Sennheiser HD 65 Closed Dynamic TV Headphone : Just the Job!!

Just what we needed – pleased.

I currently own a different model of sennheiser headphones (£260) purchased in 2012. From the purchase date they’ve been used daily and continue to provide terrific sound quality – a superb product. My elderly (90yr old) father-in-law (who’s hearing is impaired) is unable to hear the tv at what would be considered “acceptable household volume”. The solution – look for headphones that will provide him with independent volume control. Given my own personal success and confidence with the more expensive sennheiser, i chose the same manufacturer, only in this instance (the lower cost hd65 model). Having spent considerable time researching the range of manufactures and products available, i selected (and i must confess) was influenced by the lower cost hd65 model as i was unsure if he would actually use the headphone. How wrong could i bethey are comfortable, and provide him with independent volume control, that does not disturb the rest of the visiting household when set at his preferred volume. Wired maybe, but worth every penny. So much so, i have also purchased a set.

I have used these to great effect in conjunction with an amplifier to provide sound from my tv.

I’ve had a problem for some time where i can hear voices on my tv but i can’t hear exactly what they’re saying, it sounds like a whispered mumble. Maybe they’re talking about me, that’s why?. No seriously, humour aside, it got to the stage where i’d be 10 minutes into yet another film or tv show that i couldn’t follow because i can’t hear dialogue and so i’d give up and watch something else that i can hear. It seems that some speech i can hear and then some i can’t, so maybe the format the sound is recorded in is the problem?nothing i can do about that and so i purchased these. Not only the speech is now audible to me, the overall sound quality is fantastic. Bass, treble, all seem perfectly balanced. They feel comfortable on the head and in a different position i can still lay on my side on the sofa while i watch me telly. I watched an episode of 24 which is about 45 minutes in length and didn’t have any discomfort from wearing these. I read some review that said the phones weren’t adjustable, well they are. Each earphone is adjustable up/down to suit your comfort. The volume slider controls are quite handy. I found i got distortion so i turned down the headphone volume output on my tv settings and this sorted that problem. 5 meters of cable is more than enough for me to have the cable running across the carpet, so it’s not pulling or suspended in mid air for people to trip over.

Had these headphones now for best part of a year and my husband uses them most nights. They are perfect for the tv (never tried them with any other device) and the sound quality is very good. Like the independent volume control – helps a lot if like us oldies one ear is a little suspect. They’re also comfortable to wear and adjust nicley to fit both of us – my head being child size and his considerably larger. I’m sure if you paid a shed load more you could get better – but i definately recommend them for the price.

Excellent headphones for watching tv as my hearing is not too good.

There isn’t anything to dislike, love the length of the cable, it is comfortable and has great sound.

These headphones are great for listening to tv. I am slightly hard of hearing so my wife can have the sound to her liking and i can now listen louder without a problem. After adjusting the headphone setting in the tv menu everything was up and running. The long cable means i can sit in my chair and not have the problems associated with wireless eg dropping out every so often. The sound quality does not compare to top of the range like bose say. However at this price level they do the job well.

  • Brilliant Sennheisers!
  • I can hear clearly now

Sennheiser HD 65 Closed Dynamic TV Headphone with Independent Volume Control

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Very happy with these ear phones.

This is a review of the sennheiser hd 65 tv and also the hd 201 headphones. I have lost some of my high frequency hearing and use in-the-ear hearing aids. I have been able to use my old beyer dt440 headphones which sit on the ear rather than over. They were one of the best years ago and still give a respectable sound. The hearing aids are able to pick up the high frequency sounds from the headphones to give a well balanced sound. Having read reviews of the hd201 i was keen to get a them in order to listen to music without the distraction of sounds from the tv etc. One problem with over-the-ear ‘phones is that the hearing aids are likely to ‘shriek’. As my hearing aids have two settings i was able to get the alternative setting adjusted to a lower (-6db) setting which prevented the ‘shriek’ effect. The relative treble boost was still maintained. I hope this information might be useful to any other hearing aid wearers who wish to used closed back headphones.

Problem that you hear outside noise even though they are supposed to be closed headphones,use for tv for person with hearing problem. The volume on maximum is not loud enough.

Have just received this item and briefly tried it out. Seems to be ideal for purpose to help my father watch tv without blasting the volume around the house. My only complaint is that the plastic packaging of the headphones is well nigh impossible to break into in spite of the opening instructions printed in tiny print on the base. The package is now so mangled it will be impossible to replace headphones into it if it was necessary to return them. I appreciate that the packaging needs to provide protection to the contents but surely it could be designed for more easy access.

Bought these because i can’t read with a distraction like when my wife is watching tv. I bought some wireless headphone but couldn’t get them to work so sent them back, bought these and saved £30, and so pleased i did, the sound quality is excellent, they are comfortable, and no messing about with setting up, just plug in and away you go, also no worries about voices out of sink as it’s connected via the cable. I can also now watch late night films without worrying about disturbing my wife. I would definitely recommend.

The best one i have every bought.

I have had a sennheiser headphones for many years, a s you would expect from a quality brand the sound is excellant. The hd 65 are an excellant choice if you are looking for headphones that combine quality sound at a good price. The left and right volum control is ideal if your hearing is like mine on the decline.

Love this head set and needed a long lead as telly was a right wee distance away. Wear these every night so i don’t disturb my husbands sleep. Also very good quality sound through these.

  • Brilliant Sennheisers!
  • I can hear clearly now

Sennheiser HD 65 Closed Dynamic TV Headphone with Independent Volume Control

Bought as a gift and have hardly been off the recipient who was thrilled with them.

Bought for my very hard-of hearing father, who was sceptical that headphones would be any use to him. Left to his own devices at first, he said they didn’t really make any difference and i was disappointed. However, once i set up his tv properly and we adjusted the headphones for each of his ears individually, something wonderful happened. . He could actually hear speech so clearly he didn’t need the sub-titles.These headphones really have transformed his life; from struggling to understand speech and music sounding distorted for the past 2 years, he now enjoys the tv and radio almost as much as he did before his hearing deteriorated so badly. He is so happy to be able to hear music again; i can’t tell you the difference these headphones have made. For my 91-year old dad, they’re a miracle.

These headphones have a good sound. There is in-cable volume control with separate sliders for each ear. The headphone lead is quite short, but the headphones are supplied with a second long, good quality cable, with the volume control, that the headphones plug into. The padded headband means that it is not pressing down on your head and the ear cups are quite soft. My biggest criticisms are that the headband is quite tight and can make your ears uncomfortable after wearing it for an hour or so (these are aimed at tv watching). The ear cups themselves are not over ear (unless you have very small ears). I also have hd201s that are really over ear (with much larger ear cups) and was disappointed when the hd 65 was not the same.

These headphone are excellent purchased for my 94 year old mother who is very hard of hearing. I also had to purchase an adaptor so she could have the tv as loud and the headphones, sound coming from both the tv and headphones at the same time.

It comes with a good long lead. Excellent sound and it adjusts to each ear individually – which was useful to my dad who is slightly deaf in one ear. Very pleased and i intend to get a pair for myself.

These headphones are exactly what i was looking for. The fit is snug and comfortable. I use for watching tv (approx. 10feet away) in the bedroom and the supplied length of flex is adequate.

The headphones and the sound quality is great. The lead is very long, which is a fantastic addtion. If you like myself and you enjoy ‘sitting and chilling’ while listening to good music. (all music is great) then this is the item for you.I also use them while on the computer, which is an added bonus. But if you are like myself and your ears are a little more round than your friends, then just skip over these and look for a pair that will accommodate them.

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