Sennheiser Momentum 2 : Great headphones, but no detachable cable!

Excellent sound, tiny bit of leaking if you don’t mind that kind of thing. Functional and fold up nicely.

I thought the quality of sound was excellent, well balanced, not too much bass emphasis (beats junkies look elsewhere or try something like this to actually appreciate music), trebles and mids not overly assertive, a quality sound throughout the range. Ideally with an iphone 6, they need a small amp as the iphone balance certainly changes with the highest few volume settings. My main issue with these headphones are they leak far too much sound, anyone within a few feet can hear every sound easily. The over ears version may better for this but are considerably more (i bought mine for £99 on a lightning deal). The folding mechanism is excellent and they are reasonably comfortable for on ear headphones, the cups provide plenty of soft padding, however this is probably part of the problem with leaking sound. I also tried the b&o h2 (they leak less sound but are less comfortable and more importantly have a lower sound quality to me – got for £79) and i have decided to keep the akg k550 (£110 from akg direct) as they are much more comfortable and leak no sound (but are a lot bigger) and impressively have better than clarity between instruments and frequencies which produces a much more immersive sound experience. So to sum up the momentum 2. 0 on ear, good sound (although i would expect better for the usual price of £170) and reasonably comfortable and portable but leak far to much sound in and out.

Money well spent – i used to work in a high street electrical shop and when you compared these to ‘beats’ or even ‘bose’ which i was sure would be fantastic, these win hands down. The sound quality is fantastic. They are on ear (small cups that sit on the ears not over them), the cable is detachable and easily replaced which is the one thing that generally takes the most wear and tear, so no worries in years to come. They’re stylish and the base is insane. My only comment that could be a negative is there is some sound leak. So if you were in an office etc others may hear some of the music – but you won’t hear them telling you.

My hd25s have been with me for years (although i’ve probably replaced every part at least once). They were my first wireless headphones, and were it not for apple’s decision to drop headphone jacks they would likely be my last. On the plus side setup for these is very easy, and the audio quality isn’t too bad. There’s a lack of high frequencies over bluetooth compared to cable but otherwise most music sounds ok. I would take a pair of hd25s over these any day if i didn’t have to mess about with a lightning adapter. Connectivity is a massive issue, crowded places such as stations often cause the audio to glitch. I’m not sure if this is apple’s fault or sennheiser but there isn’t a firmware patch available to address it. Worse though is that build quality isn’t great. Whilst they certainly have the feel of a premium product they haven’t lasted well.

My personal review to help next customer. I paid £126 from amazon good price. Sound is good but not excellent mid is good with vocal, bass is good. I had to return to amazon instead i bought b&w p5. It will come down to price, if it had same built quality as b&w p5 i would have kept it.

Great headphones, present for my partner, she loves them.

Had expected them to be good but maybe a little uncomfortable and indeed for the first week i found i didn’t want to wear them for more than about 30mins or so at a time but now i am used to them and they are fabulous. They don’t feel heavy, the sound quality is much better than my other sennheisers and they are comfortable to wear all the time. I now wish i had bought a second pair when they were cheaper. The microphone also seems to work well on my lumia 735 (i’m using the iphone version, not the android).

  • Brilliant sound
  • Simply the best
  • One of the best

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Headphones (iOS) – Brown

Colour Name:brown  |  Style Name:iOS/Apple iPhone or iPod
Product Description, Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On Ear Headphones for Apple iOS – Brown.

Box Contains, M2 OE HeadphoneRCA M2 cable: 1.4m made for iPod/iPhone cable with integrated smart remote and microphone3.5mm straight plugcarrying casemanuals

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Highly recommended for all “audiophiles” :).

I’m not an audiophile but i never skimp on good headphones. These sennheiser definitely live up to the brand reputation with high quality materials, good packaging and a sound quality i’m really happy about. They are quite comfortable even after several hours of wearing them. The brown colour makes them a bit less boring than the standard black or white, while keeping it classy.

Beautiful set of headphones with an amazing sound.

These are the most expensive headphones i have ever brought. After comparing a few models in a shop it was instantly clear to me, not an audiophile, that the sounds quality was so much better than the cheaper models. I compared about 3-4 different types. The styling is really nice, the length of chord is good. The packaging is very high quality – i was quite impressed actually. After 30 minutes my ears do feel the headphones, but a quick adjustment and it’s not a problem at all. I would buy again – i actually got these on a lightening deal for £99 – a bargain.

This is a gift for my daughter, i just checked everything is fine and the feeling when handing the object is of a solid german quality. Very happy with the brand and i got them during a lighting sale at a fraction of the retail price.

Excellent product, better than i expected.

The headphones stick out from the side just a little too much for me, but that’s my opinion. The headphones don’t have a detachable cable, which it ought to for the price.

Excellent design, very good sound and ease of use. Pads and presure a bit uncomfortable for long listening. Bass is deep and accurate, mids natural and clean highs.

  • Brilliant sound
  • Simply the best
  • One of the best

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ear Headphones (iOS) – Brown

I bought these headphones for my husband and he said they are fantastic. The case that comes with them is great for carrying them around and not getting them damaged. The case was larger than i had expected but it has to fit the headphones in so they couldn’t make it any smaller. The on ear heqdphone size is very comfortable. We tried th full over ear version on in the shop and found them to be a big for our little ears and might be a bit more awkward to carry around. The sound quality and dynamic range is excellent. The design of these headphones is great and love the brown leather headband cushioning. I would definitely reccomend.

These are very well made, i purchased these to replace a pair of beats headphones which broke after 6 months. The build quality is extremely good and with the headband being made of metal with metal hinges theres no way they will snap like the beats are prone too. The sound quality is tight, stereo reproduction good but not too heavy on the bass, all in all a good clear rich sound. The only downfall with on ear compared with the higher priced over ear models is there is no external noise cancelling whatsoever, in some circumstances i found they actually amplify external noise which does get quite annoying, these are best to use in a quiet room, forget on the train as they will amplify your neighbours phone conversation if you are going to get a pair of these i would recommend the on ear version.

Buy these and you wont be disappointed – it’s surprising how much better over the ear headphones are for me than in ear – you can wear them for ages with no issues. I’ve nothing negative to say at all about these headphones they sound like they cost three times as much as they did.

Features and Spesification

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  • Wired, on-ear model provides noise isolation and listening comfort in a compact, lightweight design
  • In-line smart three button remote and mic on the cable are compatible with Apple iOS devices
  • Foldable stainless steel headband makes it easy to pack and store so momentum can travel with you
  • Leather headband and earpads for a feeling of substance and quality
  • Sennheiser engineered 18-ohm transducers deliver wide frequency response and high output levels when connected to portable audio devices