Sennheiser Momentum 2 : Super SENNS

As a cheaper alternative to the bluetooth headphones these are amazing. Great sound cancelling considering there is no active noise cancelling tech within. Worth spending the money on. Really superior comfort and sound.

Amazing sound quality for a fraction of the price. I tested these on a range of audio files and songs, ranging from eminem to the foo fighters and they held the long bass lines and guitar solos really clearlybest pair of headphones that i have heard.

Had them a year now and still an absolute pleasure to use. Great quality of sound, very comfortable even after long haul flights. You can feel the quality throughout from headphones to packaging, minor criticism is that the amp end of the aux cable is loosing a little rigidity around the jack so could be a point of failure in the future. I hope they last until i upgrade in a few years but still working fine for now.Best headphones for the money.

Best value for money headphones on the market, high quality sound, outperforming other headphones costing nearly a thousand pounds.

Amazing headphones in terms of sound and look. But i cannot seem to figure out how to detach the cable.

I purchased these after reading a few reviews. My musical taste is quite broad so i was after something that gave me clarity in the mids and highs not just overwhelming bass. I really love these headphones, i’m super happy with the lush sound and looks-wise i think they’re stylish, beautifully made and are super comfortable. And they arrived very promptly which was great.

Been trying headphones lately up to £1000 and while i’m not going to say these outperform their much pricier counterparts the differences to my ears are just that – they are different but not necessarily better or worse. If you’ve grown up listening to the slightly exaggerated bass of many budget to medium mainstream cans then the expensive models tend to sound like a compromise between greater detail and lack of bass, especially if like me, your home audio system also incorporates a sub – i have a properly calibrated meridian surround system so by no means a budget setup as my reference and really like these cans for late night and mobile listening. I also think they really hit the sweet spot of price vs performance and definitely worth putting in your shortlist.

There are probably better more expensive headphones but just got these and they’re fantastic. I’ve spent the last 4 hours picking music to try as i’m hearing something new/better in every track. High hat in miles davis’s so what is like champagne, the poise in yo-yo ma’s bach cello suite is awesome. Must go so much more to try.

  • and I personally have never found anything I don’t like about them
  • Great product
  • Super duper cool & trendy

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around-Ear I for Apple iOS (Brown) with M2 IEI (Black)

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Headphones themselves pretty nice however they come with a single cheap cable which didn’t work with my mp3 player or phone. After finding this issue see lots of people have had to buy replacement cables which don’t come cheap so they are on the way back.

Hubby had these as a birthday gift and loves them.

Excellent sound, folds easily for travel. This works amazing on the go (and on a plane to block out the noise). Money well spent in my opinion. Very highly recommend as a budget high end headphone.

Have had many different headphone brands and these are by far the best sounding i have had. Great quality and also look good.

These headphones give fantastic clarity of sound and are very comfortable due to their foam / leather ear guards. They fold away into a handy carrying case when not in use.

Comfortable and sound great. Only bad thing is they do leak so others around can hear a bit.

Had these headphones now only 3 hours and am blown away with the quality and the soundbit expensive but there worth every pennymy last headphone was the akg k612 they did not last 2 monthsjust one small problem, the cable is not that good.

Strong bass, exceptional clarity, defined mids, and extreme comfort. I could wear these all day every day. The build quality is superb, and i personally have never found anything i don’t like about them.

  • and I personally have never found anything I don’t like about them
  • Great product
  • Super duper cool & trendy

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around-Ear I for Apple iOS (Brown) with M2 IEI (Black)

They are well build; durable; comfy; light; over-ear; excellent sound quality; portable; and stylish. If your looking for a pair of headphones for travelling, have the budget and want to hear excellent sound quality, i would definity recommend these. Only one issue with the headphones, is that of the design. Medium to heavy wind will cause you to hear a slight whistling of the wind crashing onto your cans. However, this is a minor complaint and not a huge turn off. Due to the ammount of pro’s this product has.

Fantastic comfortable headphones, can be worn for hours per day with no problem. Not recommended for gym use if you sweat a lot as the moisture can make the headphones uncomfortable. Apart from that exceptional for home use.

