Sennheiser HDR185 Additional Headset : Excellent sound.

Really good wi-fi earphones – great for watching tv in the garden without the neighbours complainingand really good sound, like being at the cinema and very comfortable to wear.

Bought this to go with my sennheiser rs175. Now both my wife and i,both in our 70’s can actually hear whats been broadcast on the telly.

I bought these to replace 130 model sennheiser and the difference was immediately obvious, with rich bass and crystal clear treble i can’t see how anyone can be disappointed with these headphones. When watching action movies they come into their own and they enhance the enjoyment to the point that i am looking for more movies to watch, something i have rarely done before. A little tight at first but they are brand new so i expect they will become more comfortable in time, they rest on the skull not the ears so they are fine and i watched a recent film with a duration of nearly 3 hours without needing to move them. Well worth the money i paid for them and looking forward to years of enjoyment.

I bought these as a second pair to go with the sennheiser rs165vibrant sound wireless system and they work perfectly together. Just like sitting in a cinema.

Excellent quality, easy to set-up.

My husband thinks these are wonderful headphones but i have to admit we didn’t realise i couldn’t listen to the television at the same time as he was using them. Also is there something i can attach of our other older and smaller tv to get them to work on it too?.

Really good sound, easy to use, very comfortable over ear headphones.

You can watch tv whislt you charge the other headset.

  • Buy with confidence
  • I fully recommend them. the sound is wonderful
  • Good quality sound

Sennheiser HDR185 Additional Headset for RS 185 (Without Transmitter)

Style Name:For RS185
Product Description, The HDR185 Additional headphone to the RS185 make it possible to enjoy dynamic, high fidelity Sennheiser sound at home.
These innovative, ergonomically designed, wireless open headphones deliver amazingly precise sound reproduction in uncompressed digital quality even as you wander from room to room, and they are light and comfortable enough for extended periods of use.

Box Contains, 1x HDR headphones2x AAA LSD NiMH rechargeable batteries1x Quick guide

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This is the second pair of headphones 🎧 to use as well.

These headphones are amazing. Clear as a bell, no back ground buzz at all.

Headband can be a little tight but this just a small problem. Very happy with this purchase.

These are great phones and no mistake, really top notch. I’ve dropped them a star because they do not come with a charging dock. If like me you have two pairs working from the same transmitter (wifey and i) you are expected to swop them around and try and remember which ones have been charged. This was not satisfactory so i phoned sennheiser head office and the great guy’s in the sales dept sent me a slave transmitter free of charge.Well done sennheiser, i will definitely, always, without fail buy from this wonderful company.

Excellent sound reproduction at an affordable price. Doesn’t compress the sound too unrealistically. Ricardo siverburn, children’s author.

I spent a long while researching for a decent set of headphones which could be used with the television and eventually decided on these. Exceptionally good value for money. The sound quality is excellent and they are extremely comfortable to wear. The outside cushioning keeps the external sounds out and the sound coming from the phones goes into your ears but cannot be heard by anyone else. I heartily recommend these headphones without reservation.

Product in good condition when it arrived.

Very satisfied, amazing sound quality, reception range well under 100m.

  • Buy with confidence
  • I fully recommend them. the sound is wonderful
  • Good quality sound

Sennheiser HDR185 Additional Headset for RS 185 (Without Transmitter)

Excellent service – great headphones.

Features and Spesification

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  • Wireless, open, circumaural headphones with uncompressed digital audio transmission
  • High-performance Sennheiser transducers for precise, thrilling sound
  • Balance control located on the Headset for convenient adjustments
  • Ergonomic design for enhanced wearing comfort