Sennheiser HD202 Headphones : Comfortable and good quality

I put up with the supplied earphones that came with my ipod for ages, then decided to treat myself to some “proper” headphones for listening indoors. Followed the reviews on this product, purchased and am so impressed with these phones that i bought a 2nd pair for my son. For the price i recommend for the average person who wants decent sound.

Didn’t think these would be as good as they are for the price. They fit well, and i find them comfortable to wear. Good long cord so you can move around/sit where you like to listen to music, etc.

I bought these a few weeks ago, and although the reviews seemed good, i was a little wary due to the price. However, when there were delivered through my door a day early and i quite impressed. The box they were delivered in was exceedingly good, it came with a long 1m cable, this plastic thing that you could wrap the lead around and even a an adapter so you could use bigger jacks. I looked at the headphones, and although they seemed a little flimsy, i persisted. I took them to my laptop, turned on the music, and wow. My mate has some sony wireless headphones which cost him twice as much, and the quality isn’t very good, especially as the music gets louder. However, these were just incredible. They work really well, the volume are good, bass and treble are good, quite comfortable for headphones and stylish design. They work very well with my phone and sony walkman mp3 player, and i would highly suggest them to anyone that wants a pair of cheap headphone with amazing value for money. The only downside has to be that they’re a bit plasticy, and the material around the ears seems a little cheap, however it works well and hasn’t ripped or been damaged yet.

The buying of this product was made easy and the quality is as you would expect from this supplier.

I purchased these to watch tv without disturbing the rest of the house so not looking for ultimate hi-fi sound quality. However these sound pretty good to me. Longer than average 3m cable with a built in cable tidy works well for tv watching. From comfort perspective they are fine once the initial tightness wears off. Leaving them fitted over a head sized sofa arm overnight does the job nicely.

I bought these headphones as a stand in replacement until my set of denon ah1001 headphones (cost over £100)where repaired. I’m not going to bother because these headphones are the best set of headphones i’ve ever used, simply astounding and at this price they are a steal.

I just bought these after reading other reviews and they were all rights a great product, with great sound for a great price. I play a lot of heavy metal music and techno music and both forms of music sound great, and these headphopnes show no struggle in bringing out the bass, treble, mid tones, or any other sound effects added in. Very crisp and no struggle with the bass tones. Dont expect the bass to be thumping at low level, you do have to have the volume up mid way to experience the true potential. These headphones give no distortion, are well capable of handling some power. They are also very comfortable and fit well, possible a little heavy on the ear, but nothing really drastic. They are made very well, and come with a long cord, with a great little device that can be attached to the side of the earphone that allows you to keep the cable tidy and concealed if you dont want too much length of cord lying around. Overall a great buy, very good price and a true 5 stars from me.

Ive got these headphones on now. Ive been using the old ‘bud in the ear’ types for a number of years now and really forgotten how good the old ‘princess leia headbuns’ are. The range is great on these beasts and the music is really alive. Great and a superb price to boot.

  • Perfect!
  • Classy headphones at a classy price
  • Home studio use

Sennheiser HD202 Headphones

Manufacturer’s Description, The HD 202 closed, dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones are the ideal partner for DJs and powerful modern music, providing good insulation against ambient noise and a vivid, crisp bass response. The rugged lightweight headphones have a secure fit and can be used for both mobile sources and home (mini) hi-fi systems. When out and about, a convenient cord take-up lets you adjust the headphone cable to the required length.Features include removable earcups, lightweight diaphragm material with “turbine ” embossing for extremely low bass and powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms for high sound levels.The HD 202 have a powerful bass resposnce and increased signal levels for modern rhythm-driven music plus a belt clip and cord take-up for adjusting the cable length when listening on the move.They are extremely comfortable to wear due to their ultra-lightweight design, even for extended listening and have a rugged outdoor design with extremely flexible headband and a 3m-long highly-conductive OFC copper cable. They also come equipped with replaceable ear pads.

Box Contains,

  • Headphones
  • 1 cord take-up with clip
  • 1 adaptor 3.5/6.3mm (¼”) stereo jack plug
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    They are superb after being used to in ear headphones. For the price they are stunning. I don’t think the description says you get a 1/4″ male to 3. 5 mm female audio stereo jack adapter (which you do).

    Totally agree with the other review of these, they are brilliant, i’ve had mine for about a year now and they are still going strong. One of the best £14 i ever spent for surecomfortable, practical, a reeeeally long cable so freedom to get up and move about, just brilliant.

    Very comfy for about the first hour they do batter eardrums a bit but it’s a decent soundstage.

