Sennheiser Momentum 2 : LOVE THEM!

One the most comfortable headphones i ever worn and they sound fantastic i am wearing them for hours at atime.

These are brilliant, really comfortable and the sound quality is great for the price. Really pleased, highly recommend.

Amazing headphones which benefit from being used with a quality source.

I purchased these headphones after plenty of research online. I wanted a pair of headphones with great quality sound but not sounding overly flat (audiophile level). I did have to return them in the end for a refund, this isn’t because they are bad – but read below to find out more. Pro’ssoundthe sound from these headphones is incredible. They have very clear highs and defined mids with a great bass line which doesn’t sound muddy. I have been using sony mdr-xb950bt’s which for comparison are much more ‘bass’ focussed. The momentum’s are clearer sounding than these, while still having a nice “punch” to the sound. They are also crystal clear when talking on the phone (ios version connected to an iphone). Build qualitythey look and feel fantastic, made from real leather on the headband and also the ear cups. They also have a nice metal band which looks ace.

There are a great deal of quality control issues with this product, these include: inconsistent stitching of the ear pads, ear pads not assembled correctly so that they are seated home on the earphone, wonky logo sticker, defects in the logo sticker and the sound quality (although great) is not the same in each of the headphones i received. This might be acceptable if you are spending £20 or so, but at a price point over £100 certain standards should be met as a minimum. It seems as if a lot of ‘b’ stock is being sold and paraded about as regular stock. I had to buy directly from the sennheiser website to get a pair that i was happy with. It was the third pair i bought and after playing a few difficulty tracks on the headphones the best sounding pair were the ones bought directly from sennheiser. (btw they do sound amazing without running in). So it’s basically roulette if you decide to buy.

. These headphones come in a quality case, and pack away easily and safely. They adjust for any size head, they cancel outside noise completely, the bass is fantastic and the separate sounds are clear as a bell.

I actually scoured the web for these headphones, but i didn’t find a single cheap link. I accidentally stumbled on this page and i don’t why, but these headphones were priced at 127 pounds in ivory colour (listed as the silver colour here). They sound incredible for the price. Great bass, but even better mids and highs. They look expensive, especially the ivory one. My first sennheiser product and i’m happy with this purchase.

I got these for £100 on a warehouse deal, and they are barely used. With their 18ohm impedance, they are driven perfectly by an average smartphone. Teamed with lossless tidal, these sound genuinely excellent, and are now my go-to portable pair. They are also very comfortable, and they isolate very well too (especially important for library use). They also come with a decent semi-rigid case, which does the job well. I really can’t fault them, especially for the heavily-discounted price i paid for them.

  • Wired Version – Fantastic sound, sadly not for me
  • Quality control issues
  • The Perfect Portable Headphones for All Genres

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 for Apple Devices – Black

Style Name:Apple  |  Colour Name:Black Thanks to proprietary 18- Neodym transducers, the new iteration of MOMENTUM headphones sound even more brilliant, clear and richly detailed than ever. Their powerful bass and astonishing upper end clarity make for a headphone experience unlike any other. The angels are in the detailsLove of detail is a main character trait of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM: With sliders made of stainless steel, and luxurious leather covering the soft, newly designed ear cushions, it is a stylish and elegant way to enjoy the music you love. Its sound and its finish with accurately placed seams make the MOMENTUM a delight for all senses. Comfort and classThe ear cups of the new MOMENTUM are attached to high-end ball joints running steplessly in collapsible sliders made of brushed stainless steel. The individual adjustment to the head is important for both comfort and sound. And with its newly designed ear cups, the MOMENTUM offers even more wearing comfort. ConnectivityWith its low profile the angled 3.5-mm stereo jack plug is optimized for the use on mobile devices. Fitted with jack plugs on both ends, the cable is completely detachable and can be replaced if necessary. Aesthetic and mobileThe integrated in-line remote comfortably lets you control phone calls, music, and volume. Furthermore, it supports Apple devices like iPod, iPhone, and iPad as well as Android tablets and smartphones.

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Superb sound and very comfortable.

I’d never experienced what is known as soundstage until i purchased this. When listening to momentum 2. 0 headphones, it sounds like the music is taking place around you rather than inside your head. These cans have an impedance rating of 18 ohms, which means they perfectly suit mobile devices. The build quality is really beautiful. It has>a replaceable cable>replaceable ear pads>visible machine screws for disassemblingthe leather covering the plush memory foam are like pillow to your ears. The band is flexible and strong. Overall these are really good headphones, go for it.

Bought these earphones as i am fed up having to listen to right wing views on the train. Sure enough they block ought all tory chatter, even screening any blairite murmurings. The only down side is they will only play billy bragg, though most radio 4 is ok, be very careful if katie hopkins suddenly confess on the radio.

  • Wired Version – Fantastic sound, sadly not for me
  • Quality control issues
  • The Perfect Portable Headphones for All Genres

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 for Apple Devices – Black

Features and Spesification

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  • Closed back, over-ear model provides noise isolation and listening comfort in a compact, lightweight design
  • Made For iPod/iPhone cable with integrated 3 button smart remote and microphone
  • Sennheiser engineered 18-ohm transducers deliver wide frequency response and high output levels when connected to portable audio devices
  • Foldable stainless steel headband makes it easy to pack and store so Momentum can travel with you.
  • Detachable cable must be inserted until it “clicks” and twisted clockwise (to the right) to lock the cable in place.
  • Two year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer