortable to wear and the on-ear pads cling suitably to the ear. These are closed back headphones, which means less sound leaks out to annoy fellow passengers (something i was very concerned about as it annoys me when other people play their music loud enough for everyone to hear) while also blocking out a fair amount of background noise for the listener. Where these headphones rate highly to me is the quality of sound reproduction. I listen to a vast range of music. From early jazz to rock and pop and current chart sounds.

      I have been looking for a reasonable set of headphones for computer use and the occasional use with an mp3 player. I have quite niche tastes in music, listening mainly to extreme forms of heavy metal so my requirements are a little bit of bass and bottom end, good midrange and not too much upper range. I have been a big fan of sennheiser phones for some years, worn out several pairs of cx300 ear buds with my portable players, i decided to give their cheaper full size phones a go. My first impressions are good, they are extremely light and the phones themselves are quite small ( roughly 1. 5-2″ diameter ), so i was worried that they would leak a lot of sound and lose some of the bass. I first put them on and a lot of the outside sound was masked almost immediately, so that was something i was not expecting. When i used them there were no worries about losing the bass, very heavy and thumping with not too much upper range, some tweaking on the player more less got it right. They are pitched as raising the bass response and i can’t argue with that, makes a change but not being used to too much bass they started to make my head throb after a while and that from someone who regularly attends 100+ db concerts. The clarity is different from the earbuds i am used to and i am not sure if this is normal for full size phones, they seem to give more “volume” of sound, a more broad spectrum of the music was audible and that was refreshing to hear the same old music but sounding somehow slightly more “open”, is the only word i can think ofthe only downside i would add that being more budget range they use the traditional pvc plastic coverings and it because they are not shell design the phones sit on your ears, so while you will not risk the usual “braized lamb-chop” effect on your ears, after about 25-30 mins you may find that you your lobes are little sweaty, but because they are so small, this is nowhere near as bad as the full shell type phones. Overall i was impressed with them for the price they are rrp’d at, while i would most likely spend a little more next time it is nice to find a reasonable quality for a cheap price, a nice addition to the sennheiser budget ranges.

      I started buying sennheiser headphones a number of years ago and since purchasing that first pair i’ve never found reason to switch brands. The main reason for this is a simple one; comfort-wise i don’t think they can be beaten. The hd 218’s are no exception- the familiar leather-effect padding is as soft and malleable around the ears & under the headband as ever. In the area of sound quality as well the standard is high with the same clear, deep, rich sound, as you will have come to expect if you’ve ever purchased this brand of headphones before. These particular ones differ slightly to those i’ve had in the past in that the ear pads are the smallest i have experienced, being designed i assume for use with mp3-players and music-players on-the-go rather than for use with a hi-fi system. So upon first use my feeling was that the ear pads were not large enough to trap in all the sound around my ears, but i’d say that’s more a case of growing accustomed to a sleeker and more minimalist design of headphone than i’ve been used in the past. Indeed, these have now completely replaced my hd 202’s, which although probably more suitable for my use (hi-fi system indoors) the quality of the 218’s still easily surpasses them. Top that off with a design that looks gorgeous and as with other models; this latest sennheiser product is pretty much flawless. *i would however make one negative comment, albeit unrelated to product performance and that would in relation to the plastic packaging, which is infuriating to get into and non-recyclable; surely it’s time for product-makers to do away with this type of packaging and come up with something more eco-friendly (?).

      Excellent sound quality and really great value for money, we have ended up buying another two sets for the rest of my family.

      These headphones perform at a level comparable to models costing twice as much, particularly when it comes to their clean bass sound. Although these are not billed as travel phones, the pads swivel so that they’re flat in the plane of the headband, so they’ll stow very easily in a backpack or briefcase. Unusually, they’ll accommodate my very large head with some wiggle room, which is impressive. The phone padding is an ideal balance between comfort and function and the excellent swivel referred to above ensures a snug fit with very little external noise coming in or internal noise leaking out. In many ways, these are ideal commuter phones, which is how i’ll mostly be using mine.