    Cheap in price but not in construction. These are better than most headphones costing twice the price. Comes with a headphone jack which is excellent. Bought for two reasons, firstly, to hear my attempts at learning the guitar without annoying the neighbours and secondly, for late night ps3 gaming. They work perfectly on both counts, unfortunately they do not help with the racket that guitar makes.

    Purchased this item to replace the pod phones on my sony mini disc. As usual the service from amazon was ist class. The headset fits ok but not something you would consider totally comfortable. It appears to grip around the earsbut not so secure on the head,mind you this might be due to me being a bit shiny on top. The thing that really bugs me about these phones is the length of the sound cord,when i purchased these i thought it would be a benefit but as i only use this with my mini disc,ime carrying round the wound up lead which is then bigger than my mini disc ,ok i could put this in another pocket,but if you are running,cycling or any physical activity it becomes a real pain,they block out exterior sounds quite well and can sit next to someone without being an annoyance even playing the phone quite loud. The sound is ok it sounds more solid than the pods ,they dont seem to be particulary good at anything sound wise but conversly not bad either ,after all sound is so subjective,i played a recording from a direct recording of a cd. I bought these on the back of a few recommends ,and the sennheiser reputation,at the end of the day you get what you pay for,ime just surprised sennheiser would market such a product.

    Bought these after trawling the net for reviews – reviews are mostly correct. The sound quality is excellent, however they aren’t the most comfortable. Luckily i have small ears as otherwise these headphones would definitely not fit properly. In addtion i am going to follow some suggestions and leave them wrapped around an arm of my sofa for a night.

    These are the can-style over ear phones with a connecting padded band that goes over the skull, they come in classic black & look pretty sleek but are strong & sturdy and not likely to break if you drop them (which i have done many times & their still going strong with no marks or scuffs either, these little blighters are very tough & durable). They’ve got an obscenely long lead but come with a great plastic gizmo that allows you to wrap the excess wire around it, it also has a beltclip allowing you to secure it to your clothes on a belt or to a pocket. They are pretty big & chunky headphones but they aren’t heavy, their comfortable to wear but can get a tad sweaty around the ears & head if worn for more than an hour. They give great audio reproduction, expect to be able to hear all the instruments and bits of tunes you’d never previously noticed in the background using other headphones. They don’t let much sound out so can be worn to listen to music loudly at night without any fear of waking your neighbours or housemates (which is something i’ve done many times without disturbing anyone). The main gripe is the lack of a 45 degree headphone connector jack so it’s possible if this was used on the go the jack might be the 1st thing to go. (some of this review also appears on ciao & dooyoo review sites, i am the original author).

    I am on my second pair of these headphones. The sound quality is fantastic but this pair has just broken in the same way that the first one did. The wire that attaches to the left speaker is broken so no sound comes out. Proscheapgreat sound qualityextra long cableconspoorly made.

    • Perfect!
    • Classy headphones at a classy price
    • Home studio use

    Sennheiser HD202 Headphones

    I bought the “202s” to replace the hd201 model i had (still can’t believe how good the latter are for the money). They are a fine pair of phones but to me (i have a big head) they are not as comfortable and the sound is not sufficiently better to justify they extra dosh. Listening from standard sources eg, itunes, mp3 player etc the cheaper ones are more than up to the task. My verdict, therefore, unless you’re listening via a rocksan caspian or the likes thereof, keep it simple and cheap.

    I originally paid out £170 for my professional headphones (which were also manufactured by seinnheiser. )i needed a pair of headphones for my home stereo, but didn’t want to pay out anymore than forty quid. I checked out these headphones along with a few others, such as technics / panasonic, aiwa blah blah blah. For the £40 set of technics, these seinnheisers beat them hand down – at half the price. 99, but i actually bought them new through amazon marketplace, for £17. The sounds are crystal clear.

    I bought these mainly to plug in to a yamaha 790 keyboard. These headphones expand the range of various “voices” which used to hiss and vibrate at top and bottom of the keyboard and make even my playing sound a bit betterif quality is his good in the bargain end of the range what are the ones costing ten times the price at the top of the range like ?. I do not care , these are exceptional value.

    Bought for my daughter to use on noisy car journeys, she has had no problems with them and for £15 you can not go wrong. The one time i used them they were more than loud enough. The cable on them is massive but you get a clip to store it on if not using long length.

    This pair of headphones might not be professional ones but are really good if you can’t afford over £150. They sound niecly and are comfy.

    Buy these instead of no name high st headphones – makes a world of difference for the same price.

