Sennheiser HD 700 Around-Ear : Fantastic Detail, Sound stage and Comfort

I have this running through my creative soundblaster zxr internal sound card which has a 600ohm headphone amplifier. I’m running it at “normal gain” which is 32-300ohms and it sounds absolutely fantastic. Some people complain about harsh highs but i have had no such issue. I have found both the sennheiser hd598 and hd600 to be amazing for gaming with no overpowering bass, the hd700 is on the same line but just on another level. Flawless sound and positional audio is as good as you’re going to get. The separation of instruments and level of detail. Please if you have the money just audition them at any audiophile store. The only thing i’d like to have seen would be less plastic more metal in it’s design, but the build quality is still very high.

Sennheiser hd 700 – sennheiser’s queen in 2016sennheiser was kind enough to lend me their hd 700 for a home demo. And as you know, i already own the hd 650 (silver drivers) to compare them to. And thankfully, sennheiser has also agreed to lend me their hd 800 in a few days, for a more thorough side by side comparison. But that is best left to another review. I’m not sure whether these hd 700 headphones have been burned in or not. Because i’m not a big believer in burn in making a radical difference to the sound. At least in the majority of cases. Anyway, just mentioned this to explicitly state that i’ve no idea.

I have the sennheiser hd700 and you really need a high end valve headphone amplifer to hear them at their best i have the lafigaro 339 headphone amp and these headphones sound fantastic ive had my hd700’s about 6 months but haven’t used them very much so i think they still need burning in i agree that they are very comfortable to wear and that’s very important when your buying headphones give these headphones some time to burn in and you will be rewareded the price has recently dropped on these headphones you can get them for about £350 if you shop around.

Very clear and wide sound to them. To get better than this you will have to fork out a small fortune.

Had a pair of hd650s and these have a clearer sound. Music sounds more alive and real as if you are actually there. Not just music but all sounds, quite an experience to behold. I never thought i would say this but these are more comfortableand can easily wear them all day. I have these plugged into my denon and wow. Top quality components and very expensive, butyou get what you pay for and that is pure class.

I’ve been a collector/user of headphones for years, and my choice was settled on sennheiser almost from day one. I’ve had about four pairs of 650s, and just about everything that came before them, and a couple after. Pricewise, the 700s are about double the cost of the 650s, which i geuss is the model they were slated to replace, and at around £450 they’re not a casual purchase. I bought these to replace a pair of 650s which lost one side of its output. Sound, which is what i bought them for, is every bit as good as the 650s: i’ve also got a pair of 800s, and would say these are pretty similar, or nearer the 800s than the 650s. It’s pretty much a question of what you fancy, because on the ear they’re just fine. Couple of small details for the picky; the earpiece is oval on one side and flat at the front, so the first impression is that, compared with both the 650 and 800 these are a slightly snugger fit. On the inside of the earpiece, the 650s are 4cm wide by 7cm high in a true oval; the 700s are the same height, 7cm, but, contrary to first impressions, they are 4. 5cm wide from oval to flat side. The inside of the earpiece on the 800s, for comparison, is 6x8cm, which is quite a lot and you notice it.

I have owned the hd700’s for about 9 months now, so they are well and truly “burned in” and i have had plenty of time to appraise them. I listen to a variety of music, mostly “classical” (bach to shostakovich and a bit further at either end), but also enjoy prog rock (especially pink floyd), jazz and some “pop” (the likes of goldfrapp and bill callahan to name just two). The majority of my “serious” listening (i. Through these headphones) is done from cd’s played on a decent hi-fi components system (arcam), but i sometimes use them for listening to concerts on the bbc iplayer from my macbook via a fiio headphone amp. Incidentally, i also attend live concerts reasonably regularly. I was initially slightly disappointed with the hd700’s, finding them acoustically a bit feeble straight out of the box and they definitely need “burning in” (probably 100+ hours). Now though, i find them utterly impeccable in everything i listen to through them and have detected no significant weaknesses, from the massive orchestral tuttis of bruckner and mahler, via chamber music (e. String quartet) right down to the solo female voice, solo acoustic (or electric) guitar, or solo piano.