      These were a gift to go with my husband’s ipod & he loves themhe was happy & so was i.

      First the disclaimer – i am not an audiophile and i really can’t discuss top end or frequencies. I am someone that travels a lot and listens to music, podcasts and video / dvd on a laptop. I’m used to in-ear / ‘bud’ headphones and i’ve generally been happy with these. I like sennheiser products and got these as the price was good and i’d had good experiences with other sennheiser products. First impression was how light these felt both in my hands and when wearing them. Given the size i had expected them to be heavier. The size is the ‘on ear’ rather than ‘over ear’ style and they fit very comfortable both on the ear on across the head. The output is good, perhaps even very good. I have used them for music, podcasts and video and i can not fault that quality. There’s definitely good bass without being domineering, the high pitches are there too although maybe squashed a little by the strength of the bass.

      First i’d like to stress (because i didn’t know) that these are on-ear headphones, not over-ear ones. The difference is these will simply cling to your head and sit on your ears instead of surrounding your ears with a foam ‘barrier’. This makes the set very portable and easy to slip on and off with little fuss. The reason i bought these (actually expecting them to be over-ear phones) was to hopefully replace a set of awkward-to-use shure in-ear phones when i just wanted to casually listen to my mp3 player when not on my motorbike. I was also hoping for them to stand in as a temporary replacement for my pc’s bulky over-ear headphones which after 1-2 hours hurt my ears. So how do the sennheiser hd 218’s hold up?well for starters, the sound quality is very good and they really can put out a loud sound for their size. The fact that the backs of the phones themselves are solid means that not much sound escapes and it also does a fair job of keeping outside noises to a minimum, making your music uninterrupted and clear. Comparing them to my favorite music-listening earphones, the shure in-ear jobbies (expensive, but well worth it), the quality isn’t quite as top-notch as the smaller buds, but these will definately be better than your bog-standard ipod or mp3 player headphones you find sitting at the bottom of the box. These will make your mp3s sound great, if you’re not already used to ridiculously priced in-ear earphones. When it came to trying them on the pc, i did find them to be far more comfortable than the silly barracudas i usually don.

      Bought these to listen to my ipod touch and laptop music. I have had sennheiser headphones before and had been pleased with then so bought them with that in mind. For the price the sound quality is good, they do however seem a bit cheaply constructed and flimsy. My main reason for only 3 stars is that they leak sound at even moderate volumes. I deliberately bought a closed back design for leak free listening but these sit on rather than over your ears and therefore sound seems to escape.

      Sennheiser’s hd 218 headphones are the entry level in a new range of on-ear closed-back models designed for ipods, mp3 players and other portable audio equipment. There are also the hd 228 and the hd 238, all look fairly similar but performance varies with price. The hd 238s are quite a bit more expensive than the other two models but, at the time of writing, the hd 228s are only a couple of quid more than the hd 218s from amazon. It is worth paying the bit extra as the hd 228s do sound a little better than the hd 218s and look slightly more stylish – but if the price differential between the two models has increased when you are looking then the hd 218s will not disappoint at around thirty pounds or less. Also check out the highly regarded px 200s, if they are being offered for a similar price, as they will give more volume and bass than the others when used with an ipod; they are also a more portable design. However, if you decide to opt for these hd 218s you will get a comfortable listening experience, even on long sessions, with a fairly neutral sound. Not really the dynamic bass featured on the pack. If you listen with equipment where you can drive these phones a bit harder than say with a laptop or ipod, then they will give a better result. Probably more a home phone than one for on the move. My favourite phones for portable use are the sennheiser px 100s – but as these are open-backed they can let sound in or out which can be a problem at times.

      Features and Spesification

      • Make sure this fits
        by entering your model number.
      • Powerful neodymium magnets for powerful bass-driven stereo sound
      • Closed supra-aural design provides good insulation against ambient noise
      • Individually adjustable ear cups for a secure and comfortable fit
      • Optimised for iPod, iPhone, MP3 and CD players
      • 5 2-year warranty