    I needed some closed back headphones for voice recording, since my open back sennheisers leak too much monitored sound back onto the microphone and these looked like they’d be worth a punt. Good- they leak very little sound back into the mic, so a big thumbs up there, at least at moderate volumes. If you want them really loud it’d become more of a problem obviously. I’m sure you could find better in this respect, but you’d have to pay a lot more. – they are very comfortable, at least for me. I don’t doubt that some people with different shaped head/ear combos might not agree, but for me they’re great. – nice musical sound- decent construction too (for the price) and with a 2 year guarantee, what’s to worry about?not so good- the bass is very forward which means they’re not going to be the best for accurate monitoring. Out of the box they sounded frankly quite horrible, but like most audio products, after a couple of hours running in, they started to sound very pleasant with the bass still very much to the fore but not as muddy any more and the mid-range and treble nicely integrated. Not as revealing as my open backed sennheisers, but they cost 6 times the price.

    These headphones are utterly amazing. Considering they do not have any sort of electronic noise cancelling system, which you can find on bose and other high-end headphones, these are simply brilliant. When i received them, i sat in the living room with the tv on very loud but with these headphones on and music playing, i couldn’t hear anything but the sweet sound of steve perry. When walking along the road, traffic noise is no longer audible and, apart from having to be a little more cautious when crossing the road, this really is great. The volume of the music doesn’t even have to be on it’s loudest to be able to drown out other noises. Even without music playing, sounds are very muffled and, if i’m in a room with other people, engrossed in whatever i happen to be doing on my laptop, i find that people start waving their arms to get my attention which can only mean their vocal efforts were not heard. All in all, a very good pair of headphones. Whatever you’re listening to is very clear and as mentioned, you won’t be disturbed with these on. The build quality is very good and they are a sturdy set. Not only that, but they’re comfortable too.

    I got my sennheisers when i was fed up of my skullcandy hesh headphones breaking on my every few months. I got these as they were a very affordable replacement which came highly recommended from a friend studying theater and music related stuff at university. So i got these and my initial reaction was that the sound was awesome. Clarity was great and the range was superb. The sound was probably slightly better than the skullcandy hesh but they had the same problem in so that if you wear glasses these can be a tad uncomfortable upon extended periods of listening to music. Now i use them for use with my home studio and as i say these headphones are great for it. Especially as the cable for this mother is massive. It is too long to be used as a standard out an about headphone but for wondering around your room while you chug out metallica these are more than ideal, these are superb. Get a pair, even if you don’t really need one because one day you will need them and they will be there are you will love them.

    Easy listening with this pair.

    Bought these instead of the hd201’s as a guy at work has the 201s and i found them a little tight on the head. These sounded fine from the reviews and for the extra 3 or so quid, it was worth a punt. Wanted these mainly for guitar practice (until i get good enough to take critisism from the family). Since getting them i’ve used them for everything at home – films, games, and even to block out the drones of kids on satdy (noise isolation upto a 3year old currently :d ). Don’t think i would recomend them for commuters as the cable is very long, but at home these are a bargain.

    Fantastic deep sound, exellent noise reduction, could not find any better for the money, you will not be dissapointed.

    The sound quality is excellent, even better then the sony mdr-v300 that i used to use. It gets uncomfortable after long use though and may not be suited for people with a long head (lol). I don’t exactly have a long head but the headphones won’t extend any more longer at the length i’m currently using it at atm. Bass is incredible, if you love bass, this is the headphone to get, be sure to use the equalizer to get more bass out of these. There’s also very little sound leak so you can keep your music to yourself.

    Have these headphones for years and really like them. The sound quality is good and they’re comfortable. I don’t think you could get much better in this price range. They did go one-legged at one point but thankfully i have a friend who is skilled in these matters so he fitted a new mini-jack and they’re as good as new.

    At this price – one of best headphones around.

    I bought these for simple audio editing tasks, cutting up and rearranging video clips in fcp. Obviously not for high end audio editing but they do me just fine.

    These well designed headphones produce brilliant sound that is clear, full and with wonderful bass. The design is durable, comfy and can be changed to fit larger or smaller heads. They have plenty of wire which can be both a plus and a negative, and have a standard headphone jack. The bad thing is, like the other review, my headphones just *failed* like that after 8 months, literally i took them off to go to the bathroom and left music playing, came back and the sound in the left ear was dead. Then funnily enough the right ear failed three days after, but sennheiser happily replaced them :).

    Got one word for these bad boys ‘wow’. These are a an amazing set of headphones for the price. They deliver rich, crisp clear sound with some amazing bass. I was amazed by the amount of sound that the headphones produced whilst using with my ipod. They are also v v comfotable. If your looking for headphones then these are the one. :)sennheiser hd202 closed back headphone.

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