I bought these expecting a good replacement for my shure srh940s. I had seen some good reviews in what hifi?. And though i would take the plunge. I was very disappointed with them. They lack base and the sound is too tinny. I cannot say if the sound improved as the headphones ‘loosened up’ as i sent them back very disappointed. I have given them three stars as the build quality is excellent and the sound is clear. Unfortunately they lack bass and were not suited for me.

  • Ear joy.
  • Fantastic Detail, Sound stage and Comfort
  • Comfortable and a pleasure to listen the amazing sound detail.

Sennheiser HD 700 Around-Ear, Open Dynamic Stereo Headphones

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Had hd 600 and hd 650 and even v moda m100 , the hd 700 are what i’d describe as the best yet by a million miles , the amp i use is a neco-soundlab portable v4 one word bliss .

It’s good it better than before.

Very comfortable headphone with amazing sound quality- extremely detailed and well balanced sound – you will hear details from your cds or vinyl that you didn’t know existed – these headphones demand a good quality hifi to do them justice.

The sound detail is just ridiculously accurate, the headphones have a peak around 5 khz that can get a bit annoying with some songs, but that can be adjusted from the equalizer. I was using them with a oppo ha2 headphone amp and i was really starting to panic because they where just awful. Until i have purchased the asus one mkii dac/amp, when i connected the 700’s to it woooww . They just came alive and the sound was so good, the voice and instruments sound amazing and well defined. I love them now, i keep them in the original box and take them out only in the weekend as a treat to myself. If you are thinking about buying these headphones please keep in mind that you need a really good, and not so cheap dac/amp , in order for you to get the best out of the 700″s.

My head is small and long, and this headphone kept sliding off, or if i put really tight the band at the top is super uncomfortable. I never heard a review about this, so i was quite shocked, since comfort was a strength for this headphone.

I have the sennheiser hd 650s, have auditioned the hd 800 ,, which are just sublime any way you spin it. , and own akg k702 and audio-technica ath mx 50. Both from amazonall very differentbut most will shine with a headphone ampi have had the hd 700s for a week, on loan and after a test auditionthey are very comfortable and have a more open soundstage than the 650s. The akg bass is similar in tightness but the hd 700 has more. I was listening to michael jacksons they dont care about us. Very energeticexcellent for jazz vocal ,, ,,as they will be coming my way for less than i got the hd 650s ,, no contest.

I had to wait a few days to review these headphones but from the start i knew these were exceptional, they blast my psb m4u1’s and akg k550’s out of the water, there is alot more detail and space between the instruments compared to my other headphones, they are so much better the difference is worth it a million times over you would not even know they were on your head because of their lightness and just comfort, i bought a fiio e18 dac with them and it makes them shine more, clearer, this is german engineering at its best and i would never look back on buying them, incrediblethe way i would describe the feeling is that other headphones are muddy and these feel like the veil is pulled off the music. The drum beats actually sound like drums beating not muddy banging in the background. Listening to notorius big on these headphones make him sound like hes is alive singing beside you, they sound flat relatively flat, neutral and clinical compared to the warm punch ath m50xs and they are easy enough to drive but their potential would be greater achieved by adding in a good tube amp, even the dragonfly dac makes these sound alot better. Orchestral music is incredibly beautiful on theae headphones thats where they shine.

Sennheiser hd700 was launched in 2011, supposedly to fill the gap between yesteryear’s flagship hd650 and the current flagship hd800. It has a maximum retail price of usd 1k but they can be found for a discounted prices that could go south of usd 600. Impressionsthe sennheiser hd700 premium headphones come in a black easy-to-open cardboard box akin to the hd650’s box. I’m a little surprised that for a product that costs usd 1000 this packing is not only non-premium they are impractical too. The packing is non-premium as there is no way one could determine if the specimen has been used previously or not and the packing is impractical as i would never store these headphones in such a large cardboard box and waste rack space. I found that the slappa full sized hard body pro headphone case holds the sennheiser hd700 perfectly well and allows for easy portability. For comparison, the oppo pm-1 planar magnetic headphones, that fall under this price range, offers their premium headphones in a beautiful piano gloss wooden box and they also include a smaller selvedge denim case for storage and portability. Even though the sennheiser hd700 is aimed for portable devices there are no accessories included. The only thing you get is a 3m long cable with proprietary connectors on the headphone side and a 6. 3mm trs jack on the other end.

  • Ear joy.
  • Fantastic Detail, Sound stage and Comfort
  • Comfortable and a pleasure to listen the amazing sound detail.

Sennheiser HD 700 Around-Ear, Open Dynamic Stereo Headphones

I bought these to replace an ageing pair of 650s, which have been my favourites for many years. The first impression of the 700s is how comfortable they are, bearing in mind i always thought the 650s were the most comfortable around ear phones ever. However, the 700s are very light, not too tight, and fit just right. Onto the sound quality, well, they are accurate and detailed, not quite as ‘warm’ as the 650s, but more than make up for this in breadth of the sonic sound stage. So far i have listened to all of bernard haitink beethoven symphonies with the lso ( so much better than rattles insipid offering ), mozart piano sonatas (dg collectors edition) with maria joâo pires, and the hyperion box set of brahms chamber music, and i have not found fault with these amazing phones. No fatigue after hours of listening, crystal clear strings, beautiful bass ( the allegretto of beethovens 7th was a revelation ). I am delighted with these, i put off buying them for too long, you only live once, music feeds the soul and with these superb phones i don’t have to listen to my awful wife.

The sound quality for the first few months of owning these just felt a little empty. But i finally decided that it wasn’t just me being ignorant of good sound and started playing with eq, and found that they need a little help with the bass (with my asus xonar essence st soundcard at least). This really brought up the richness of the sound. Without that support it was sounding a little empty. However, bringing up the bass seemed to wash out the treble a little, so i brought that up too. Also, they really are super comfortable. Final thought though: it seems, by the driver position you’re meant to wear them very centrally positioned vertically on your ear, pushed back so the front edge touches the front edge of your ear. But they are really large, so they can sit in a huge range of places over your ear (and i don’t really have small ears), and this really affects the sound.

I have a pair of audio technica m50s & what i thought was a decent gaming headset (logitech g930s) but the sound from these with a decent amp and good quality music is unreal. You definitely need a good sound card to really appreciate these phones – i got the asustek xonar essence stx 2 and it took things to a new level. These are definitely not for iphone / standard onboard sound because the m50’s sounded similar but inferior on an iphone / ipod and with standard onboard sound – amped up there is no comparison and there shouldn’t be given the price points. The only issue is once you start listening to high quality music (lossless / flac, 320) it’s difficult to listen to anything on youtube again :dvery happy.

I have had the hd 650 headphones for a number of years and thought an upgrade would be nice. Even straight from box without any burn in time the hd 700 was a huge improvement on an alreadybrilliant 650. The comfort is improved as well as the overall soundstageing. The musical picture is vastly improvedwith bass and symbel reverberation outstanding. I cant wait in a few weeks time when they are at their best.

I bought these refurbished from sennheiser as the price was hard to resist. Compared to the spectacular philips fidelio x2 they lack bass and are not as exciting. They are relaxing headphones that are a bit dull, but they are not as dull as the hd598. When i listen to certain female vocals with the philips x2 i get goosebumps, but when i listen to the same vocals with the hd700 i get nothing. The best i can say about the hd700 is that the sound is clear and relaxing, and that they are as comfortable to wear as a pair of soft slippers.

Great headphones, crystal clear sound. Ordered a shorter cable as the one supplied can be a bit ungamely when used close to the source, but boy is that sound fabulous.

Now this may be a small thing but the fact of the matter is other sennheiser headsets include an adapter with them and they are cheaper ?. so its just ridiculous that this headset does not included an adapter for what your paying for here,makes no sense.

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