Sennheiser HD 4 : love the sound and headphones but walking with these for

On par with my old philips shp8000 and that is not easy to match. However, a little tip: push the micro jack into the headphones really well. I nearly returned these due to poor sound – the micro jack was not all the way in crossing channelsalso, on the funny side. There is a free gift – a little hat or swimming cap inside the box.

Comfortable even if you have large ears like me, i have worn them for a couple of hours continuously without problem. Does not completely cut out outside noise which i consider a good thing. Although they do fold they are not very compact even when folded.

Not a great deal of noise isolation, but these are a nice, aesthetic, and comfortable set of headphones. The bass on them is awesome, especially when listening to my favoured nu metal. No aching / soreness or discomfort when wearing around the head. The range of extension on the headset size seems limited – if you’ve got a big head, these might not fit.Plentifully loud for the budding audiophile, they don’t offer the range or depth of quality of sound, but they are a rock solid mid-range headset.

30i’s are sennheiser’s budget around ears. Out of the box you get the headphones, a satin look storage pouch (no hard case protection) and a lead. First impressions are excellent with surprisingly good build quality especially at this price point. These might be all-plastic but there are good materials all around and these look like they could last quite a while. The hinges in particular are solid and feel good with the headphones folding smoothly. The lead is detachable but here we get to the first couple of issues;a) the lead follows bose’s annoying penchant for a 2. 5mm phones connector which means you can’t use any old 3. 5mm jack is tough to get in and out of the socket, which is an issue because it means you are going to yank the phones off your head if you snag the leadc) the cable itself tangles more easily than somethe headphones themselves are decent quality and fair at this price. They aren’t going to blow you away but they don’t cost £250 either. They are perfectly good all rounders for a short commute and they even do a reasonable job at blocking sound and not leaking it (at half volume). Some might find the cushions a bit too thick and unless you have very small ears you are going to find the them sitting on rather than around them. A good entry point for a good brand, but if you can afford another £100 or so, spend it, you won’t regret it.

Brilliant headphones, very good sound quality would recommend for listening to music all the way to gaming and watching films, these headphones are terrific. Noticed that a lot of people are complaining about only one headphone working, you have to make sure the cable is in the headphones properly. When i first received them i encountered the same issue, music was only coming out the left side. Shortly after messing about i realised the cable that the chord that goes into the headphones was only halfway in. They worked fine after giving them a slight push in. All the others complaining about ‘faulty batches’ of headphones are probably just doing the same mistake as me, take no notice, great headphones 5 stars.

First up let’s be clear: everybody’s ears and musical tastes are different. I listen to a lot of audio drama, rock music and electronic. I tried these on a reasonable sony walkman and compared these to my normal philips fidelio m1 mkii headphones. These sennheisers currently cost £89, the philips £120 (depending on various deals). For my tastes the philips are far superior, easily worth the extra money. Out the box the sennheisers seem well made, fold nicely and cover the ears well. They are bigger than my normal headphones (just) and i found the removable cable difficult to insert. At first i only got one side working until i realised the socket needs to twist and lock. I still found it fiddly to insert. For listening to audio drama these are decent enough, perhaps a bit limited in depth.

Love the sound and headphones but walking with these for 4-5 months and the cable that comes with them is already faulty. Reason i went with siehiser is i thought id not have this isse and have a beter quality on the cable. Now i have to send it back and be without headphones till sienhiser sends me them repaired or replaced. Either way i feel angry that a par 100 pound cost headphones should be having this issue after only 4 months. Id recommend going with another pair just because of this issue. Sound is awesome on them until the cable gives up.

My earlier sennheiser earphones lasted for more than 5 years. Hence thought, i should stick to sennheiser. I am no expert nor listen to music frequently but this one is very good – excellent sound quality, good form factor. Only wish there was a microphone in the volume control like in my earlier earphone.

  • Excellent quality, all round.
  • Excellent
  • Comfortable with good sound

Sennheiser HD 4.30i Around-Ear Closed back Headphones for iOS – White

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However, i only use them in the house. I’m not comfortable walking around the street with massive cans on my head. My boyfriend also likes to use them if he gets up during the night when he can’t sleep. He can put the tv/dvd/playstation on without disturbing me. One of the downsides with closed cup headsets is they can make your ears very hot and a bit uncomfortable if you wear them for too long. But the sound quality is second to none. The bass is really deep, and you can hear every strum of guitars and every breath the artist takes. The headphones do fold down so they are quite compact, and with having one cable there is no chance of getting tangled up.

I’m not a huge user of headphones and therefore don’t know a great deal about them. However, i’ve young adult children at home and they of course are more knowledgeable on the technology. My son got a pair recently and i was literally blown away by the sound quality and phenomenal bass. I’m going for a several months stay in hospital 😢 and decided i needed a pair of headphones to help me through the time alone. I didn’t want to spend a lot, and i did look at these and think no they are too expensive. But, luckily they dropped in price and got some. I’m delighted i did, i’m going to be extremely happy for a long time with them. I prefer listening to hardcore & techno and therefore the bass sound was important. I’ve not checked them to see how they sound listening to a film through my laptop, but my son said they are great.

I bought these to replace a much beloved pair of sennheisers that had given into old age and frayed their wire. These new ones are just what i needed – i listen to a lot if audiobooks, particularly in bed and these are very comfortable with a good sound quality. The fact that they fold up also makes them good for travel.

Bought these as a gift for my son. Remote works well with my android phone.

I’ve been a fan of sennheiser headphones for about 5 years now, and have had 3 or 4 pairs in that time. These are not the best for me personally, though they do offer great sound as i’ve come to expect from the brand. The main issues for me are that they are just too large to be worn in public without looking ridiculous. The other is that the headband pushes lightly on the top of my head in a way that causes headaches unless i wear them in a certain way. This is probably down to my head, but it is not a problem that i’ve had with many other headphones. On the plus side, as already mentioned the sound is great, and they are comfy over the ears (if a little hot). The cord is a good length and the fact that it is detachable is handy. Overall these are a good pair of headphone, just not quite right for me.

The product arrived very quickly just in time to replace a cheap headset that i’d been using for the last two years. First impressions:the product was well packaged and immediately felt like a high quality item. The build of the headphones are excellent and they seem very sturdy. Sound:the sound quality is fantastic, they have an excellent bass to them which makes everything sound brilliant. They are very loud for my purposes and sound truly flawless. Gripes:the only one thing i do not like is the cable quality. The cable feels a little thinner than i expected and i would like a better quality lead for the money. Overall:definitely worth the money, reasonably cheap headphones which delivers a brilliant sound.

Great build quality and comfortable to wear, but most importantly, the sound is nigh-on perfect for my taste. There’s no favouritism in the frequencies, no harshness and great dynamic range. I listen to a lot of rock and jazz and these headphones handle them without any issues. The drums snap, the guitars bite, the vocals are clean and clear and everything else just sits where it should.

I already have these in black for listening to music. I needed another pair for when i practice trombone with silent brass mute that is dedicated to just that. I was not dissapointed with these. The sound is great and i would never buy anything other than this brand for over ear headphones. I havent the ability to keep the in ear buds inside my ear, so these are an ideal solution.

  • Excellent quality, all round.
  • Excellent
  • Comfortable with good sound

Sennheiser HD 4.30i Around-Ear Closed back Headphones for iOS – White

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