Sound reproduction is superb, comfortable and lightweight to wear, and they look good too.

The sound quality of this headphone is really impressive, on an absolute scale. Compared to the price, it’s terrific. I use them with a headphone amplifier (fiio a5) and they have a depth, punch and definition that is hard to find in the.

Punchy bass that doesn’t cloud midrange detail. Though treble may lack a bit of bite. Low impedance makes these very easy to drive. Feel well made & very comfortable.

After 6 month of use, this headphones is very useful and good price value to listen every kind of music and watching movies with netflix, sennheiser can prove his performance to provide good quality and high design of them own products for a passionate customer love listen music and enjoy a good quality sound.

Excellent class leading headphones. They are stylish and now fold, so have a smaller footprint in your bag. The sound quality is superb. I was concerned that there would be a problem with the headphones fitting over my ears, or feeling cramped. I’ve tried many, many headphones in the same price bracket and above and these are actually the most comfortable.

Exceptional clarity of sound across hi, medium and low tones. Strong but not cumbersome bass, no leakage, comfortable, perfect pick up of recorded nuances. A whole new world of listening pleasure.

They are comfortable and the travel case makes it really convenient to carry them around.

I was after a good sounding pair of portable headphones. After reading many reviews i eventually plumped for these. Have not been disappointed as they sound pretty good with my iphone6s. Have recently ordered a headphone amp will see how that goes. In the meantime would heartily recommend these. Good sound for a good price.

Pretty good sounding & stylish. Didn’t quite hit my idea of perfection but that’s my fault for not listening before buying, given how subjective audio can be. Cable lasted well until i destroyed it. Default is iphone cable, but can still play/pause on android. Replacement cable’s a little pricey as it’s a 2. (got official one for £30 w/ inline controls but there’s probably cheaper out there)use for work only since walking with them can be a thuddy. Work well enough for blocking out coworkers, pleased to say.

The sound quality and comfort are excellence. They come in a smart protective case and they really cut out the background noise (excellent when you are on a plane sat near a screaming child). Would highly recommend as i tried a lot of other similar types and these came out best in terms of sound quality, size, fit and they also look great.

It made a huge difference from the ones i was using before as the sound quality is quite good for the price. They are comfortable and feel solid and durable. Noise cancellation could be slightly better but i use them as my main headphones in an open space office and for that purpose they are great.

Great headphones, i have a pair of shure se215 that sound great and the momentum also sound great, they’re both different, the shure is more accurate and fantastic sound and the momentum is a bit more warm. They’re different and that’s why i bought bothupdate: couldn’t be more satisfied with the sound quality and comfort, unfortunately made me stop using my shure se215 that i loved. Tried bose and sony wireless, but my wired momentum simply beats them.

Clean sound, vintage design. Product itself is incredible. However what i received is one with some flaws on the leather part. Though it does not affect normal use, it always be upsetting.

For £129 i think you would be hard pressed to get much better value for money. Build: i was surprised by the quality of the materials and construction ie leather and steal. Treated carefully, they look as though they will last. Comfort: excellent in this regard. Lightweight and without any annoying pressure points, you can achieve a good fit to ensure the best sound quality out of the phones. Sound quality: being closed back, these are surprisingly airy. Using an oppo ha2se headphone amp, an iphone 6s and hires files through qobuz/roon, the phones are largely neutral with a very slight bass emphasis. Highs are more than sufficient and the mids are well presented ie excellent for a variety of music. They produce a good sound stage and an engaging presentation. Final points: would thoroughly recommend these.

The quality of sound of these over-ears are excellent. I tried these in richer sounds comparing against sony’s wh-1000xm3. The sound cancelling on the sony’s is epic but for this reviewer, i just preferred the wired sound richness of the senny. Comfort is good but not perfect as there is a little pressure on my right ear – nothing major at all though. This version isn’t the noise cancellation headphone, so please don’t expect quietness on the tube.

Many people say that the on ear headphones are very similar to those ones i completely will say something opposite this one’s have better sounds better comfort better noise cancellation, i can only admitted that the mid sounds a bit worse than the small version but injured in general this one’s are the killers you don’t need better headphones than those ones just buy this and you’ll be very happy.

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